Friday, March 27, 2009

Easter Bunny 2009

The twins have been asking to go see the Easter Bunny. This is the first year they expressed any interest like that, so I was kind a surprised. I'd never taken them to see the bunny before.

So yesterday morning, off we went to the mall in our new Easter garb. Notice Tom's not wearing sweat pants! He looks so adorable in his new shorts. He calls them jeans because they have a zipper, snap and four pockets. He's actually worn them two days in a row since we got them. He loves them! I'm going to have to take this new fashionista shopping with me!

We got to the mall just after 11AM, which is right when the bunny starts working anyway. Well I had no idea he was so popular! We were only 5th in line but since every mom wants their screaming toddler to smile it took FOREVER! Tom was pulling on me, getting more nervous as the minutes ticked by. He kept saying he didn't want to do this anymore that he wanted to go away and do something else. Then he started telling me he wasn't going to stand next to the Easter Bunny, but I finally talked him into it.

Here they are at the house before we left. I took about 7 pictures because that's as many as they would let me take without running away and this is the best I got. In fact it's the only one where both of them are looking at the camera.

Once we got to the mall they were so excited they started running to get in line to see the Easter Bunny!

Here they are waiting to see the bunny... still excited because they hadn't seen the guy up close and personal yet.

And finally! I managed to get them to stand close to him, but they didn't want to sit on his lap, or even on his bench. The Easter Bunny was really patient and put his arm around them. I tried to tell Abby to do her "laughing" face because that brings out her true smile, but instead all I got was the fake picture smile. Oh well. It's a cute age, isn't it?

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MamaLlama said...

Tom And Abby"s Easter finery looks lovely. You managed to get some good shots too. Good thing time wise that you went early.