Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Spiderman and Lady Bat

Tom's new favorite Pez from the Pez Convention is Spiderman. He insisted that he had a Spiderman at home, although, I've picked up their Pez bin more times than I can count and I cannot ever remember seeing a Spiderman in there. Turns out he was wrong and now he only has one Spiderman. But that hasn't stopped him from making it his new favorite. He also informed us that next year he needs to get Batman Pez at the Pez Convention so Spiderman and Batman can protect the galaxy together. This has since turned into role playing where he actually IS Spiderman. It's kinda funny because he's never seen a Spiderman movie or cartoon, so I have no idea where this fascination is coming from. But of course the crime fighting Spiderman needs a side kick here at home, and who better than Abby, only she's not a BatMAN because she's a girl. So Abby has a new name, Lady Bat. At least I'm talented enough to have given birth to two super hero's to keep me safe here in the depths of suburbia.


MamaLlama said...

I like the sound of the title Lady Bat, Quite clever. Maybe he hears Spiderman discussed by his mates at preschool. JB has been a fan a long time too.

Chipmunk Chatter said...

Hannah has the same fascination with Spiderman and also has never seen anything Spiderman related. She likes us to sing her the Spiderman fact I just sang it at bed time tonight...and she likes to the hand motion where the spider web comes out of his wrist. Kids are funny that way.