Sunday, March 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Auntie Kate!

My baby sister turns 29 years old today. Happy Birthday Kate!

As I was leaving a message for Kate yesterday, I was explaining that I wasn't able to come to her birthday dinner last night because Paul was actually sick, shocking I know! And I have been feeling awful these past few days. Some very painful things going on in the lungular region, but I'm hoping it's just a MAJOR allergy flare up.

Anyway, I was leaving this message on Kate's phone and the twins walk in. Well all they heard was "happy birthday" and "sorry we can't make it to your party." Well, when you're 4, birthday party = cake. Abby was practically in tears. "WE HAVE TO GO TO THE PARTY!" she cries. I promised her we'd see Auntie Kate over spring break and we could celebrate then. Now we have to make this happen! Let me know when you're free Kate!

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