Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pizza and Milkshakes

Today was the twins' preschool field trip to a local pizza parlor. Abby was real excited because she loves pizza. But as soon as we got there she got real shy and followed Tom's lead. She didn't really want to make pizza. I kinda forced her to do the tour and make her own pepperoni pizza. Tom didn't participate, but he did go on the tour. Because we all know pizza isn't made of cinnamon toast so he won't eat it!

After the pizza mayhem (60 preschoolers and at least that many adults squeezed into a tiny party room) I stopped by the house to clean out the car and take it to the car wash. Tom impressed me when he remembered the name of the car wash place!

After we settled the car wash tab, I asked the twins if they were ready for a milkshake! We walked across the parking lot to Chick Fil-A. They have the most AWESOME milkshakes! They are "hand spun" whatever that means. It must mean there's real ice cream involved. And they are HUGE! For only $3.50 it's one heck of a milkshake. I couldn't even finish mine. I got the cookies and cream.

The twins got spoiled too. Apparently the gal that took our order was the manager and she was able to charge me for one shake even though I got two different flavors for the twins. She said if I come back and she's not there, they probably won't be able to do that for me. So I thought it was extra nice for her to do that. She even went in the back and made them herself since they were "special order." On top of that I asked if the twins could take one of the balloons home. They had Chick Fil-A balloons around the store, but instead the manager asked them what colors they wanted and she went and made new fresh helium balloons for them, AND attached a toy stuffed cow to the bottom so they wouldn't float away. All in all, I was super impressed with their milkshakes and I will definitely go back! Maybe next time I'll get some food.

On the way home in the car we got to talking about cows and hamburgers and chickens and chicken sandwiches. It just now dawned on Tom that hamburger meat is an actual dead cow. He sat in the back seat in disbelief and just kept asking, "Are you saying hamburger is a cow from a field? No.... Are you saying that? Hamburger is a cow from a field?" He said it like five times. And then I told him the chicken we cook for dinner is from dead chickens that used to live on a farm too. I'm not sure but I think he may be vegetarian now.


Tamiko said...

They have Chick-Fil-A's in CA? I like the fries. :) Nice! Poor Tom! It sounds like the news just rocked his little world!!!

The Mantha Family said...

Chik-Fil-A sounds awesome! I went to a few on the East Coast and it was delicious. Glad to know they are so nice to kids!