Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye 2008

Today is the last day of the year. I haven't updated much lately because there isn't a whole lot going on. I've been hanging around the house with the occasional spending spree at Target.

On Saturday Paul and I dropped the twins off at Oma and Papas for the night. We had an engagement party to go to in El Dorado Hills. I told Tom that Mom and Dad had a grown up party to go to and he informed me that he likes grown up parties. I told him they were very boring for kids. There's no balloons and no toys. He asks me, "So it's just talking?" then a long pause.... "is there cake?" I couldn't lie, after all it was a dessert party! Yes, there will be cake. "I like boring parties. I want to go with you." Isn't he sweet? I assured him his party at Oma and Papa's would be much more fun for him and that was the end of it really.

Abby got the movie "Tinkerbell" for Christmas. She watched it a couple days ago so now she goes "fluttering" around the house with her "wings" behind her. It's like she clapping her hands behind her back, only they aren't touching together. It's really quite cute.

Tonight we have a sitter and Paul and I are actually celebrating New Year's Eve in downtown Sacramento. We're not staying out until midnight...that would be ridiculous. There are some fireworks (meant for children) at 9PM. Much more my speed! They have fireworks and a ball drop at midnight for those adult party animals. Oh... to be young again! Instead I'm trapped in this 100 year old body, sleeping (or wanting to sleep) 10 + hours a day!


Amy said...

Have lots of fun tonight!!!!!!!

I napped today so I could make it till midnight ;)


The Mantha Family said...

Hope you have a very Happy New Year! Your plans sound fantastic!

There's no way I'll be up at midnight, unless it's to tinkle, in which case I'll turn on the TV. Wild times! :-)

MamaLlama said...

Well I hope Abby flutters at my house on New Years so I can see. Happy New Year, I am trying to stay awake only two hours to go.