Sunday, March 01, 2009

February 2009 Telford Twins Update

In mid February we packed the car and drove to Southern California for our annual Pezific Coast Pez Convention weekend. Tom and Abby really got into the spirit of collecting Pez this year. They hunted for specific finds and were spoiled by so many generous Pezheads with freebies and candy. When we got home we had to buy shelves for their room to display all these new treasures.

At the convention on bingo night, they got a special treat, glow stick bracelets! At bedtime the bracelets were still glowing bright and I couldn't pry them out of their little hands. Of course sleeping next to a glow stick was far too tempting. I should have known better! An hour after I put them to bed in their adjoining hotel room, Tom comes wandering into my room. He wasn't clear about what he wanted so I ushered him back to bed after confiscating both glow sticks. As I'm lifting him into the dark room I see what appears to be glow goo on my hands. The glow stick had broken. Indeed, it was all over my hands, all over Tom's pajamas and his bed was lit up brighter than a sparkler on the 4th of July!

Abby is into all things princess and fairies lately. She really enjoys dress up time as well as princess and fairy movies and story books. On my nightstand I have a photo of Paul and I dancing on our wedding day. Recently Abby spied this and asked if that was me and Daddy dancing at the fancy ball. I told her that was the day we got married and to make it even more interesting, I told her we had our true love's first kiss, because that's what happens in all her fairy tales. She thinks about this for a moment as her eyes grow big and eventually asks, "Were you locked in the highest room of the tallest tower guarded by a fire breathing dragon?" Maybe we've watched "Shrek" one too many times over here.

Pictures from February 2009 can be found here.

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