Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dentist - Take 3

Tom and Abby went to the dentist on Tuesday. This is their third visit, so they've been at this for a year now. Things are getting better, but we still had fear and tears.

Abby was first in the chair of course. Tom always sends Abby as his scout to make sure she'll come out alive I suppose. Abby did great. She was hesitant to use the electric toothbrush, but we talked her into it. Then she burst into tears when the hygienist told her she wasn't allowed to swallow the fluoride treatment. It took a lot of coaxing but we finally got her to open wide and have the foam pasted on her teeth and immediately sucked off with the little vacuum thingy. At this point I turned around to find Tom cowering UNDERNEATH my folding chair in the corner of the office. Apparently he was hoping we wouldn't find him there because his turn was next and it obviously wasn't going so well for Abby.

We switched rooms and I had to pry Tom off the floor to get him into the dentist chair. He wouldn't sit by himself so I laid down first and laid him on top of me. Now this kid is 42 pounds and my lungs only have about 46% capacity, so you can imagine the intense pressure I had and difficulty breathing during this visit! But I'll do anything for my kids.

I couldn't see what was going on, but I think he did well compared to his last visit when he didn't open his mouth hardly at all! He refused the electric toothbrush immediately and the hygienist used a manual brush. He had some yellow stains on his front teeth, which I assumed were from over fluoridating the poor kid, but it turns out they were probably stains from the blueberries and boysenberries we add to his "loud juice" AKA fruit smoothies. I was actually relieved to know that's all it was. I thought he'd be stained until he lost his teeth in another year or two. And the good news is, she was able to scrape the stains off with her scraping tool! Now his teeth look great!

The coolest part about this visit was the x-rays. I begged and pleaded for copies because I wanted to show them off. Look at the baby teeth and the gigantic adult teeth growing up behind them. How cool is that? And I'm happy to report both kids, no cavities! Although Tom's front tooth is chipped, and I didn't know about it! I'm not sure when or where that happened. The chip must be real tiny because I still haven't noticed it.

Abby's X-rays:

Tom's X-rays:

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The Mantha Family said...

The X-rays are so cool - I can't believe you can see the big teeth so clearly - they look huge! Glad your appointment went so well!