Monday, February 23, 2009

Busy Weekend

We had a busy weekend. It started out on Saturday morning with the twins demanding to see their grandparents. So we gave each of them a call and lo and behold they were able to come over! My mom ran over after stopping by the library for 8 new library books to read to the twins. She does this every other week or so. They were thrilled to read with Grandma!

Then after nap time the Sr. Telfords came over and stayed for dinner. After dinner Tom had to teach Papa a thing or two about racing Mario Kart.

On Sunday morning Paul ran a bunch of errands and came home with loads of things we need, including new shelves for the twins' bedroom. They have been talking about expanding their pez collection to look just like Daddy's so we thought it was time to give them room to display their plastic little fellows. The truth is the designated pez bin was now too full to accommodate all their pez. We had to expand! Tom and Abby were more than thrilled to rip into the shelving and "help" dad put it up on their wall.

Monday morning started off with a bang, literally. We were doing so good! The twins were dressed, fed AND their teeth were brushed. They were READY for school early and as I'm ushering them out the door, Abby trips on my foot and falls smack onto her belly. She was screaming, naturally, that's what anyone would do after eating a face full of linoleum, and the only real injury seems to be her index finger. We patched it up with some antibiotic ointment and a band aid and off to school she went, blood stained jacket and all!


whatsherface said...

Way to go, Lady Bat - don't let a pesky little index finger injury stand in YOUR way!! :)

MamaLlama said...

Well it has finally happened the Pez collection is taking over the whole house and not just the den anymore. I think that was the plan once the twins could voice their opinion and start their own collections, Your Folex should work great on Abby's jacket too. I have great success with rug stain remover on clothing spots.