Monday, December 08, 2008

Snip and Run

Tom and Abby were unusually quiet after their movie ended this afternoon. I could hear them in the living room. I was busy in my room, strapped down to my treatments, as I am everyday after lunch. It's just been so long since they got into this kind of mischief!

So they have these scissors. I bought them the cutest plastic "safe" scissors last Christmas. Unfortunately they were so safe they failed to even cut paper. So i went back to my favorite retail establishment (Target, for those not in the know) and bought them real scissors. They are small and cute and tiny but must be used with supervision. The twins can reach them on the kitchen counter in the "pencil" bin as this is where the scissors have lived for 11 months without incident.

But not today.

Today I came out of my room to find them snipping away at their soccer goal! They have this huge soccer net gifted to them from Auntie Rachel last Christmas and now half the net is missing, snipped to shreds!

As soon as I rounded the corner I gasped so loud I thought I frightened Abby. She burst into tears and ran for cover in her bed. First I grabbed the camera to snap a picture of this mess, then I went to go check on Abby. I found her hiding under her covers sobbing like a little baby.

It turns out she wasn't upset because I found her misbehaving. She wasn't upset because I gasped so loud I scared her. She was mad because I disturbed her before she finished! I think it's a similar notion when your cat proudly brings you a dead bird. She was actually proud of her grand idea and I spoiled her big reveal.

Tom was pleased as punch that this wasn't his idea. He was sure to remind me over and over that it was all Abby's idea. He just copied her.

We had a long talk about scissors and keeping our playthings nice. After their nap I told them they had to pick up the mess. Abby says to me, "No. I think you should call the housekeepers so they can vacuum it up!" I told her she could either pick it up now or she could have a time out and then pick it up. She got down on all fours and started scraping together the bits faster than I could blink!

After dinner Tom asked me about Santa and if he had to be good to get his gifts. We've been talking a lot lately about being good little boys and girls. Abby pipes up all worried, she points her little finger and squeaks "doooon't tell santa I snipped my net with my snippers! Doooon't tell him!"

Life with twins is so glamorous!


whatsherface said...

Oh man, Abby's gonna LOVE you for taking this pic when she's older - make sure you show it to the first boy she brings home!!

The Mantha Family said...

Oh no!! That's too bad about the soccer net. I'm impressed you were able to get a shot of Tom and the net.