Thursday, February 12, 2009

All Things Pezzy

Hello from the Pezcific Coast Pez Convention! We rolled in after lunch this afternoon. The 6 hour ride was uneventful. I think the only funny part was Tom asking for lunch EVERY HALF HOUR, beginning at 8AM. We finally did stop at one of his favorite haunts, In N Out.

We found a little Mexican restaurant around the corner within walking distance for dinner. Then we came back for a quick bath and off to the Scavenger Hunt race at 7PM! Tom and Abby REALLY enjoyed the scavenger hunt this year. They ran so hard their little faces were all red by the time Daddy finished in 2nd place. (like two seconds behind first place!) Not too shabby considering he was herding the twins around the hotel.

For those not in the know, the Pez Convention consists of Pez dealers set up in their hotel rooms on one floor of the Manhattan Beach Marriott. This just so happens to be the 4th floor this year. The scavenger hunt is a list of clues that leads you to dealer rooms where you receive your puzzle pieces. But sometimes the clues lead to different floors. We found clues on the Lower Level, the Lobby level and the 2nd floor as well. LOTS of running around! It was super fun but maybe next year we'll bathe the twins AFTER the hunt!

I have pictures from this event, but I'm too lazy to load them for now. I'm watching Survivor as I type. And it's gooood. Too bad there's no Tivo to pause the TV though!

As promised... the photos.

Here we are before the Scavenger Hunt:

Check out those serious competitors!

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