Saturday, February 14, 2009


Friday night was the annual Pez Bingo at the Pezcific Coast Pez Convention. To say the twins had a blast is an understatement.

Here's a picture of Tom waiting to get into the bingo room. He was so excited!

Both Tom and Abby enjoyed using the bingo dobber, even though it took them a few tries to get the light touch down. At first their dobbs were too juicy, soaking the bingo card.

There is a tradition at Pez bingo. After the winner is determined, all the losers ball up their losing cards and pelt the winner with them as they walk the red carpet. This was a BIG hit with the twins this year. They really got into it, even collecting discarded cards from the floor so they'd have more trash to throw at the winners.

There was even this column in the middle of the room that provided great cover to "surprise" the winner with an assault of used bingo cards.

In the middle of the seventh inning stretch during this year's bingo there was a special game. Taped under every chair there was a Pez playing card and there was one winning card in the whole room. Our table did not have the winning card, but there were a couple of unused tables toward the back of the room. This provided great fun for Tom long after the winner was found. He searched under every chair for a good 10 minutes to be sure he found all the "hidden" cards.

So even though our whole family returned to our room at the end of the night as a bunch of bingo losers, I think the twins will be looking forward to Pez bingo night until next year! There was one exciting game where Paul and Tom's card got bingo, however they tied with another bingo winner. During the tie-breaker draw Paul and Tom lost. The whole room was yelling "give it to the kid!" But that didn't happen. The prize was too valuable and the outright winner took it home.


Amy said...

OMG why don't they have things like that here on the East coast!!!! I LOVE PEZ!!!!!!!

Any-who, looks like you all had a flipping blast :)

And on a side night, you were in my dream last night. I was supposed to watch the twins for you while you and Paul went to Chicago for the evening. But since it was so late and I had school the next day I didn't do it. Oh and you wanted me to print out directions from Google on how to get there. LOL I am a nutcase ;)

MamaLlama said...

What a great time you are all having. They are really into it this year. Hope you have a fun evening tonite too. Love all the pictures.