Monday, February 02, 2009

We Have a Virus!

So Abby started coughing on Saturday. It's a full blown cold now. She looks miserable but she's eating and drinking, so I'm not worried... yet.

The following is a true story.

Today at lunchtime Abby approached the table. She called for me to say there was something dripping onto her chair. Upon not so close inspection I could see it was snot. From breakfast! She must have sneezed on the table and it was still oozing off the table onto her chair hours later. Yeah. That's how we roll here. Covered in snot this week. No kidding, she just had an explosive sneeze and a snot rocket landed on my sweatshirt. Excuse me while I go change.

Oh, and Tom started coughing today on his way home from preschool. God help me to not catch this one... I JUST got better!!!


Layne said...

Sending you good and healthy vibes!

Courtney said...

Many prayers to you to stay healthy!