Thursday, November 20, 2008


Tom started talking about annual Pezific Coast Pez Convention already. I'm kinda surprised he remembered it at all. We went last February!

He asked me if I remembered when we went to the Pez Convention and if we were going to go again. Silly question. Is the sky blue? Of course we're going! He wanted to know if we were going to do all the same things we did last time. I just had to find out what he was talking about! He starts describing his hunt for the Nemo pez that didn't have broken fins and then he talked about the Disney Cars Pez he got last year. Apparently we have a little mini-he collector on our hands!

It's funny that Tom brought up the Pez Convention today because we just booked our rooms yesterday! This year Paul and I are spoiling ourselves and getting two adjoining room for three nights. Usually we all stay in one room. The twins have blow up beds which they are perfectly happy to sleep on. But the Marriott is just not the same when you have to step over toys, suitcases and beds all over the floor. So we're spreading out! It will be nice to have the extra space and not have to pay for a suite. Plus the twins sleep a lot more than we do so it's hard to tip toe around them in the dark. This year we won't have to! And I'll get to watch TV while I babysit the sleeping beauties this year. It was a bit boring sitting in the dark while Paul went out drinking with his buddies last year. I'm looking forward to it already.


MamaLlama said...

What a great plan. I always liked to read while others got ready but that would not have worked so well in the dark.

The Mantha Family said...

That sounds very fun - good for you guys!