Monday, December 01, 2008

Telford Twins 50 Months!

Here's the update for November 2008.

In November Paul and I took the twins on their first trip to the theater! We found a cute little Christmas show for children called "The Magic Toy Shop." When we arrived we found out that Santa was going to be there after the show as well! I envisioned the twins falling in love with theater and taking them every month I could get my hands on tickets. That, however, was not the case, not even close.

We entered the empty theater about 30 minutes before show time. As the seats began to fill it seemed every family had children, all about the twins' age to boot. I thought for sure we'd made a great choice to see this show with the kids. When the show began the twins sat wide eyed and seemed to enjoy it, but then... the villain! The villain appeared at the back of the theater and made his way down the aisle up onto the stage. The twins' expressions soon changed as this scary man with a big black cape boomed through the theater. Abby climbed into my lap, closed her eyes, hung her head and plugged her ears until intermission.

After intermission Tom went ballistic. Yelling and screaming, "Noooo! I don't want to go in there! I want to go home!" I picked him up and carried him into the theater hoping he'd calm down. The tears continued to stream down his face. All the other children seemed completely unaffected by this villain in the show. We ended up leaving before the curtain went up. I'm fairly certain season tickets to the theater are not on Tom and Abby's Christmas wish list!

Pictures from November 2008 can be found here.

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