Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Math Genius

Tom is my budding math genius. I'm not sure where he gets it... hmmm....

For a long time he's been telling me, "Mom, you know what? Two and two is four!"

Well this morning he told me that he wanted to watch "two and two" shows on the TV. What he meant was, two half hour shows of say... "Word World" have 2 episodes in them each. So technically it's four different shows. But I told him since he had plans to play video games after his TV shows this morning, then he couldn't watch two shows, only one half hour show that has 2 episodes.

Then out of nowhere he says, "Mom, I know another way to make four. One and three is four!" And he holds up one little finger on one hand and three little fingers on another hand. Genius I tell you.


The Mantha Family said...

Yeah Tom! That is fantastic!

Tamiko said...

Yes! That's awesome! I still have kids in my class who look at my 7 fingers up in the air and have to count them one by one to know how many there are! [shakes head]