Saturday, January 31, 2009


Today Abby and I were finishing up lunch. She asked for her "healthy" food as she has to have after every meal. She told me she wanted something that started with an A. So we started to talk about how to spell "apple". I told her there was a silent e on the end of apple. It's like something clicked in her brain and she must have thought this was brilliant information. She rushed off to the den as she said, "I've got to go tell Dad and Tom about this silent e!" And that she did.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pizza and Milkshakes

Today was the twins' preschool field trip to a local pizza parlor. Abby was real excited because she loves pizza. But as soon as we got there she got real shy and followed Tom's lead. She didn't really want to make pizza. I kinda forced her to do the tour and make her own pepperoni pizza. Tom didn't participate, but he did go on the tour. Because we all know pizza isn't made of cinnamon toast so he won't eat it!

After the pizza mayhem (60 preschoolers and at least that many adults squeezed into a tiny party room) I stopped by the house to clean out the car and take it to the car wash. Tom impressed me when he remembered the name of the car wash place!

After we settled the car wash tab, I asked the twins if they were ready for a milkshake! We walked across the parking lot to Chick Fil-A. They have the most AWESOME milkshakes! They are "hand spun" whatever that means. It must mean there's real ice cream involved. And they are HUGE! For only $3.50 it's one heck of a milkshake. I couldn't even finish mine. I got the cookies and cream.

The twins got spoiled too. Apparently the gal that took our order was the manager and she was able to charge me for one shake even though I got two different flavors for the twins. She said if I come back and she's not there, they probably won't be able to do that for me. So I thought it was extra nice for her to do that. She even went in the back and made them herself since they were "special order." On top of that I asked if the twins could take one of the balloons home. They had Chick Fil-A balloons around the store, but instead the manager asked them what colors they wanted and she went and made new fresh helium balloons for them, AND attached a toy stuffed cow to the bottom so they wouldn't float away. All in all, I was super impressed with their milkshakes and I will definitely go back! Maybe next time I'll get some food.

On the way home in the car we got to talking about cows and hamburgers and chickens and chicken sandwiches. It just now dawned on Tom that hamburger meat is an actual dead cow. He sat in the back seat in disbelief and just kept asking, "Are you saying hamburger is a cow from a field? No.... Are you saying that? Hamburger is a cow from a field?" He said it like five times. And then I told him the chicken we cook for dinner is from dead chickens that used to live on a farm too. I'm not sure but I think he may be vegetarian now.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

This Isn't Sesame Street Ya Know

After lunch I was doing my second of three breathing treatments for the day, as I do everyday. So I'm in my room and I decided to watch TV. it's a bit hard to do since the machines are so loud. So I cranked the volume up and started watching "The Bachelor" on Tivo. It just so happened the twins wanted to be in the room with me today, since the dog was there too (more on that later...)

At this point in the show the bachelor was on a date with two ladies. It was one of those fancy dates where he sends gowns to the house, they learn to dance the waltz and then he chooses one of them to stay by giving her a rose and the other one has to leave the mansion. Abby was FASCINATED! Real live princesses! A real live prince! And a rose!

Normally I don't let the twins watch such garbage but I thought it was cute that she was SO into it! It was just like all her story books where the prince chooses a princess and they fall in love. Often times a rose is involved to boot! She was in heaven. After that part of the show ended I decided to turn it off, so as not to confuse her when there are 7 other "princess" kissing the same "prince." She picked up Mickey Mouse and started dancing around the room with him. Isn't she sweet?

Now back to Orion. Yeah, so, he was laying IN MY ROOM! We got him back from 3 week doggie boot camp yesterday and I couldn't be more pleased. I've brought him in the house twice already today. He laid in the kitchen for awhile. Then he laid in my room for awhile. I'm not sure I'll allow him in my room all that much in the future because he SO HAIRY and it gets everywhere, but for now while he's practicing all his new "tricks" he needs to be within eye sight of me at all times.

Before we sent him to boot camp, I couldn't put him on a leash let alone let him sit in the house for a half hour at a time, in the same spot! He listens so well I just can't get over it. Sure there is the correction here and there, but for the most part, he's totally a new dog. Now I'm wondering why we waited 8 years to do this?

Monday, January 26, 2009

The Trauma of Being 4

Thank you all for your comments and emails about Bridget. My family and friends are too kind.

I haven't blogged much this month, with my vacation earlier and then coming home and being sick for two weeks. I'm still working on the sinus infection. And the lungs are still full of goo, but they're less full of goo than they were a week ago. At least the virus is gone so I can socialize without getting anyone sick.

Tom and Abby are cute as ever. Oma and Papa took us all out to lunch at BJ's yesterday for my birthday. And the twins were of course spoiled. They got new sticker books with their favorite characters. SIX HUNDRED stickers each! They have been busy with those since yesterday.

This morning Abby informed me she wanted to wear a dress to preschool but not the dress I picked out. So off to her room we went and found a suitable dress. Then, in my usual Monday morning flurry I was showering and barking orders at the twins, "Both of you, put your shoes on! Abby?! Are you there? Find the shorts on my bed and put them on." Well this last task sent Tom into a tizzy. He decided since Abby was wearing shorts, albeit under her dress, he was going to wear shorts too. So there I was sopping wet from the shower, attempting to dress as quickly as possible without committing any crimes and Tom disrobes. So I told him fine, I'd take him to preschool without his pants, and I would have! But he eventually put them on and we weren't late.

Something must have been in the air though. Once we got home things spiraled out of control with Tom. First it started in the car. He likes to get out of the car first, but Abby sits behind me, so it's often easier for me to unbuckle her first. As soon as I opened Abby's door Tom shrieked. I asked him to ask me nicely to take him out first and he yelled some more. So I took Abby out of the car. Then Tom wouldn't come out and wanted me to carry him. But my back has been hurting lately so I've been banned from carrying the twins for a few days to see if I can recover (and it's working) So getting him into the house was a HUGE ordeal.

Once he was in the house I set Abby up in my room with her TV show. They get to pick one show a day. But I told Tom he had to sit in a time out for yelling and he could not watch TV. He would not go into his time out spot without me carrying him so I sent him to his room for 4 minutes instead. I closed the door and he wailed away. At the end of his 4 minutes I told him he could come out when he was done crying. At this point he had stripped Abby's bed of all her sheets in protest. I decided not to make a big deal of it since the day was already going south.

He eventually came out of his room and climbed into my lap for another 20 minutes intermittently sobbing. Once we started looking at vacation rentals on the computer he calmed down and got super interested, especially since this involved a map!

So that's how I spent the first hour home with the kids after preschool. Good times!

Tom was really funny at lunch today though... when he finally decided to eat. He turns to me and says, "How many grams of fiber does this cracker have?" We talk about fiber intake and whole grains a lot because I want the twins to eat healthy, and considering Tom's main source of nutrition is crackers and cereal (yeah, he's that picky) I like to find the ones full of the most fiber! 5 grams by the way. These Kelloggs All Bran Crackers have 5 grams per serving. And they taste really good!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

RIP Bridget (1976-2009)

Bridget and I met 20 years ago at CF camp and this morning, sadly, she took her last breath. We were best friends through Jr. High and High School. I still have my half of the necklace.

We didn't see each other as much as adults but always kept in touch. I believe this photo was one of our last visits together in July 2007. Notice the strategically placed non-CFer between us for cross infection, her loving boyfriend, George.

I will miss you Bridget. Breathe easy.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Math Genius

Tom is my budding math genius. I'm not sure where he gets it... hmmm....

For a long time he's been telling me, "Mom, you know what? Two and two is four!"

Well this morning he told me that he wanted to watch "two and two" shows on the TV. What he meant was, two half hour shows of say... "Word World" have 2 episodes in them each. So technically it's four different shows. But I told him since he had plans to play video games after his TV shows this morning, then he couldn't watch two shows, only one half hour show that has 2 episodes.

Then out of nowhere he says, "Mom, I know another way to make four. One and three is four!" And he holds up one little finger on one hand and three little fingers on another hand. Genius I tell you.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009



In the living room.

In the middle of the day.

Playing video games.

Makes perfect sense when you're 4.

Friday, January 16, 2009


Cancun. What a lovely place to visit in January! The sun was warm, the pool was refreshing and the drinks were a plenty! Our days went a little like this:

Enjoy the all you can eat breakfast buffet
Apply sunscreen (and for a family of four translucent types... this could take 40 minutes...)
Hit the pool and/or the beach
Drink something fruity
Stuff ourselves at lunch
More fun in the sun
Bathe and dress for dinner
Catch a live show and/or head to bed to start all over again!

We stayed in a little town called Puerto Morelos, which is near Cancun, Mexico. The resort was amazing. No matter what time of day, no matter where you were (inside or outside) there was always someone cleaning the sparkling clean floors, doors and windows. I never saw a piece of trash floating around.

The twins loved the pool and the beach. Although I think Abby's favorite part were the restaurants. During our last meal there, it was just her and I eating some pizza and she was asking when we were coming back. I assumed she mean, to Mexico but she just meant to THIS restaurant! Apparently she liked all the food! Tom on the other hand ate nothing but coco crispies, chips and crackers. No, I'm not joking. He ate the cereal for breakfast and the chips and saltine crackers for lunch and dinner. ALL EIGHT DAYS! I'm pretty sure he's the pickiest child on the planet. Do you have a pickier eater??? I didn't think so.

We pretty much planted ourselves at the resort. However on one of the first nights Paul and I escaped in a cab to the Hilton in the Hotel Zone in Cancun so we could meet up with John and Fran for dinner. It was ultra yummy and fun to have a night away from the kids. The benefits of traveling with grandparents I guess! The last two nights Paul and I had date nights at the different onsite restaurants and we shipped the twins off to my mom and to his parents for the evening. I think they enjoyed the variety of sleeping arrangements!

John also rented a big car for all of us to go shopping one day. It only had 8 seats, and there were 9 of us, but we let the twins share a seat belt. (no car seat *gasp!*) I know, I know, I was a little freaked out about it, but they were fine. The shopping was super fun and I loved bargaining for a better price! I bought Abby the most adorable pink dress. I'm sure there's a picture of it... speaking of PICTURES! There you go. Enjoy!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Home Sweet Home

I have lots to blog about after spending a week in Cancun with the fam. But for now I'll just say we're HOME! We got the twins to bed at 11:15 last night, which was really 1:15AM Cancun time. They were soooooo tired. Then I set their watches two hours behind California time, with the hopes that if they woke up in the morning they wouldn't get up until the little hand was on the seven, which would really be 9AM California time. That didn't quite work out, they got up at 8:30. But still, it's better than waking us up at 7!

On the to do list today: Laundry, laundry and more laundry. Too bad I left my butler, Gabriel, in Cancun!

Monday, January 05, 2009


In packing for our trip this weekend I let the twins pick out 5 small reading books for bedtime stories (also great for the plane ride!) to pack into their personal carry on back packs. They have a pack of crayons and two workbooks as well. I noticed today the backpacks were particularly lumpy and they were quite heavy. What in the world did they find that was so important it MUST come with us to Cancun?

A pilot, an airplane, Thomas the Tank Engine, McDonald's Happy Meal toy helicopter, rubber duck, Lady the engine and Filmore the van.

I think we're ready!

Vamos a la playa!

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Necklace for Cystic Fibrosis

So I was totally going to tell a funny story about the twins, but it's late and I'm tired and I just found this gorgeous piece of jewelry that I wanted to share with everyone. Ok, I didn't "find" it, another CFer told me about this website and I absolutely fell in love with THIS!!! I'm partial to the sterling silver on a chain. Don't you just love it??? Somebody asked me the other day what I wanted for my birthday. Well this is IT!

December 2008 Update

December is pretty much synonymous with Santa. This year Tom and Abby were obsessed! We went to a Santa parade, we visited Santa, we tracked Santa's movements on Christmas Eve with NORAD Santa tracker online. Subsequently we had to look each position up on our globe to see how close he was getting to California as the night progressed. The whole month really was magic.

I think one of the twins' favorite activities during the month of December is the Advent calendar. What 4 year old wouldn't want candy, EVERY... SINGLE... DAY? We have this huge beautiful sturdy wooden Advent calendar shaped like a house with 25 little doors on it. Tom opened all the odd numbered doors and Abby even numbered doors. They got such a kick out of discovering what kind of candy was inside each night, even though I only chose three types of candy for the whole month!

A couple of my most favorite twin adventures this month are already detailed in my blog. If you haven't already read them and you have a couple extra minutes, give it a whirl. I don't think I could do them justice by retelling them here.

Adventures with Scissors

The Shoplifting Scandal

Pictures from December 2008 can be found here.