Saturday, December 06, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!

After the twins were safely down for their nap Paul mentioned that his back was hurting. So of course I asked him to climb a 10 foot ladder and drag a 700 pound christmas tree down from the attic. I was there to "help" of course. I watched and he labored.

Then I did what any normal OCD person would do. Clean the gardening gloves! You see I have this artificial Christmas tree but it's so darn prickly! Why do they have to be so prickly? So every year I drag out the rubber rose trimming gloves from the stack of gardening supplies that I never use. They were very muddy this year and I'm not quite sure how that happened because like I mentioned, I never use them. So i washed them up in the sink before I got icky gooey dirt all over my artificial pre-lit Christmas tree.

So this tree comes in three bits. I believe it's a 7 foot tree and thank god we didn't get the 9 foot model. Do you know how long it took me to arrange these branches? Each branch has 3 sections and there are no less than a bazillion branches on this model. So about 90 minutes later I was drenched in sweat and finally able to ornament the tree, and Paul was done soaking his back in the hot tub.

Lucky for me by now the twins were up from their nap! Tom showed little interest in the actual decoration. He hung around for a couple minutes and then went to go play computer games with daddy. Abby and I did the deed. Well, she unpacked all the ornaments and then hung them one by one on the EXACT SAME BRANCH every single time. So I kept asking her if it was ok if I moved them. She didn't seem to care, in fact the last time I asked her she said "Yeeeeessssss! And STOP asking me that!" So I picked from her clump of ornaments and moved them all around the tree. i think it tuned out ok. Except for the fact we somehow uncovered a string of lights with little plastic Santas hanging from them. I think they're supposed to go in a window, probably from our college years... but I have no recollection of buying them. Well Tom wanted to put those on the tree as well. So we have this tiny string of 8 little Santas off to one side of the tree because it needs to be near enough to an outlet to light up. My symmetrical tree is no longer symmetrical. *sigh*


Carrie said...

Very pretty tree!!

MamaLlama said...

You have got to expect a little less than perfection with more input from the peanut gallery. I think it looks quite lovely plus there's a Christmas memory happening here.

Andrea said...

We decorated our tree last weekend. I handed out ornaments and Dave and the boys put them on the tree. And they did the same thing as Abby! There would be about 4-5 ornaments on one branch! But they weren't as tolerant as she was to have them moved elsewhere. I had to sneak later and spread them out a bit!!

The Mantha Family said...

Your tree looks beautiful!