Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Complicated Hamper

Before I forget, I must tell you that something clicked in Abby's head last night. For the last 2 years or so, we have been letting the twins put their own clothes in the family clothing hamper. This hamper is very nice in that it has 3 sections. I choose to use one for whites, one for light colors and one for dark colors. This hamper also happens to be on a plastic frame with castor wheels for convenience. Though I never actually roll it anywhere because each section also comes with it's own bag with handles to carry to the washing machine. I suppose if I had three washers I would roll the whole hamper so I could do all 3 loads at once. (right now I have no washer.... but that's for a different kind of sob story blog post)

Every single night Abby dictates each one of her articles of clothing to me and asks specifically which hamper category it falls into: "Front" (white), "Middle" (light colors) and "Back" (dark colors). So then I start rattling off, "the socks go in the front, your shirt and underwear goes in the middle and your dress goes in the back." Or something to that effect.

But last night, finally, finally, finally, she says, "OOOOOOOOH! I get it! The front is for white colors, the middle is for light colors and the back is for dark colors." And like that, viola! That little brain of hers finally clicked.

Tom is a whole other monster because he doesn't actually care where I want him to put his clothes. He pretty much insists on putting them where he thinks they belong. As in, he insists that red is a light color and belongs in the middle bag. *sigh*

Monday, December 21, 2009

Food Poisoning!

Yup! That's right folks, Abby got an early Christmas present thanks to the Red Robin restaurant on Friday night.

She came into our room around 2AM on Saturday morning. She said, "Mommy, I called you! I threw up." Oh, broke my heart. Kids get scared when they throw up, well, at least mine do, because it's so rare! This is only the second time she's ever thrown up. The first was last March, when we all spread a stomach flu around our house. It spread like wildfire. One day after the other, we all had it within a week. That's one reason I know Abby had food poisoning, none of us caught it!

She had different food than the rest of us at the restaurant and any one of them could have caused it. She ate a hamburger with ketchup, some fries, apples, cantaloupe and ranch dip. Who knows which item cause it, but she was so sick and so weak all weekend. She's feeling back to normal, and even somewhat enjoyed a trip to Grandma's house for Dani's birthday.

Here are the sibs plus mom:

And Auntie kate brought her bunny for the twins to meet:

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas is Coming!

The Christmas excitement in our house is building! Remind me never to tell Tom any secret that actually has to be kept. This morning he was so excited to tell me all about the Christmas wreath he is making for me in class. Then he told me all about the Christmas Pajamas he bought for me and Abby. He didn't actually tell me about them, which is good, and the fact I'm getting PJ's isn't a secret, it's a Christmas eve tradition. But still. He was bursting at the seams. "I know one of your presents! Do you want me to tell you? It's pajamas!"

I told Tom and Abby that mom and dad buy presents for them as well as Santa Clause. So this morning they were totally on a present hunt! First they were in my closet, which is of course where all the presents are hiding... unwrapped. So I told them the presents were elsewhere in the house and there was only one. And once I told them they were unwrapped, they stopped looking for them. Guess it's not as fun to really find out what you're getting for Christmas.

So of course today of all days Paul's gift arrived via Fed Ex and I ended up having to tell him not to answer the front door, because today of all days was the day he was going to be home for lunch, and home when the kids got out of school at 2:30. So I waited all morning until 11AM when I had to leave for the dentist and no Fed Ex. I was so worried it would come while he was home and it would be ruined because I wasn't sure if it would be in a brown box or not. Turns out it was in a brown box, which is great and it is safely wrapped and hidden. So at least that surprise did not get ruined!

Now about my dentist appointment. So I have these 4 fillings from 1994 that are slowly cracking my teeth, causing me to need crowns and must be replaced. So I had to get one crown, one filling replacement, 2 fillings, some laser gum surgery and a lingual frenectomy. For the first time in my life, I actually didn't feel any pain or pressure when they did one of my shots. They had to do 2 shots, one on either side of my mouth. That is a record low for me. Usually I get 3-5 shots in the same spot to get numb enough. So 2 thumbs up for this new dentist! The second shot hurt a little bit, but that's to be expected I guess.

First she started on my upper teeth, which were not numb, and filled a small cavity. After it was over and squealed with a tiny bit of pain at the end she did say, she had to drill deeper than she thought but was still proud of me that I did it all without novocaine in that area. Then she moved onto the replacement filling. It was a big filling so it took awhile. And there was a tiny new cavity on that same tooth that got done as well. Finally she moved to the bottom left side to remove like half my tooth or something because it had cracked. This is the one that needs the crown, which I will get on Christmas eve. Merry Christmas to me!

Second to last, but not least was the lingual frenectomy. Basically I was tongue tied. How I ever learned to speak, with great enunciation to boot is beyond me, from what I have read about this condition. My sisters tell this story that my mom and dad didn't want to fix this for me as a child. I have no idea why not. I'll have to ask my mom. So basically they stretched that muscle that was tying my tongue down and vaporized it off with a laser. I don't know how long this took, but it seemed like a long time. And it did hurt quite a bit but not excruciatingly. Apparently the frenum can grow back. I hope I'm not one of those lucky ones!

After my tongue was vaporized she vaporized some of my gum surrounding a different bottom tooth during the gum surgery. All of the sudden in the last few months my gum has turned blue and infected and we don't know why. So while I was numbed up, she decided to deep clean it. I hope it works!

Now that the novocaine is wearing off I can feel some weird lumps under tongue. I hope this is normal. It kinda hurts too. Wish me luck in healing!

Tuesday, December 08, 2009


Ya know, one of the first things I do in the morning after I wake up is eat breakfast. When I open that fridge door and the cool air comes pouring out onto my naked legs and feet I get numb. It's so cold.

Um, not today. Today I had to open the front door to get the paper and it took my breath away. COLD! Then I had to let the dog out. Again, open the sliding glass door this time and COLD! Then I noticed the dog's water was frozen over so I got some hot water from the tap to melt the ice so he could get a drink. More time spent with the door open, again, COLD!

So after those experiences once i finally got around to opening the fridge to get my milk for my cereal, ya know what? It wasn't cold at all. That's because my FRIDGE is warmer than outside my house right now. Excuse me while i go crawl inside my FRIDGE to warm up.

PS It was 26 degrees outside when I woke up at 8AM. Brrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 07, 2009

Snow Day?

So the Christmas ornaments were a huge hit! So much so that Tom took his immediately from me and started walking down the hall to his bedroom with it. When I told him it's not actually a toy, it just looks like one, and he cannot play with it or touch it because it may break he looks at me with tears in his eyes, "But mom, I had different plans for this. Is there any where else we could hang it? Like in my bedroom?" I told him it was real special and he would see it every Christmas hanging on the Christmas tree. Poor guy.

In other news the twins had a fantastic weekend. Paul and I had a date with some friend on Saturday and our babysitter had to cancel at the last minute (um... because we got her sick the week before and she still wasn't feeling well... Sorry Jean!) so we made plans to drop them off with a friend from school all evening. We dropped them off at 4:30 in their pajamas and they had a pizza, pajama and popcorn party! They had so much fun, even though it was way past their bedtime when we picked them up they were full of energy.

On Sunday they had a birthday party to go to. When I dropped them off I stayed for a couple minutes and then I went to find them to say goodbye. Their first "drop off" party! Tom looked like he was going to cry. Abby could have cared less. I assured Tom that he wouldn't even know I was gone and he ended up having a blast! When they got home they were so excited to show us the bag of candy from the piñata. They also said, "Dad you would have LOVED it! The piñata had some of your favorite things inside!" What is that, you ask? Newspaper! hahahahaha! Could five year olds be any funnier?

This morning Tom and Abby woke me up bright and way too early at 7:15 to report that I had lied to them and there certainly was no snow on the ground. Perhaps we missed it. Perhaps it will snow later in the day they thought. None of which came true. Most of Sacramento county saw snow, but we did not. I was just talking on the phone to my mom telling her how upset the twins were that they didn't see any snow. Well, Abby came into the room and Abby gets on the phone and my mom starts telling her about all the snow that fell at Grandma's house. Abby hung her head, fought back tears and then slowly, quietly walked back to her room. I later found her crying on her bed and had to tell her that Grandma didn't really get all that much snow, not enough to even make one snow ball. That's what the twins really wanted was enough snow to have a snowball fight. Looks like we may be going on a trip to Lathrop sooner rather than later!

Thursday, December 03, 2009

2009 Ornaments

Every year I buy Tom and Abby a special ornament that captures their current fascination. The idea is, by the time they are 18 and move out of the house they will have a box of ornaments that are truly theirs and hopefully will bring back all sorts of childhood memories. This year, I really wanted to get Tom one of the super heros and I really wanted to get Abby a fairy. Well I couldn't resist buying the brand name Hallmark Keepsake ornaments I found today that were just perfect! I was expecting to pay $20 each, but I guess they were on sale for $15. Yippee!

So here they are.... shhhh, doing tell the twins yet, because they won't see them until tonight when Paul gets home from work. I'm just too excited not to share them with you NOW!

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

October/November 2009 Telford Twins Update

Did you miss me? I somehow skipped the October update. Tom and Abby had a wonderful fifth birthday and of course, were spoiled beyond belief with gifts and celebrations lasting nearly a week long.

Tom has learned a hard lesson about the gender gap. He wore stickers on his ears to school because he likes earrings and many of his classmates wear earrings to class every single day. His teacher was so caught off guard by a BOY wearing earrings that she made him take them off and put them in his backpack. It has since been communicated to the teacher that Tom may, on occasion. wear sticker earrings to class and he will only remove them if they become a distraction. In other Tom news, he learned to ride a two wheeler! He zips and zooms up and down the driveway, on and off the sidewalk and all over our neighborhood.

Abby's hair went pink for halloween at school and she LOVED it! I'm seriously considering letting her dye her hair semi-permanently for awhile. She is so perfectly content playing around the house, sometimes by herself and her imaginary friends. I caught her the other day, dressed up as Snow White, singing into her microphone and then pausing to cheer for herself and take a bow. She is amused by little things. Two days ago she put on a pair of cargo pants that had six pockets. She squealed with joy as she bounced up and down on my bed, "Mom! Can you believe it? Look at ALL these pockets! I can fit so many things in these pockets today!" And then she must have forgotten about the pockets because I never saw her use them once that day.

October 2009 Photos

November 2009 Photos

Happy Holidays!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Manic Monday Start

Today was the first day for the twins to head back to school after a 4 week break. They are on the year round system so they get the months of November, March, July and the first half of August off school, instead of the 3 month summer brain drain all at once. So far I like the year round system. I got used to having the kids home with me again and it was nice to just not do anything most days.

I walked in to get the twins from their room around 8:30 this morning and Abby was already in tears. She was upset at some game she and Tom were playing. I don't know the details. I asked them what they wanted for breakfast and Tom told me Abby didn't want any kind of cereal. So I asked her if she wanted a frozen waffle to which she screamed and cried like I was forcing her to eat broccoli for breakfast. She wanted a pancake because we just bought some new syrup. Logical, no?

So off to the kitchen I went to try and figure out how to make a small batch of pancakes as quickly as possible. I cut the recipe in 1/4 to make about 5 small pancakes and that meant it called for 1/2 an egg. Because I know my way around the kitchen I was able to pull this stellar skill off. Of course out of the 5 pancakes I made in record time, Abby ate, ONE. *sigh*

Tom and Abby rode their bikes to school, which meant they also wore their gloves. They've been wearing their newfound favorite gloves all month long while they ride their bikes. Best 50¢ I've spent all year at Target! Once Tom and Abby were in line to get into the classroom this morning though, they started freaking out. What to do with the gloves? Tom panics and hurls his gloves at me from across the sidewalk, hitting a complete stranger. Abby runs to me to hand off her gloves all the while it's far too confusing for them to receive instruction in this panicked state as I'm telling them, "just put the gloves in your backpack!" We'll have to work on this one.

Friday, November 27, 2009

I See You

Playing with Daddy's ski goggles.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Go Ags!

The whole family came out for the Causeway Classic yesterday. It's the one football game of the year that I can manage to drag Paul to with me. It was quite cold out so we came prepared with lots of layers and hats, jackets and gloves. Abby pretty much ignored the whole game. She sat with her back to the field and colored for about 3 hours. She finally turned around long enough to watch the Aggies lose in the last minute of the game. Despite the loss, it was a great game!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Two Wheeler!

Tom and Abby have had 3.5 weeks off school already. Boy has it flown by.

I think the biggest news this month so far is that Tom learned how to ride a bike. He is very pleased with himself. He pretty much learned how to balance over the weekend and this week he has mastered all sorts of skills like turning and going up/down the sidewalk and driveway. He's very confident and sometimes he just bails. But then I get a thumbs up from him as he dusts himself off.

He's currently suffering from bully syndrome as I type this. We have a little friend visiting and Abby has taken to following her on her bike verses Tom and he's thrown several fits already. He's just completely confused why he isn't Abby's world right now. He's always been the bigger badder bully and leader of the house so this is very confusing for him as Abby is not listening. Yes, there are lots of tears and I'm just sitting back letting them sort it out. I wonder what kind of stories our neighbor friend will go home with tonight.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Quiet House

Today I slept in till 10AM and boy did I need it. In fact i could use a nap right now, but instead I'm blogging to all of you because I know you miss me.

Last night Paul and I packed the kids up and shipped them off to Grandma's for a few days. The length of stay will be determined by Tom's will power. If he decides it's ok for Grandma to wipe his bottom after he poops on the potty, Grandma will keep the twins until Wednesday. I'm really looking forward to that! But since Tom only likes mama to wipe his bottom, he may be coming home tomorrow. As of noon today, he had not pooped for Grandma. I think Tom's record is holding it for 5 days. Yes. He is THAT stubborn.

After we dropped the kids off last night we went to Macy's to get a shirt for Paul. Before we left, Paul was looking through his closet asking me what he should wear to this 40th birthday party of his friends and I told him he'd be fine in a t-shirt, but he didn't think that was dressed up enough. I then told him to wear a polo shirt and it turns out that's just too boring. So I suggested we swing by Macy's on our way to the party. Macy's always has the clothes I need when I'm looking for new party outfits! *sigh* I miss Macy's.

So we get into Macy's and I start scanning the place looking for someone young and hip to help us out, point us in the direction of the "cool guy" shirts. I can't remember who thought of this term, the cool guy shirt, but we both knew what we were looking for. Now how were we going to find it in this three story building in less than 20 minutes so we weren't late for the party?

Luck would have it Paul found something right away. First he found a shirt that had a logo that said something about Cuban Cigars, and though we really liked the shirt, we didn't want to condone smoking. I even rationalized him buying it because isn't it true that unless you're hardcore cigar smoker, you don't even inhale anyway? I dunno, I've never smoked! What do I know? On the same rack we found it though, THE SHIRT. Instead of cuban cigar shirt, it was a similar cool guy design with "Mojito Bar" logo instead. This was perfect! Paul LOVES Mojitos. He makes his own simple syrup, buys fresh mint and makes Mojito's at home all the time.

Off to the dressing rooms. And it fit. Yay! Off to the cashier who didn't know what he was doing at all and he confessed to us it was his first day. Poor guy was sweating bullets.

Then came the bag. He didn't know where the bags were and I said to Paul, "You're making him put it in a bag?!" I always bring my own shopping bags into stores. I never use plastic bags anymore and when I just have to, I feel so guilty. So Paul says, "don't worry about the bag, we don't need one."

Still the cashier fumbles though the register area, finds the bags behind him and then can't get one out. Then the experienced cashier next to him, helps him tug and pull on the big shirt bags and brings one to the counter for us. We're like, "No really, we don't want a bag." She insists that this cream colored shirt is going to get dirty and starts opening the bag.

Paul says again, "I don't need a bag. Seriously, I just going to put the shirt on as soon as we get outside." By this point he has the attention of the couple checking out at the register next to us. The lady's jaw nearly hit the floor as she says disapprovingly, "Oh... really?" And then we left with our receipt and our new shirt flapping in the wind on the hanger and out the door. In hindsight, we should have left the hanger too.

And Paul looked really good and got compliments on his new shirt at the party!

Saturday, November 07, 2009

New Goal: A Mile a Day

I've been running about twice a week since I last blogged 3 weeks ago. I have been meaning to get in 3 runs a week, but I'm not sure that happened. I just want to be sure to keep up with my running for my lungs and for my legs. Since I had so much trouble with my knees and hips over the summer, I'd hate to be back at square one after all my hard work. So far so good! I have had no knee or hip pain since my race on October 4.

Today I set out to improve my 1 mile time. I did a run/walk combo. And by run, I mean faster than my jog. I was going to alternate running and walking every 30 seconds but the first minute flew by so fast and painlessly I decided to alternate every 60 second instead. Well sometime down the line I got super duper out of breath and nauseous. But I kept pressing on.

I tried to run only 30 seconds and walk for 30, but that wasn't enough time to recover, so I walked for 60 seconds. Somehow by the end of my run I was running 30 seconds and walking 90 seconds. It was just so hard! I was kinda seeing spots and i was pretty dizzy. I'm wondering if maybe my oxygen saturation cannot keep up with these sprints as well as my jogs even though I was wearing my oxygen tank. I'll have to bring my pulse ox with me next time.

I ended up with a 1 mile time of 12 minutes and 47 seconds. That's my fastest mile thus far! But I'm not sure I want to repeat it with that much enthusiasm tomorrow.

Since I'm going shorter distances (less than 2 miles) I am going to check to see if my body can handle running every morning.

Stay tuned!

Saturday, October 31, 2009


Even at age 5 the twins are fascinated with bubbles. They played with them for over an hour yesterday.

I took a ton of pictures and hardly any of them turned out. You see, no matter how fancy the camera, you still have to be a good photographer to take good pictures.

I mostly just took pictures because I knew Abby would wash the pink out of her hair that night in the bath. I'm thinking about letting her dye her hair with semi-permanent dye. It was just so cute! I wonder if she'd be asked to shave her head and put the hair in her backpack though... if it's too distracting in class??

Friday, October 30, 2009

Last Day of School!

Today was the twins' last day of school for the first trimester. They were not allowed to dress up into halloween costumes, for fear of offending those that don't celebrate this holiday, but they were allowed to wear their PJ's to school. It was also "bed head" or crazy hair day and Abby wanted to go PINK! She loved it!

Now I have the twins home with me full time until November 30. Should be interesting!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Oh No You Di'int!

This morning I sent the twins to school as usual. They have a very unique sense of style, or lack there of. Today they had sweat bands on their wrists and ankles. This is in addition to Abby wearing her Easter dress over some pants, with long sleeves underneath. Well, Tom decided last night he really wanted to wear clip on earrings to school. He was hesitant because it is jewelry and there is a no jewelry policy in their kindergarten class, but I insisted that it was ok because there are girls in their class that wear earrings every single day, even dangly earrings! I did talk him away from the dangly clip on earrings and encouraged him to wear the stickers instead.

When I picked him up from school the first thing I noticed was that he didn't have his earrings on. I asked him if his earrings fell off and he almost teared up and didn't say anything. I asked again, what happened to his earrings and again, silence. As we got closer to home I started guessing, "Did your teacher make you take your earrings off?" He said yes. Then Abby dictated exactly what happened.

She said, the teacher said, "Tom, are those stickers on your ears?" When Tom said yes, she said, "Take them off and put them in your backpack."

Now, had she made every single child in the class remove their earrings, I would have no problem. But why my kid? Is it because he's a boy? Is it because they're stickers? What would have happened if Abby had worn them? If sticker earrings can be interpreted as contraband jewelry, why weren't the sweat bands considered contraband as bracelets? Or the watch they have worn on several occasions? Something just doesn't seem fair here.

Believe me, I sent the teacher an email the instant I got home. I'm waiting to hear back. I would totally understand if there was a no earring policy, but there's not. I'm just so sad for Tom. He really was and is heartbroken.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Looking For Your Money

I'm looking for quarters! That's right. Those pesky little state quarters. I'm missing three 2008 quarters and if you have them, I'd like you to send them to me.

2008 Oklahoma
2008 Alaska
2008 Hawaii

It's hard to believe I started this collection in 1999. In 1999, Paul told me, when I was done, I could get a puppy. I really want a puppy.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Mr. Fatso!

This morning I grabbed an outfit for Tom to put on. The shorts I gave him are what he called "jeans" which means they have a fly and a button. My mom got him these ones, they are super cute blue plaid Tony Hawk shorts. Tom likes them because Dad wears Tony Hawk shorts too.

Well Tom came into my room with his pants unbuttoned. He asked for help, which is weird because he likes to do these things on his own now, especially buttons! I tried and tried, and even looked inside the waist band to see if those little elastic bands were adjusted without my knowledge but nope, they were still on the last hole, as far as the band would stretch.

Tom just flat out gained more weight and he no longer fits into these size fives. He was so stinking proud of himself! He said, "Oh, I must have gotten bigger since I turned five!" He does weight a whopping 47 pounds now, so I guess he's right! And boy does that load get heavy when he wants me to carry him. I almost can't lift him anymore without pain in my hernias.

In other news, the twins finally got their seasonal flu shots today. This seasonal flu shot has been hard to track down! The practice I take the twins to said they only got 100 doses for insured patients. Meaning, they had more doses just sitting around, but unless you're on Medicaid, you can't have one. So when I took the twins to their annual check ups last week and the week before (yeah, separate appointments... don't get me started) I thought we'd be getting the shot then. That's when I got the news about the scarce supply.

Today the pedi called me to tell me they had just 30 doses delivered TODAY and if I got there fast enough I could get a dose for Tom and Abby. Way to create more hysteria, no? Well there's nothing that says lovin' as much as tearing your 5 year olds from their favorite TV program on a Friday afternoon to go get shots! Yippee! Abby squealed with delight... ok, she cried in fright, but still got in the car.

Everyone got out of the car and was dealing with the fact that we were going there to get a giant needle shoved into the muscles of their arms. Tom was first. He sat on my lap and didn't even let out a peep. FIRST TIME EVER! I thought, well, this is great! Abby was next. She started inching her way toward the door and then started wailing. I finally got her situated on my lap, completely restrained by force, arm bare and she yells as she stares at the needle coming toward her, "It's going to hurt! Yikes! Aaaaaaaahhhhh Eeeeeeee!!!! *insert sobs and more shrieks here*" And then it was done.

She's dealing with the soreness of her arm better than Tom. I told him if he massages the injection site and moved it around it wouldn't hurt as much. So that's what he's doing, all the while complaining that it STILL hurts. So I've dosed them up with motrin, a piece of candy and a Dragon Tales TV show. I know, it's not to late to nominate me for Mother of the Year.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Miss Mary Mack

I was just singing this rhyme to Abby as I was unbuttoning her dress down her back. I only remembered the first verse though. She asked me to sing it again. And again. And "one more time."

Miss Mary Mack, Mack, Mack,
All dressed in black, black, black,
With silver button, button, buttons,
All down her back, back, back.

She asked her mother, mother, mother,
For fifty cent, cent, cents,
To see the elephant, elephant, elephants,
Jump the fence, fence, fence.

They jumped so high, high, high,
They touched the sky, sky, sky,
And didn't come back, back, back
Till the fourth of July, July, July.

After I was done, Abby asks, what kind of shoes was she wearing? I told her they were probably black with silver buckles. Then she sighed and said, "But I want to know what kind of shoes she was wearing so I can dress just like her!"

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Birthday's Galore!

Tom and Abby had a super busy weekend!

On Friday, Paul left work early so we could make it to JB's 7th birthday party at a pumpkin patch in Fair Oaks. We were barely there two minutes when Tom emerged from a bounce house with a scratch under his eye. I don't think he even noticed until someone pointed it out. I wasn't going to tell him!

On Saturday night I took the twins to what may have been our last home football game at Aggie Stadium this year. We have two more home games, but I'm not entirely sure we'll be able to attend. We got there early in the hopes that we'd get to eat dinner with our friends, but alas, no one showed up early, so we ate by ourselves. Abby had pizza AND a hamburger. Tom and Abby also talked me into getting them some navy blue Aggie t-shirts. Needless to say, it was an expensive night! But we had fun.

On Sunday morning we suddenly found ourselves with less than an hour to get out the door and back on the road to Davis yet again. Our very good friend's daughter, Hannah, had her 4th birthday party. It was a princess party so yup, you guessed it, I brought TWO princesses! Actually Tom was Tinker Bell and Abby dressed as Snow White. Ya know, not one single kid there asked why Tom was wearing a dress. They just don't care at this age. He got lots of surprised looks and smiles from the parents though. All in good fun.

I was going to add a couple pics from each event, but my iPhoto is currently locked, whatever that means. So you'll have to wait because my tech support is with the dog at dog training class.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

They Can Read! They Can Read!

Tom and Abby have been working hard at home on their homework. At the beginning of the school year they were given a list of 10 sight words to memorize. They were told to learn at their own pace and when they were ready they could move onto the new set after the teacher tests their knowledge. There are 20 sets total, but they are only required to learn 5 sets by June.

Well, Tom is on Fire. On Friday after school he came home with set number 4. How long do you think it took him to memorize them? About 10 minutes. He's crazy!

Abby is more like a slow waterfall that picks up speed. She struggles for awhile, finally learns about half of them and then all of the sudden she knows all 10 words. She just completed her 2nd set last night!

I think they are both on track to learn all 200 words by school year's end in June!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Did You Hear About Our STORM?

Incase you're living under a rock, we're having a fall storm today in Sacramento. It's big BIG news around here. Seriously. There have been breaking news reports on the TV as well as right now there's a special entire hour dedicated to all these raindrops. Move over Rachael Ray! We've got some rain to talk about! (I'm not kidding)

We are all ok out here in Elk Grove. We even have had our power on all day, which is more than I can say for some of our Sacramento friends. I've been inside most of the day with a dry happy dog. There's the constant sound of whooshing wind gusts and pelting rain against my window but other than that folks, guess what, all is normal.

We had a couple lucky rain breaks today that happened to coincide with drop off and pick up of the twins' school hours. The rain gods must have been looking out for me. Tom did have a little run in with a gust of wind though, he nearly fell over in the parking lot as he was surprised by a gust that hit him from the side. But other than that, we're all safe and sound and happy and warm and dry.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fall Festival

A local church here in Elk Grove passed out flyers to all the kids at school advertising a free Fall Festival event at a local park. We decided to let the kids blow off some energy there this afternoon. We ended up staying for 2 hours!

They had bounce houses and blow up obstacle courses. The poor teenagers that were monitoring the big obstacle course got quite a workout hoisting Tom and Abby up the "rock wall" at the end of the obstacle course, since Tom and Abby were far too small to climb the wall themselves. They had so much fun bouncing and running from event to event.

The church also provided free hot dogs, ice cold water, different flavored icee's as well as cotton candy. Tom was curious about he cotton candy so we went over to check it out. Tom and Abby waited in line for about 5 minutes and then finally they each had their own spool of cotton candy to munch on. Tom did not know what to make of it. First he crinkles his nose like it stinks and says, "is it hair?" We told him to pull some off and take a bite. One touch of the cotton candy and he was over that. Too sticky! So we told him to just dive in and bite off a piece. One lick and he was over that too. Needless to say, Paul and I got to split his cotton candy. I doubt he'll be asking for that again anytime soon! Abby on the other hand was hesitant at first, but ended up loving it. (I got to finish hers too though.)

On our way home the twins were biking ahead of us and Tom pulls over near his school. He hops off his bike and peers into the chain link fence. He calls back to us, "Mom! Dad! It looks like they're building a new bench!" Sure enough at the far corner of the school play yard there was a pile of wood, it was a pallet actually, a sad looking pallet with missing slats used for covering a hole in the ground. It didn't seem very safe, if that was it's purpose, but I thought it was so funny that Tom thought they were going to build a bench with it. Considering the location, in the middle of the soccer field, it just wasn't likely.

Telford Twins Turn Five!

September 2009 Monthly Update

Tom and Abby turned 5 years old on October 1. These little sponges have learned many things in Kindergarten already. In fact they are able to study together now! In addition to weekly homework they have sets of 10 flash cards with sight words on them. Once they learn a set at their own pace the teacher signs off on it and sends home a new set of 10. Since Tom is further along in his sets than Abby, he is able to quiz her on her set because he knows them all already.

Every so often Mama just gets worn out and needs a nap. One day when I was home with the twins alone I set up multiple quiet activities for them to do while I shut my eyes. I turned on my oxygen concentrator, which sits across the hall from my room and ran the tubing into my room and under my closed bedroom door to settle down to sleep. About a half hour later, just as I was about to doze off I heard this scraping noise. Is it? No, it can't be. Yup it was! And ZIP! My oxygen tubing gets ripped off my face, down off the bed and screaming out from under my door. Since the twins had specific instructions not to come into my room, they were apparently trying to pull me out. Well it worked, and I can't blame them for not breaking the explicit rules. They wanted to draw me out to tell me they were bored. *sigh*

For pictures of the twins from September click here.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Cookies Anyone?

The twins are doing a cookie dough fundraiser at school. They are selling tubs of Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough. If you live near us and you'd like to support Carroll Elementary by eating some delicious cookies, please buy a tub from us!

Each tub is $15 and makes 36 large, 1.2oz cookies. Below are the flavors to choose from:

Oatmeal Raisin
Butter Sugar
Chocolate Chunk
White Chocolate Macadamia Nut
Peanut Butter
Cranberry Oatmeal
Carnival Candy
Strawberry Shortcake
Reduced Fat Chocolate Chip
Chocolate Chip
Triple Chocolate Chip

In addition to cookies you can choose from:

Pretzel Kit
Double Chocolate Brownies
Cafe Aut Lait Brownies

Sunday, October 04, 2009

5K Day!

For those that don't read my exercise blog, take a look at what I did today,


Saturday, October 03, 2009

My Babies Are FIVE!

Tom and Abby turned 5 years old on Thursday. They had a busy day with school and an after school party. Paul made special ice cream cone cupcakes that were a huge hit.

Unfortunately for Abby, she took a tumble at school that day. She landed on the playground area where the pavement ends and the bark begins. I think there is a lip there and her face fell right on it. She had a terrible black and blue knee, a bump on her head and a raspberry right across her upper lip. Then as if that wasn't bad enough, on her walk from the school to the park she popped her special pink "5" helium balloon I handed to her just moment before. That was far more upsetting than the bumps and bruises. But Tom, being the nice big brother that he is, lent his blue "5" helium balloon to her.

I asked them to stand together for a photo today and they were less than thrilled to oblige. This was the best I got!

We're off to Big Spoon to continue the celebrations with our friends and family this afternoon!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dusty Twins

Tom and Abby are SO EXCITED about their birthday. They've woken up everyday for the last week and rushed to their school calendars on the fridge to cross of the current day so it seems even closer to Thursday.

This morning Tom was teasing Abby that her birthday was really on October 2, even though his was on October 1 and boy was she mad! She yelled and kicked, "But we're twins!" Poor thing. So being the nostalgic mom that I am we sat here and went through these pictures to prove they were born at the same time. However, when I got to this picture his face changed from all smiles and he got real serious, "Mom? Why am I all dusty?" Once we got further in the photo set when he was wrapped up and appeared less "dusty" he enjoyed the rest of the photos though.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Expensive Spiderman!

On Monday I found myself at Wal Mart while the twins were in school. I hadn't planned on staying long, but that all changed when I got to the boys department.

Tom's been asking me why he doesn't have any Spiderman toys. He really likes Spiderman now so when I'm out and about I try and look for things here and there to feed his newfound obsession. As I was cruising around Wal Mart I found a t-shirt with Spiderman on it. There were 4 or 5 hanging together and none of them had a price tag on it. Most of the time Wal Mart's character tee's are a whopping $7. I just wanted to find a similar shirt, no matter what size, that had a price tag on it. I didn't want to be the one that held up the line at the cashier as the employees scrambled to price my item.

Well luck would have it as I was hunting the racks and not finding what I needed the gal pricing all the clearance items was there with a big cart and lots of electronic equipment. I asked her if she could find a price for my shirt and she said, "oh, I set those aside because I couldn't find a price on them. Let me go get my stuff."

Well I waited and shopped and waited some more, not wanting to travel far from the area I had found her, but soon I got pretty bored. Yup, TEN minutes had gone by. Did she go to lunch? Did she get lost? Go home? What happened to her and her "stuff?" 30 minutes later, yes, THIRTY minutes later, she emerged from the big back room with a box full of "stuff" but no answers.

We walked our way back to the boys department together and then what does she do? She starts hunting the racks for a similar shirt with a price tag on it. Hello! It's not there! Finally she came to the same conclusion as I, there were no priced shirts of this type. Luck would have it, about this time her manager came by and they quickly decided on $3. I waited a half hour for a $3 shirt? I'm not sure if I should be happy or annoyed.

So get this. The manager lady calls the cashier area to report that I'll be walking up there with a Spiderman shirt and they are to charge me $3 for it. Except I don't know who she called because I had to explain the whole situation to my cashier. She happily charged me $3 and once I told her the whole story she told me she should have given me an additional discount because I had to wait so long.

In the end, I think Tom will be happy to get this $3 shirt for his birthday.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Wedding!

September 19 will go down in history, not only as "Talk Like A Pirate Day" but also as the day a fairytale wedding took place for two special members of CF2's community.

Rhiannon and Kevin wed at sundown at a beautiful botanical garden tucked away in Carmichael, CA. I'm so glad Paul was there to take the photos because he said something about an "ISO" setting that confused the novice photographer than I am. If it's not point and shoot, I'm not able to use it. Since it was dusk the settings had to be adjusted to get some shots of the ceremony.

Tally and I had met up for dinner in downtown Sacramento the night before, and I felt like I'd met her a million times before already. As I was doing my impromptu duty of passing the rose petals out to each guest before the ceremony started Tally introduced me to Chris. I smiled and said hello and then it hit me, wait, Chris CHRIS? Like Chaggie, Chris? Yeah, he was at the wedding too! James was there as well, and we had met several times before because we both go to the same CF Center in Sac.

The reception was loads of fun, mostly because we were able to make fun of one another because no one was particularly good at bowling. I think Paul and Tally were the only ones to break a score of 100.

Right when Rhi and K arrived after a quick wardrobe change, there was a champagne toast by the best man and matron of honor. We mingled and bowled and took some pics before the pizza was served. There was a nightclub/bar attached to the bowling alley where we would occasionally sneak off to in between turns to refill our pints. Try not to have a heart attack when I tell you that carpools, enzymes, high fives and hugs were shared between CFers. *gasp!*

The cake was so amazing I ended up having 2 slices. Toward the end of the evening Rhi and K started a conga line. I'll tell you this though, after one lap around the bowling alley, singing and dancing, kicking and jumping, I was wiped! I think my sats dropped to 80! It took me a good 10 minutes to catch my breath. I'm pretty sure I wasn't the only one wishing I'd brought my o2 tank for that stunt. But it was so worth it! I think Paul and I were near the first to leave around 11:30. These kids sure now how to party! It was really a fun night and I'm so glad we were able to take part in Rhi and K's special day. Congratulations you two!

Click HERE for pictures!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Capris Pants

The following is an actual conversation between Tom and I this evening as I was brushing his teeth.

Tom: "Mom? Do I have an capris?"
Me: "No. Where did you learn about capris?"
Tom: "Ms. Whitt said it in class today."
Me: "Why was Ms. Whitt talking about capris?"
Tom: "She said the Special Helper today was wearing capris."
Me: "Capris are for girls. Capris are longer than shorts but shorter than pants."
Tom: "Well I figured if I wore capris tomorrow I would be the Special Helper."

And that my friends is how the genius brain works.

Tomorrow: We tackle Tom's irrational fear of painting smocks. He got through 2 years of preschool without painting. Tomorrow and Friday are painting days in Kindergarten. Good luck Ms. Whitt!

Hold On, Aggies! Hold On!

Saturday night was the first UC Davis Aggie home opener football game. This year I promised the twins they could come with me to every game. It's unfortunate for a couple of reasons that the first game this season was so late in the day. For some reason they pushed the start time back an hour, so the game didn't begin until 7PM.

It's unfortunate it started that late because that meant it was going to be a very long late night for the kids. We didn't get home until 11PM! Luckily they slept in till almost 10AM. Another reason it was unfortunate is because somebody forgot to change the timers on the stadium lights. So there we were. All 5,000 fans or whatever, and at 10PM on the dot there is 55 seconds left in the game, the Aggies are looking to tie it up with one last touch down and boom! Darkness! All the lights went out. It was nearly pitch black for 10 minutes because the lights then had to stay off for 10 minutes before they could be re-booted. It was at that time that I decided to leave with the kids. I was almost afraid that if we did tie the game up, we'd have to stay for overtime. So I gathered them from the grassy hill and off we went.

For most of the game though, we were sitting in the stadium seats. Tom was really into it! He was cheering and watching the scoreboard. He was watching the game and asking questions. It was so darn cute! I asked him if he wanted to play football, but he was far more interested in the cheer leaders and cheering for them! There's this one cheer that Tom really enjoyed from some reason. When the Aggies were on defense he'd yell, "Hold 'em, Aggies! Hold 'em!" There was this 3 year old sitting next to us and she started yelling with him, only she'd say, "Hold on, Aggies! Hold on!" Whatever works, right?

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Happy Bloggerversary to Me!

I wasn't going to blog today, but then I noticed the date, and I just HAD to! 8 years ago today I started this little thing called an online diary. So it's my anniversary of sorts! It's a good thing I threw a party today. We had Michelle, Tamiko, Jenn, Sophia, Lisa, Kevin, Caroline and Katherine to visit. I made a very special faux pas of serving chicken sandwiches to a vegetarian. I mean, I know it's been 10 years since I saw Lisa, but in my old age, I have absolutely no recollection that she didn't eat meat. We lived together under the same roof for 2 years from 1997-1999. Whoops!

In other news I went to Targets today (that's plural on purpose) to buy the Balance Buddy. What's a Balance Buddy you ask? It's a back saver! You see it's this long handle that attaches to your little one's bike so you don't end up breaking your back holding them up when they insist on riding a two wheeler. Poor Paul had a back ache yesterday from trying to teach Tom how to ride. So today I woke to find an email from a preschool mom friend that said her older son had great success with this gadget.

We went to Target #1 and they were out of stock. Lucky for me 3 miles up the road there is Target #2 and they had 2 in stock! When Abby got out of the car she was holding her imaginary kitten. She carefully put kitty cat on a leash and walked her into the store. The whole time Tom is saying, "NO ABBY! You left your cat in the car! I want you to leave your cat in the car." So I had Tom on one side of me and I'm whispering, "fine Tom, the cat's in the car." and all the while Abby's yelling back, "NO TOM! I brought the cat with me on the leash. I want to bring the cat to Target!" So I'm whispering to Abby, "fine Abby, keep your cat on the leash." This went back and forth until we got in the store and they were distracted by all the colors and fluorescent lighting.

Thursday, September 03, 2009


Tom was telling me a story about how Abby was having trouble fitting all her lunch items back into her lunch box at school. It's partly my fault because I'm such a hippie I send them with re-usable containers instead of sandwich baggies. So they are big and bulky and some of her lunch boxes (she has 4, no joke) are smaller than others.

Tom said she was pretty upset. I asked her if she asked for help and she said Tom helped her. Then Tom says, "Is that why you wished for two babies in your tummy? So we can always help each other?" Isn't he the best big brother ever?


In our house we have "healthy food" and "not healthy food." Fruits and vegetables are healthy food, and everything else is not healthy food. After lunch and after dinner, if the twins want a treat, they MUST have a piece of fruit or vegetable. Tom's choices are very slim. He'll eat bananas on occasion, strawberries (but not as much this week) and apples. That's it. Abby has a wider variety of fruits and even some vegetables that she'll eat.

Last night after dinner I announced that I bought GoGurt. We had tried this stuff at Sea Ranch last weekend when my sister bought it for her boyfriend's son. The twins LOVED it! Tom asked me if I bought the GoGurt at Sea Ranch. I told him I found it at our Target here in EG. He went on to repeat this to Daddy, "Mom found Gogurt at OUR Target!!!"

They were so excited to have some GoGurt that I was ready to accept the Gogurt as their healthy food. They're not big snackers on yogurt and I know it's good for them so I was going to give them some leniency. Well Abby quickly shouts, "I need my healthy food so I can have Gogurt for dessert!" Good enough for me! And that's exactly what they did. Gogurt does have a little bit more sugar per ounce of yogurt than the other Yoplait products the twins like, but it's really negligible.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Library Day

Tuesdays are school library day for the twins. They started going on the second day of school, so they've had 3 library days so far! They have only been able to take a book home twice though. Us parents had to sign out a second mortgage on our house to cover lost or stolen books first.

Now that they are able to take books home each week I assume they can pick whatever book they want. Somehow Tom has come home both weeks with a book we already have at home. He either really likes the story, or my best guess is, he already knows the story so he knows it's a good book. After all, why be stuck with a book that has a crappy story for 7 days? I mean you won't find out how the story turns out until you get home and Mom can read it to you. Why risk it!

Last week he brought home "Where The Wild Things Are." This week it's "The Cat In The Hat."

Abby on the other hand always picks books she's never seen before. She's so adventurous!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The World's A-Changing!

The twins are learning about the earth and science in Kindergarten. Yesterday they came home and told me all about the changing world. They said there are non-living things as well as living things on this planet. Who knew! I said, "you mean dirt and rocks and stuff?" Tom answers, "and scissors."

They are also learning about the calendar. They were so excited that "the world changed today" and now we're in September. Did you all feel the world change today?

While we were up at Sea Ranch they were looking at some flowers in the grass. They asked if the world would change if they picked them. I said yes. They were fascinated by that.

The best thing about September 1 is that we only have ONE MORE MONTH until October 1, the twins' birthday! And boy do they know it. Tom has a laundry list about a mile long of all the toys he wants for his birthday. I hope he's not disappointed when he doesn't get them all.

Monday, August 31, 2009

State Fair and Wedding Weekend

Last Tuesday, yeah, a week ago, we went to the California State Fair. It was the first time ever that we had gone on a weekday. I think it turned out well.

Right when we arrived we found a guy selling discount tickets. He purchases a bunch of pre-sale tickets for $10 and general admission is $12 for adults. On Tuesdays, kids are free! So we got in for $20 instead of $24. But the savings didn't stop there.

We made our way to the midway and stood in line to buy ride tickets. Since it's kids day, ALL rides were $1 each! They are normally $3-$4 per ride, per person. As we were standing in line to buy tickets a lady came up to us and gave us $20 in ride tickets. She was on her way out and you can't get refunds, so she just gave them to us! That pretty much lasted us the whole night. I mean, we could have bought more tickets, but there were other things to see and do.

The twins loved all the rides. Poor Abby got so discouraged though. For a lot of the kiddie rides you have to be 42" tall. She's only 39" tall. On some of them she could ride with an adult, but on others, there was strict enforcement and she couldn't ride at all. Poor thing! We eventually found the rides for all the short kids and she had a blast!

I will post State Fair pictures later. My computer is not sharing with the desktop at the moment...

On Thursday we left for Sea Ranch. We went to a gorgeous wedding and had lots of fun and little sleep. I should really stop traveling so much because I never sleep well when I travel. Not to mention I didn't bring my oxygen with me because the concentrator didn't fit in the car and I didn't feel like renting a smaller one so I woke up each morning with co2 headaches from suffocating all night long. I can tell when I'm de-satting when I sleep because I have very vivid nightmares where I'm being chased and attacked by very bad people. It's very exhausting. Guess I can't get away with traveling without o2 anymore!

I think the biggest difference with this particular trip was the fact that we didn't bring our camera so we have NO PICTURES to share. No I'm not kidding. We totally forgot to bring our camera. Boo hoo. It was a little liberating though. When you have a camera, you feel responsible to document the whole trip. I felt like I was on a real vacation with nothing to do because we had no pictures to take. It was weird. I kinda never want to do it again.

The bride and groom did have a photo booth though so we had a couple pics taken in that booth. I'll upload those scanned pics when my computer cooperates one of these days as well. For now you'll just have to picture all 4 of us crammed into a photo booth making faces at you.

Paul fixed my iPhoto. As promised... the pictures!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Wish List

Last night was back to school night at the twins' elementary school. The principal went over general information for a half hour. Mostly about the Parent-Teacher Association and how much they fundraise to support the school. Did you know the PTA at Carroll Elementary sponsors a magazine subscription to "Time Kids" or "National Geographic" for EVERY SINGLE STUDENT? The Carroll PTA pays for that. They also give every single teacher $100 cash to buy supplies for their classrooms. Due to statewide school budget cuts, this petty cash is becoming a necessity. The PTA also creates a scholarship fund to pay for students that can't afford field trip costs. They also collect those Box Tops for Education. Please clip all your box tops for me and I'll gladly turn them in to Tom and Abby's school. This PTA seems to have their act together over there raising over $20,000 a year.

So now I need your help. The first fundraiser of the year is the Entertainment book. Paul and I bought one last year and we LOVE it! No matter what city or state you live in, you can buy your own local entertainment book to benefit the Telford Twins' school! The cost of the book is $40 and half of that goes to the school! So I'm asking you (begging you now) to please buy one from us if you're planning to buy one anyway! Leave a comment with your email address if you'd like to buy one of these coupon books from us.

After the principal's message we went to Tom and Abby's classroom to hear what his teacher had to say about curriculum for the year. She said she is 99% sure all the students in her class will be reading by June! That's very exciting. I think the only thing I learned in kindergarten was coloring.

She also explained that due to budget cuts she's created a voluntary wish list of things we can donate to Tom and Abby's classroom. The number one thing on her list is:


The school gave each teacher a half box of paper for the entire year. That's only 5 reams, or 2,500 sheets. This is about 3 pages per student per day. Think about all the projects, worksheets, and notes to home she has to do for the kids and do the math. It doesn't add up. Paul and I have already decided to purchase a couple cases of paper for her and if you're feeling generous so can you! I found a great deal on today where they have a case of copy paper (10 reams, already double her supply) for only $28.

I'll also write out her whole wish list for those curious about what other supplies she needs.

Seasonal Stickers (each student gets a sticker at the end of the day for being a good listener)
Glue Sticks
Disposable Camera or film
Paper Napkins
Baby wipes
Gallon Ziploc Bags
Large paper plate
Small paper plates
Waterless antibacterial hand soap (I'm assuming this is Purell)
Clorox (or Lysol) cleaning wipes

If you have a stash lying around and I'm going to see you anytime in the next 9 months, think of us! We'll gladly take any of this type of stuff off your hands and donate it to Tom and Abby's class.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Cavities That Weren't...

On Tuesday before the twins' second day of Kindergarten I took them for a 6 month checkup at the dentist. All was well with Tom, aside from the fact that he had to lay on top of my in the chair, and he insisted on not having the fluoride foam treatment. I told the hygienist to "brush his teeth again" and I winked at her, so she took the foam and put it on the spinny toothbrush and "brushed" his teeth with it instead of using the Q-tip. He didn't know the difference!

Abby's checkup did not go so well. The dentist looked in her mouth and found two cavities. First he found one on her bottom back molar, touching her cheek. Then he says, "There's usually a mirror image on the other side." Sure enough he said there was a second cavity in the mirror image groove on the other side of her mouth. He showed me the groove but I couldn't see anything, but what do I know, I'm not a dentist.

I ended up scheduling her for her fillings on Monday morning. I'm so glad I waited! They wanted to do them right away that day, but I needed to leave to get them to school on time. After I got home I started thinking about what Jenn had said to me. She was surprised to find that she needed dental work done after her first visit to this dentist, as well as her husband. (I had referred them earlier this year because he was so patient and gentle!) Something just didn't sit right with me and I thought I should get a second opinion for Abby. I mulled this over for quite some time because I felt like I was going behind the dentists back, or calling them a liar or something.

I just know that there are different interpretations and diagnosis levels at different dentists. Now, i didn't just want to hear that she was cavity free, I wanted a confirmation that filling her baby teeth was the right thing to do. I mean this could possibly be a traumatic event for a 4 year old.

I ended up deciding to fork out the extra cash for a second dental exam at a different office across town. I went last night to pick up Abby's xrays. That was fun to walk into the office with my head hanging begging for xrays to take to someone else. I felt like they were staring at me and wondering why I didn't trust their doctor!

This new dentist was very sweet and friendly. Abby was so brave and did such a good job while they probed around in her mouth. I could see right away the confusion on the dentist's face though. She couldn't find the cavity. She checked both sides and told me she found nothing. She didn't even say Abby's grooves in her teeth were particularly deep. She did say her teeth were particularly clean and crowded though. (watch out braces, here we come)

Since we were there for a second opinion the dentist brought out this additional special equipment to detect tooth decay under the enamel. From what I could tell it's an infrared type device that detects soft tissue (tooth decay) beneath the surface of the tooth. Both of Abby's back teeth came up empty, no decay! They even tested the front spot that has a tiny yellow spot on it, suggesting weak enamel and nothing was found there as well.

I'm pretty confident we are doing the right thing by switching dentists. I'm so glad I didn't have to put her through unnecessary fillings. I had to call the old dentist this morning and cancel our cleanings for next year, as I have already scheduled them with the new dentist! I'm looking forward to going there.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Kindergarten Day 2

I picked the twins up from school and they were bursting at the seams to tell me all about their day. Mostly they repeated the same thing over and over. They got to go to the library and Tom wanted to switch books with Abby, but Abby insisted that Ms. Whitt did not tell them they could switch books, so she kept her books about animals' eyes and he kept "Where the Wild Things Are," much to his dismay.

On the bike ride home Abby started telling me about a girl in her class. She says, "She lives in Elk Grove too! And she wants to know if she can come over to our house and play sometime. Can she come over and play?" I asked Abby what her name was and she says, "Well I don't know her name, but she was wearing a blue shirt. A blue shirt with pom poms on it. When I get home I'll draw a picture of her so you know what she looks like. I don't know what color her skin is, so I'll just draw whatever I like. Can she come over and play?" Sure, honey.

That's pretty much it. They are eating "lunch" now, at 3PM since they hardly touched their snack at school. Their snack which I take so much time to prepare and make sure they have tons of food to choose from, and they didn't eat hardly any of it! Oh well, maybe tomorrow.

First Day of Kindergarten

On the first day of school, I tried and tried to get great photos of the twins. Abby was doing funky movements with her arms, like twisting them up in the backpack straps and Tom, well, he didn't want to be in front of the camera at all. I bribed them with a rice crispy treat reward and I think I got a couple decent shots. Nothing spectacular. And why oh why, when I say "cheese" does Abby make these ridiculous faces? She has such a beautiful smile when it's natural but she has this most hilarious cheese face when it's forced. In the past, I've told her to use her "laughing face" because it general turns out great in a photo when she giggles on queue, however today she was holding her belly and bobbing forwards and backwards like Santa Clause whenever I told her to laugh.

The bike ride to school was uneventful. We got there in plenty of time and had to wait for the school gates to open. All the parents had to stay with their children for the first half hour or so and do some ice breaker activities. I'll tell you, I was sweating by the time it was done because I had to run back and forth between Tom and Abby's tables in between each activity to get it all done. We had to do things like find their cubby, write their name, trace their hand, wash their hands (poor Abby is so tiny she cannot reach the soap dispenser) and introduce themselves to a classmate and the teacher.

After school the twins came home pretty tired and hungry. They had snack time at school, but Abby's fig newtons got crushed in her lunchbox and in her words, "they made a big mess mom, I couldn't eat them!" And she was right. Fig newton exploded all over the lunch box. She ate half a frozen mini pizza, some cantaloupe and promptly passed out on the couch for an hour while Wall-E was blaring in the background.

I knew there was a second set of twins in their class and I asked Tom if he noticed any other twins. He said no. Then I proceeded to tell Paul about the other twin girls and how mean it was of their parents to dress them EXACTLY the same. Then Tom pipes up and says, "Oh yeah! There were these two girls there and they had the same dress on and they looked the same! I think they might be twins." They most definitely are twins! I'm not sure if they are identical, but they sure are very VERY similar looking! I can't tell them apart yet.

They already came home with homework. Tons of paperwork for me to fill out. It took me about 2 hours to sift through it, read it and fill out all I needed to fill out. I joined the PTA, I volunteered to be a Room Mom for the twins' classroom and I joined the school's MOMS club, which is Mothers Of Marvelous Students. Paul also joined the DOGS club which is Dads of Great Students.

So far the twins homework consists of decorating a shoe box and memorizing a list of sight words (like "the" "and" "of" etc) There are 10 words to memorize and by the end of the year they have to have at least 50 memorized but up to 200! Once they've mastered the set of 10 at home, they are tested in school and they move onto the next set. I made flash cards and we went over them after story time last night. I bet it won't be long until they have all 200 memorized! They are so ready to read.

One thing I didn't count on, while making plans to walk the 2/10 of a mile to/from school everyday was the heat. I kinda forgot how hot it gets when you're walking around the block at 2:30 in the afternoon. I was drenched in sweat when I came home! It's not worth the parking lot circus to drive, so we'll just put up with the heat until it goes away. I'm sure in a few months I'll be complaining about the rain!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Kindergarten Letter

Dear Tom and Abby,

You're still sleeping on this morning, Monday, August 17, 2009. Although you know what is going to happen, I'm not quite sure you grasp the gravity of the situation. You're going to start Kindergarten today and your life as you know it will be changed forever. My life, as I know it will be changed forever.

I no longer have 5 days a week while Daddy is at work to entertain you. Sure, Kindergarten is only a half day (10:49AM - 2:20PM) but let's face it, these morning's will fly by since you've been staying up later (almost 9PM) on a regular basis and sleeping in later (almost 9AM) also on a regular basis. Daddy gets home around 4:30 every weekday, so we'll have only 2 hours together, alone, in the afternoon, to hang out and probably do homework.

Yes, your life is changing. You are becoming a student, whether you like it or not. I'm oddly looking forward to having some time to myself while you're away learning, but I'm also going to miss you. You are my world. Preschool may have prepped you for this day, but Kindergarten is a bit longer as well as far more frequent than Preschool was. (5 days a week!)

I've been looking forward to this day for quite some time. I'm oddly excited to send you off to Kindergarten because I want you to keep growing and learning as the little bright people that you are. I'm a little frightened too because someday soon, you're going to figure out that Mom isn't the smartest person on the planet and I will no longer be your entire world. You will have friends and priorities and sleepovers and parties. But that's ok because it's a big world out there and you're going to thrive in it. I promise.

I want you to enjoy being a student. After all, you sure are going to have lots of practice at it! You're only 4 years old now, and we hope to see you graduate college, when you're 22, or 23... or 24, or whatever. Right now you are excited to start Kindergarten and you already seem to adore your teacher, Ms Whitt, whom you met on Saturday for a few minutes at the school's pancake breakfast.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Bear Feet

I've had this conversation numerous times, but it's too funny not to mention again. In the car yesterday Tom blurted out, "I know why bare feet are called Bear Feet, because when you take your shoes off you have feet like a bear. Bear's don't wear shoes." I tried and tried to explain the difference between bare and bear by telling him about synonyms of bare, like naked. I told him when you don't have any clothes on, you're all naked, or you're all bare. He then says, "Yes, because bears don't wear clothes, so when we take our clothes off, we are bear."

In other news, look what we bought today!

Two kids...

In a box!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Not So Quiet Time

This is a picture of our spare bedroom after the twins had quiet time. Never mind the mess on the floor. Look way up, up, up in the corner of the blinds. What IS that? And HOW in the world did it get there? I should know better than to ask these kinds of questions.

Turns out it was the Hungry Caterpillar. And we still don't know exactly how he got there. Paul suggests the caterpillar crawled. But maybe Tom really IS Spiderman?

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Loads of Sweaty Fun

Last weekend, we went on a hunt. How hot does northern california get? I mean, the real northern, northern california. Ever wondered what it felt like to spend 3 days outdoors in the heat without air conditioning?

First we tried out Dairyville. What? Never heard of it? It has a bustling metropolis with 160 residents. I don't know why you've never been there. We found a bunch of Pezzy fanatics and had a great BBQ two days in a row. The biggest juiciest burgers you've ever tasted and the finest filet mignon. Of course Tom and Abby (and Paul) made a few Pez purchases as well. They had fun shopping and negotiating.

Sadly during Pez Bingo we had to escape to our air conditioned car and drive 2 hours north east to my brother's place. He lives near Big Bend, no, not Oregon. Big Bend, California is the closest town, with it's one school, one post office and one general store, with one 87 octane pump outside too. This town was even smaller than Dairyville, 149 residents.

While we waited for Sean we beat the heat with some popsicles under the large oak tree, our meeting spot. There's no cell phone service up here and Sean doesn't have a telephone, and since we arrived about an hour early, we just had to sit and wait for him to come down the mountain jeep trail so he could lead us up to his place.

The twins had a blast playing with his wolves, yes I'm serious. And I was pleasantly surprised they didn't mind the outhouse. It's basically a tiny tin structure with a plastic patio chair sitting atop a hole in the ground.

They enjoyed the campfire each night and ran so hard the second night they complained for the first time in their lives about sore quads and calf muscles! There was a loud thunder and lightning storm the first night. Abby slept through most of it, but Tom sat there with his ears covered. You should have seen the terror on his face. So he was invited into our bed for the night. Nothing like an elbow to the head or a knee to the back to keep me on my toes all night long. He sure knows how to wiggle!

Not only did the twins have their first s'more's, their first soda their first quad ride and their first outdoor solar heated shower this weekend but the also had their first swim in a river! Who needs baths? They LOVED it! I hadn't planned on swimming so I didn't bring suits or extra sunscreen, so I didn't let them play more than a half hour. We all took a ride in what I like to call The Beast, to get to the hot springs and river.

This trail had some serious 4x4 activity to get down there. It was quite bumpy and if I didn't trust my brother so much there was a point where I thought we might have tipped over.

This rustic living is certainly not for me. I definitely enjoy modern conveniences such as indoor plumbing and electricity. My brother has some solar power and generators so there are a few lights but no fridge or hot water at the sink. Things like that which you may take for granted living in the city. Get this, he boils water on his propane stove to wash dishes. Yeah, crazy, right? I'm glad we went though because it was important to him. It may not be my kind of living but he sure enjoyed showing his place off to us and the twins loved it! Abby didn't want to leave. She had it all worked out, she could stay there and live with Uncle Sean.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Rewind... Swimming Lessons

I'm so behind on this blog! So here's a little something that happened over a week ago.

The twins finished their swimming lessons! On the last day they went over all the skills they learned. Basically they cannot swim, so there wasn't much to cover.

They did lots of stuff with the instructor though, and played water games and then went off the diving board! Last year they wouldn't go near it. They were the only ones not to go off the diving board. This year they were so hesitant and scared, however they managed to walk to the end and just stand there. They each got thrown in by an instructor.

And yes, they were the only ones wearing wetsuits. All the other kids toughed it out with nothing but a bathing suit. Suckers!