Sunday, November 02, 2008

Movie Night

Last night was movie night. You see, because of the time change we wanted some sort of guarantee the twins weren't going to wake us up at 5:30 this morning. So we decided to keep them up late by watching a movie. The twins seemed excited to be able to watch a movie when it was dark outside. All of their movie watching happens when it's light out because, well, they go to bed when the sun goes down!

For most families movie night means the whole gang is tucked up under some blankets on the couch with some pop corn watching a movie together. Oh no! Not for us! I came up with the idea of setting the twins up in our bedroom with one of the DVDs from their children's collection and Paul and I rented a movie from Red Box for ourselves.

We did our usual routine in the evening. Dinner, bath, stories and teeth brushing. Then at 7:45 we started the movies! All went well for about 2 minutes. The twins' movie stopped playing for some reason. But after some fancy blowing on the DVD the microscopic culprit was dusted off and the movie resumed.

The rest of the night went a little like this:

8:15 PM Tom emerges from the room with a problem. "You see there's one thing I need. The thing is... I'm thirsty." A small sip of milk later he returned to the room for the rest of the evening... or so we thought.

8:30 PM Tom emerges once again. This time he sprawls himself out in the middle of the living room floor. "We should have picked a shorter movie.... this one is taking too long!"

8:45 PM Once again, Tom shows up in the living room. "We wanted to know, when is potty time and bed time?" After some coaxing we finally got him he was getting away with something by staying up late and finishing his movie.

9:20 PM Loud noises erupt from our bedroom. There's thumping and squealing and lots of happy noises. We found the twins wrestling on the bedroom floor with the movie credits rolling. We tried then to get them into bed but they wanted to "watch all the parts" of the movie. Funny after all that we couldn't tear them away!

Once the credits were done it took us about 20 minutes to wrestle them into bed. There was potty time. Procrastinating before potty time. And of course the gathering of all the important toys and animals to "watch" them sleep. They were really wound up at this point. But alas our plan paid off. I didn't hear noises from their room until 6:30 this morning... the NEW 6:30 AM! They ended up sleeping in an extra hour from yesterday. Yay! We got the hour back! I'm sure the rest of the day will go smooth and we'll be on track by bed time! Whew! Another daylight savings conquered.


DarbSkull said...

Who knew twins were so much work? ;)

MamaLlama said...

Wow activities in the dark two nights in a row! Tom and Abby may expect you to pull another rabbit out of the hat tonight. Good luck, hope you got to finish your movie.

Anonymous said...

That is awesome that the kids adjusted so quickly to the time change. Ashley got us up at 5:45 this morning and was a very cranky girl by 4pm. It seemed so much easier last year. Tina