Wednesday, January 28, 2009

This Isn't Sesame Street Ya Know

After lunch I was doing my second of three breathing treatments for the day, as I do everyday. So I'm in my room and I decided to watch TV. it's a bit hard to do since the machines are so loud. So I cranked the volume up and started watching "The Bachelor" on Tivo. It just so happened the twins wanted to be in the room with me today, since the dog was there too (more on that later...)

At this point in the show the bachelor was on a date with two ladies. It was one of those fancy dates where he sends gowns to the house, they learn to dance the waltz and then he chooses one of them to stay by giving her a rose and the other one has to leave the mansion. Abby was FASCINATED! Real live princesses! A real live prince! And a rose!

Normally I don't let the twins watch such garbage but I thought it was cute that she was SO into it! It was just like all her story books where the prince chooses a princess and they fall in love. Often times a rose is involved to boot! She was in heaven. After that part of the show ended I decided to turn it off, so as not to confuse her when there are 7 other "princess" kissing the same "prince." She picked up Mickey Mouse and started dancing around the room with him. Isn't she sweet?

Now back to Orion. Yeah, so, he was laying IN MY ROOM! We got him back from 3 week doggie boot camp yesterday and I couldn't be more pleased. I've brought him in the house twice already today. He laid in the kitchen for awhile. Then he laid in my room for awhile. I'm not sure I'll allow him in my room all that much in the future because he SO HAIRY and it gets everywhere, but for now while he's practicing all his new "tricks" he needs to be within eye sight of me at all times.

Before we sent him to boot camp, I couldn't put him on a leash let alone let him sit in the house for a half hour at a time, in the same spot! He listens so well I just can't get over it. Sure there is the correction here and there, but for the most part, he's totally a new dog. Now I'm wondering why we waited 8 years to do this?

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MamaLlama said...

The boot camp was well worth it, judging the few moments I witnessed yesterday. Apparently you can teach an old dog new tricks.