Thursday, December 04, 2008

All I Want For Christmas...

I already told you guys what the twins were wishing for for Christmas. Now it's my turn. Plus I have a birthday coming up in January and I always get showered with gifts at that time too. I don't think my wish list is that of a typical 32 year old wife/mother but these are things I haven't bought for myself and they'd be really useful at times!

So here goes in no particular order:

Park Trek S is a super cool nebulizer that's ultra compact and easy to pack for long trips or even overnighters. Considering i spend nearly 3 hours a day strapped to one of these things, it'd surely get a lot of use! I probably wouldn't use it at home though. I have a clunkier model with greater PSI that I use all the time at home. But if you saw what I had to pack already just to stay the night (or afternoon for that matter) away from home you'd understand why I'd want a duplicate item, just smaller.

My mother has offered to buy the Pari Trek S for me as a Christmas/Birthday gift. Yay! You see... dreams do come true.

Nonin Onyx Pulse Oximeter. Again, this seems ridiculous, but since I have trouble keeping my sats up while exercising it'd be nice to know if I'm really de-satting and of course if I'm exercising at home I can just wear my oxygen. This little do-hickey with tell me what I need to know. Why don't I just ask my insurance for one of these? Well they may cover a pulse oximeter, although I haven't had any luck yet, but the device they'll give me is about 5 times the size and plugs into the wall. Not very convenient.

Fleet Feet Gift Certificate. By now you're probably thinking who is this girl and why is she asking for shoes? With my recent endeavor into exercise I have asked every single one of my running friends about my knee problems. And every single one of them said shoes shoes shoes shoes. It's all about the shoes! The shoes I have are pretty. I picked them out earlier this year because they were pink. I haven't had them that long and I use them to run errands. Recently I started using them for exercise, since they are my only pair of tennis shoes. Well apparently good running shoes cost about $100-$150. Ouch! Regardless of what I get for Christmas I will be going to Fleet Feet to pick up some good old running shoes so any gift certificate in any amount would be lovely.

Wii Fit. I've actually been interested in this game since we got our Wii last December. I loooove yoga and I'm sure there are other fitness related activities that go along with this game. I think it's just the type of video game that I might actually use!

Ok, now that I've asked for a bazillion dollars worth of electronic do-dads, let's get back to basics.

Bath and Body Works Cucumber Melon Hand Cream. Over the years my lungs have become increasingly sensitive to perfumes and lotions, but I have found this cucumber melon scent to be less potent. As in.. it doesn't make me hack up a lung. So I got some of this "Hand Repair Healing Hand Cream" from bath and body works a couple years ago and I'm nearly running out! After looking on their website this seems to be the closest product they offer today. It's probably the same stuff, just different packaging.

Kiss My Face Lip Balm. Paul bought me several tubes of the peach flavor a couple years in a row and now, sadly, I'm on my last tube. I love this stuff, but in a pinch any old Chap Stick will do.

I love Target. Probably to an unhealthy level. I mean I live there. And I actually enjoy shopping for myself from time to time. Especially when we have vacation coming up... like MEXICO! Anyway, gift cards for my favorite addiction are good too.

Paul got me a gift certificate to Bubbles Car Wash last year. Basically you buy a coupon book of 5 or 10 washes. I always get the Tiny Bubbles wash. I love being able to take my car there and pay with the coupons because I also get a discount that way too. Apparently my little SUV is "oversized" but when you buy the coupon book they don't charge you the $2.00 oversize fee. Makes me feel like I'm getting away with something.

I hope that helps for people that think I'm hard to buy for. I'm really not. I'd be happy with a sack full of gummy bears!


I almost forgot! Another thing on my wish list is a gym membership. I've never belonged to a gym and always wanted to try one.


Carrie said...

Oh, I want one of the pulse oximeters as well. My kind of Christmas gift!! You know you have CF when you ask for medical stuff for birthdays and Christmas. I asked for a germ mask for my birthday this year.

Lewis said...

hi, i lead the marketing at kiss my face and saw your blog entry asking for our lip balm for the holidays. we are glad you enjoy our organic lip balms enough to recommend them to family and friends. as a small token of our appreciation, and because we dont want you to settle for Chap Stick :), please use code KMFBLOG3 for 30% off any order at thanks and please let us know if you ever have comments or suggestions. Lewis Goldstein, VP Marketing,

The Mantha Family said...

Is that "Kiss my face" comment that was left for real? That is pretty cool!

Layne said...

If you get the Wii fit you won't need a gym membership!