Monday, February 23, 2009

Busy Weekend

We had a busy weekend. It started out on Saturday morning with the twins demanding to see their grandparents. So we gave each of them a call and lo and behold they were able to come over! My mom ran over after stopping by the library for 8 new library books to read to the twins. She does this every other week or so. They were thrilled to read with Grandma!

Then after nap time the Sr. Telfords came over and stayed for dinner. After dinner Tom had to teach Papa a thing or two about racing Mario Kart.

On Sunday morning Paul ran a bunch of errands and came home with loads of things we need, including new shelves for the twins' bedroom. They have been talking about expanding their pez collection to look just like Daddy's so we thought it was time to give them room to display their plastic little fellows. The truth is the designated pez bin was now too full to accommodate all their pez. We had to expand! Tom and Abby were more than thrilled to rip into the shelving and "help" dad put it up on their wall.

Monday morning started off with a bang, literally. We were doing so good! The twins were dressed, fed AND their teeth were brushed. They were READY for school early and as I'm ushering them out the door, Abby trips on my foot and falls smack onto her belly. She was screaming, naturally, that's what anyone would do after eating a face full of linoleum, and the only real injury seems to be her index finger. We patched it up with some antibiotic ointment and a band aid and off to school she went, blood stained jacket and all!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Goodie Bags

The twins missed valentine's day celebrations in class last week so when we finally returned back to school after our long weekend this Wednesday we were greeted with a bag full of goodies all their classmates passed out to them last week. They tore into the bags right away in the car after class. There were valentines, pencils, candy and more candy, and a couple of stamps.

At nap time the twins somehow convinced me to let these goodie bags "watch" them while they slept. I should have known better! I didn't hear them right when they woke up, and really didn't think they'd tear into the candy without permission, not my children! But I was wrong. Oh so wrong!

I walk into their room after nap time and there are candy wrappers everywhere all over the floor. Not only that but they had busted into the stamps. They stamped ink all over their faces, bellies, legs and feet. Unfortunately for me, they also sit with their feet underneath themselves, so the ink on the tops of their feet got rubbed into my clean carpet. Thank god for Folex! This carpet cleaner is the best. I've used it to get toothpaste, diaper cream and now ink stains off the carpet.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dentist - Take 3

Tom and Abby went to the dentist on Tuesday. This is their third visit, so they've been at this for a year now. Things are getting better, but we still had fear and tears.

Abby was first in the chair of course. Tom always sends Abby as his scout to make sure she'll come out alive I suppose. Abby did great. She was hesitant to use the electric toothbrush, but we talked her into it. Then she burst into tears when the hygienist told her she wasn't allowed to swallow the fluoride treatment. It took a lot of coaxing but we finally got her to open wide and have the foam pasted on her teeth and immediately sucked off with the little vacuum thingy. At this point I turned around to find Tom cowering UNDERNEATH my folding chair in the corner of the office. Apparently he was hoping we wouldn't find him there because his turn was next and it obviously wasn't going so well for Abby.

We switched rooms and I had to pry Tom off the floor to get him into the dentist chair. He wouldn't sit by himself so I laid down first and laid him on top of me. Now this kid is 42 pounds and my lungs only have about 46% capacity, so you can imagine the intense pressure I had and difficulty breathing during this visit! But I'll do anything for my kids.

I couldn't see what was going on, but I think he did well compared to his last visit when he didn't open his mouth hardly at all! He refused the electric toothbrush immediately and the hygienist used a manual brush. He had some yellow stains on his front teeth, which I assumed were from over fluoridating the poor kid, but it turns out they were probably stains from the blueberries and boysenberries we add to his "loud juice" AKA fruit smoothies. I was actually relieved to know that's all it was. I thought he'd be stained until he lost his teeth in another year or two. And the good news is, she was able to scrape the stains off with her scraping tool! Now his teeth look great!

The coolest part about this visit was the x-rays. I begged and pleaded for copies because I wanted to show them off. Look at the baby teeth and the gigantic adult teeth growing up behind them. How cool is that? And I'm happy to report both kids, no cavities! Although Tom's front tooth is chipped, and I didn't know about it! I'm not sure when or where that happened. The chip must be real tiny because I still haven't noticed it.

Abby's X-rays:

Tom's X-rays:

Spiderman and Lady Bat

Tom's new favorite Pez from the Pez Convention is Spiderman. He insisted that he had a Spiderman at home, although, I've picked up their Pez bin more times than I can count and I cannot ever remember seeing a Spiderman in there. Turns out he was wrong and now he only has one Spiderman. But that hasn't stopped him from making it his new favorite. He also informed us that next year he needs to get Batman Pez at the Pez Convention so Spiderman and Batman can protect the galaxy together. This has since turned into role playing where he actually IS Spiderman. It's kinda funny because he's never seen a Spiderman movie or cartoon, so I have no idea where this fascination is coming from. But of course the crime fighting Spiderman needs a side kick here at home, and who better than Abby, only she's not a BatMAN because she's a girl. So Abby has a new name, Lady Bat. At least I'm talented enough to have given birth to two super hero's to keep me safe here in the depths of suburbia.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Home at Last

We wrapped up our visit at the Pez Convention on Sunday morning. The drive home was uneventful. At one point it was nap time and we were trying to tell the twins if they fell asleep we'd be home when they woke up 2 hours later. Tom insisted that he sleep with his eyes open all nap times and all night times. 5 minutes later he was passed out, with his eyes shut. Shhhh, don't tell him!

On Saturday night before we left the convention I got to meet up with one of my college buddies, Allyson. It'd been so long since we met up in person, 3 years we think! It's bizarre to think I haven't seen her in 3 years, yet we were roommates at one point in our lives. But she's down in Los Angeles while I'm way up north near Sacramento. Times have changed!

On Monday morning I loaded the twins up in the car and met Beth and Thom at the Sacramento Railroad Museum with the twins for a couple hours of train fun! When I told Abby where we were going she burst into tears and claimed she didn't like driving on the freeway. I assured her I would drive safely and slowly and she agreed to come along. Beth and Thom had never met the twins before. I think they hit it off, though the twins were shy at first of course!

After playing for awhile at the Thomas the Tank Engine tables Abby decided she wanted to see the big life size trains. Tom wanted to stay and play with the tiny trains so Thom and I sat to talk and let Tom play while Beth took Abby downstairs to the museum. Not a minute goes by, I look up and my Tom is GONE! I knew he'd run off to catch up with Beth and Abby but I wasn't sure he actually found them. I never saw him leave! Thom was so calm and after a couple frantic minutes of trying to figure out who was going to stay and wait for my Tom to come back and who was going to go look for Beth, Thom spotted all three of them down below in the museum. Crisis averted!

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Friday night was the annual Pez Bingo at the Pezcific Coast Pez Convention. To say the twins had a blast is an understatement.

Here's a picture of Tom waiting to get into the bingo room. He was so excited!

Both Tom and Abby enjoyed using the bingo dobber, even though it took them a few tries to get the light touch down. At first their dobbs were too juicy, soaking the bingo card.

There is a tradition at Pez bingo. After the winner is determined, all the losers ball up their losing cards and pelt the winner with them as they walk the red carpet. This was a BIG hit with the twins this year. They really got into it, even collecting discarded cards from the floor so they'd have more trash to throw at the winners.

There was even this column in the middle of the room that provided great cover to "surprise" the winner with an assault of used bingo cards.

In the middle of the seventh inning stretch during this year's bingo there was a special game. Taped under every chair there was a Pez playing card and there was one winning card in the whole room. Our table did not have the winning card, but there were a couple of unused tables toward the back of the room. This provided great fun for Tom long after the winner was found. He searched under every chair for a good 10 minutes to be sure he found all the "hidden" cards.

So even though our whole family returned to our room at the end of the night as a bunch of bingo losers, I think the twins will be looking forward to Pez bingo night until next year! There was one exciting game where Paul and Tom's card got bingo, however they tied with another bingo winner. During the tie-breaker draw Paul and Tom lost. The whole room was yelling "give it to the kid!" But that didn't happen. The prize was too valuable and the outright winner took it home.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

All Things Pezzy

Hello from the Pezcific Coast Pez Convention! We rolled in after lunch this afternoon. The 6 hour ride was uneventful. I think the only funny part was Tom asking for lunch EVERY HALF HOUR, beginning at 8AM. We finally did stop at one of his favorite haunts, In N Out.

We found a little Mexican restaurant around the corner within walking distance for dinner. Then we came back for a quick bath and off to the Scavenger Hunt race at 7PM! Tom and Abby REALLY enjoyed the scavenger hunt this year. They ran so hard their little faces were all red by the time Daddy finished in 2nd place. (like two seconds behind first place!) Not too shabby considering he was herding the twins around the hotel.

For those not in the know, the Pez Convention consists of Pez dealers set up in their hotel rooms on one floor of the Manhattan Beach Marriott. This just so happens to be the 4th floor this year. The scavenger hunt is a list of clues that leads you to dealer rooms where you receive your puzzle pieces. But sometimes the clues lead to different floors. We found clues on the Lower Level, the Lobby level and the 2nd floor as well. LOTS of running around! It was super fun but maybe next year we'll bathe the twins AFTER the hunt!

I have pictures from this event, but I'm too lazy to load them for now. I'm watching Survivor as I type. And it's gooood. Too bad there's no Tivo to pause the TV though!

As promised... the photos.

Here we are before the Scavenger Hunt:

Check out those serious competitors!

Monday, February 09, 2009

Over the Sickies

The twins seem to be mostly over the sickies. Abby was even able to go to school last Friday, though I noticed the last couple days she has a lingering drippy nose. Thank goodness for Sudafed. I had to practically sign my first born away to wrestle it out from behind the counter at the Target Pharmacy though.

My mom came to visit today, which gave me time to relax while she took them to the park and read to them and played with them. As if i don't get enough relaxing in! At least they were entertained and I enjoyed my time. I should have been more productive though cause no one else is going to pack for the Pez Convention for me! Yup, that's right, it's that time of year again. We're flying south (again... only this time we're driving) for the winter and I hope to get some good beach days or pool days in.

Here are some funny pictures of the twins taken last week. They had just woken up and Abby had some GREAT hair! Then Tom was jealous so he got his photo taken. I have no idea why he closed his eyes.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Necklace for Cystic Fibrosis **UPDATE!**

For my birthday, my sister and mother conspired to surprise me with the "65 Roses" necklace I asked for in a previous blog entry last month. The necklace comes from Refined Designs in New York. It is very dainty, approximately 3/8" across. The Refined Designs website seems to be having technical difficulties at the moment but I have my sparkly gorgeous rose necklace with the all important "65" embedded in the design. For those not in the know, "65 Roses" sounds like Cystic Fibrosis and is a term used in many fundraising efforts by the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. All the profits from the 65 Roses necklaces are donated to the CF Foundation. Thank you, Cindy, at Refined Designs for creating such a beautiful piece of jewelry for such a great cause.

Monday, February 02, 2009

We Have a Virus!

So Abby started coughing on Saturday. It's a full blown cold now. She looks miserable but she's eating and drinking, so I'm not worried... yet.

The following is a true story.

Today at lunchtime Abby approached the table. She called for me to say there was something dripping onto her chair. Upon not so close inspection I could see it was snot. From breakfast! She must have sneezed on the table and it was still oozing off the table onto her chair hours later. Yeah. That's how we roll here. Covered in snot this week. No kidding, she just had an explosive sneeze and a snot rocket landed on my sweatshirt. Excuse me while I go change.

Oh, and Tom started coughing today on his way home from preschool. God help me to not catch this one... I JUST got better!!!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

January 2009 Email Update

Telford Twins Fly South for the Winter

In January we took a family vacation to Cancun, Mexico. As we approached Cancun airport Tom saw the clouds over the city and I told him those were the clouds over Mexico. He proceeded to report this to the all the passengers within ear shot on the plane, over and over. Inside the airports he was quite the little worker bee. He insisted on carrying his own backpack in addition to pulling and oxygen concentrator on wheels for me.

Abby was pleased as Punch to be wearing summer dresses during the middle of winter. In fact there was one particular dress she adored so much she wore it three days straight. One day we went shopping and walked around Mercado 28 where we found a gorgeous new pink dress for her which quickly became a new favorite.

Abby enjoyed the variety and endless quantity of food at the resort in Mexico. She didn't want to leave because the food was so good! Tom, not so much. He can now testify that it is possible to survive 8 days straight on nothing but saltine crackers and tortilla chips. But that goes with the territory of being the pickiest preschooler on the planet.

Pictures from our trip to Cancun can be found here.

Pictures from other events in January 2009 can be found here.