Friday, November 28, 2008


My mom hosted thanksgiving this year. We got to my mom's around noon and she had a huge pot of chili on the stove with fresh garlic bread ready for lunch. I don't even think she knew we were coming over for lunch but it was just perfect! We celebrated the holiday by making a gingerbread house, playing black jack, playing soccer in the backyard and taking pictures. We managed to squeeze the whole gang into one photograph, thanks to the help of a little self timer and ladder as a tripod.

Abby somehow completely fell into the toilet at some point and ruined her dress, but being a mom of twin toddlers I ALWAYS pack a spare change of clothes! The spare set just wasn't as pretty as the dress I picked out for her to wear. Oh well. Clean clothes, though not as cute, are always better than clothes soaked in toilet water.

I think the kids were the only ones that saved room enough for dessert after the feast. Tom had two gingerbread cookies, an ice cream cone and a brownie! Abby had the same, minus the ice cream cone. But that's what grandma's house is for right? To get spoiled!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! More pictures available on Flickr.


whatsherface said...

Loved all the pictures - you just look so happy, I can't help but feel happy FOR you. Your pics always make me smile :D

The Mantha Family said...

The pictures are great! Looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!