Tuesday, November 04, 2008

October Review

Below is the Telford Twins monthly email update for October 2008.

Tom and Abby celebrated their 4th birthday for a good couple of weeks as cards and gifts and parties carried on well past October 1. I think one of the highlights was going to Target with their very own $5 gift cards from Great Grandma Caruso. They had so much fun picking out a toy for themselves. Pictures from their birthday party can be found here.

Tom has surprised us this month by changing his wardrobe color of choice. He's been "that kid in red" for two whole years. He has a closet full of red pants, red shirts, red hats, even red shoes. Now he wants to be little boy blue! Of course he's not making this easy on me because it's not just any blue that he prefers. He likes the bright blues and powder blues. He even dressed up as a blue witch for Halloween.

Abby is reluctantly learning the ins and outs of wrestling and football. Tom may only be 1 minute older but he sure is that typical rough and tumble big brother. I took the twins to one football game this month and now Tom wants to be a football player. He calls out, "Abby, let's tackle!" Abby hangs her head and slowly slinks into her corner of the room. Then Tom calls out, "On your market! Get set! Go!" Then they both run toward the center of the room to "tackle" each other. Usually this means Abby curls up in a ball on the floor and plays dead as Tom collapses on top of her.

Pictures of the twins from October 2008 can be found here.

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