Sunday, February 01, 2009

January 2009 Email Update

Telford Twins Fly South for the Winter

In January we took a family vacation to Cancun, Mexico. As we approached Cancun airport Tom saw the clouds over the city and I told him those were the clouds over Mexico. He proceeded to report this to the all the passengers within ear shot on the plane, over and over. Inside the airports he was quite the little worker bee. He insisted on carrying his own backpack in addition to pulling and oxygen concentrator on wheels for me.

Abby was pleased as Punch to be wearing summer dresses during the middle of winter. In fact there was one particular dress she adored so much she wore it three days straight. One day we went shopping and walked around Mercado 28 where we found a gorgeous new pink dress for her which quickly became a new favorite.

Abby enjoyed the variety and endless quantity of food at the resort in Mexico. She didn't want to leave because the food was so good! Tom, not so much. He can now testify that it is possible to survive 8 days straight on nothing but saltine crackers and tortilla chips. But that goes with the territory of being the pickiest preschooler on the planet.

Pictures from our trip to Cancun can be found here.

Pictures from other events in January 2009 can be found here.

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