Monday, January 26, 2009

The Trauma of Being 4

Thank you all for your comments and emails about Bridget. My family and friends are too kind.

I haven't blogged much this month, with my vacation earlier and then coming home and being sick for two weeks. I'm still working on the sinus infection. And the lungs are still full of goo, but they're less full of goo than they were a week ago. At least the virus is gone so I can socialize without getting anyone sick.

Tom and Abby are cute as ever. Oma and Papa took us all out to lunch at BJ's yesterday for my birthday. And the twins were of course spoiled. They got new sticker books with their favorite characters. SIX HUNDRED stickers each! They have been busy with those since yesterday.

This morning Abby informed me she wanted to wear a dress to preschool but not the dress I picked out. So off to her room we went and found a suitable dress. Then, in my usual Monday morning flurry I was showering and barking orders at the twins, "Both of you, put your shoes on! Abby?! Are you there? Find the shorts on my bed and put them on." Well this last task sent Tom into a tizzy. He decided since Abby was wearing shorts, albeit under her dress, he was going to wear shorts too. So there I was sopping wet from the shower, attempting to dress as quickly as possible without committing any crimes and Tom disrobes. So I told him fine, I'd take him to preschool without his pants, and I would have! But he eventually put them on and we weren't late.

Something must have been in the air though. Once we got home things spiraled out of control with Tom. First it started in the car. He likes to get out of the car first, but Abby sits behind me, so it's often easier for me to unbuckle her first. As soon as I opened Abby's door Tom shrieked. I asked him to ask me nicely to take him out first and he yelled some more. So I took Abby out of the car. Then Tom wouldn't come out and wanted me to carry him. But my back has been hurting lately so I've been banned from carrying the twins for a few days to see if I can recover (and it's working) So getting him into the house was a HUGE ordeal.

Once he was in the house I set Abby up in my room with her TV show. They get to pick one show a day. But I told Tom he had to sit in a time out for yelling and he could not watch TV. He would not go into his time out spot without me carrying him so I sent him to his room for 4 minutes instead. I closed the door and he wailed away. At the end of his 4 minutes I told him he could come out when he was done crying. At this point he had stripped Abby's bed of all her sheets in protest. I decided not to make a big deal of it since the day was already going south.

He eventually came out of his room and climbed into my lap for another 20 minutes intermittently sobbing. Once we started looking at vacation rentals on the computer he calmed down and got super interested, especially since this involved a map!

So that's how I spent the first hour home with the kids after preschool. Good times!

Tom was really funny at lunch today though... when he finally decided to eat. He turns to me and says, "How many grams of fiber does this cracker have?" We talk about fiber intake and whole grains a lot because I want the twins to eat healthy, and considering Tom's main source of nutrition is crackers and cereal (yeah, he's that picky) I like to find the ones full of the most fiber! 5 grams by the way. These Kelloggs All Bran Crackers have 5 grams per serving. And they taste really good!


Andrea said...

Don't you just HATE days like that! Hope today is better! And by the way HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!

The Mantha Family said...

600 stickers! Wow - that is a great book. Sorry you had such a hard day - been there for sure!