Friday, November 14, 2008

Christmas Mode

I've already been thinking about Christmas and I seriously think there is something wrong with that. We haven't even basted the turkey yet, but I'm thinking about what's going to go under the Christmas tree six weeks from now! I don't think I plan birthday gifts this far in advance. Why in the world do I plan Christmas this far in advance?

Oh! Maybe it's all the Christmas ads, the Christmas music in the stores, the Christmas commercials on TV. Yup! That's it. Christmas is so commercialized I can't avoid it. Still... It's got me thinking.

I've started asking the twins what they want for Christmas. Since September Tom's been begging for "Thomas and Friends - The Great Discovery" movie. Santa took care of that one since it was on sale at Amazon. Tom's also been carrying around the weekly target ads like they are the bible. He studies them until they are worn and asks me over and over if he can have this or that toy. The answer is always no of course. He doesn't even know what half these toys do, but as long as it's marketed with Thomas the Tank Engine or Lightning McQueen he doesn't care! (Because we don't have ANY of those in the house! *rolls eyes*)

Abby on the other hand is much less needy when it comes to asking for gifts. Sure once we're in a toy store she wants anything pink and frilly but at home when you ask her what she wants, she is very shy and selective. So the other night I asked her what she was going to ask Santa for. Her response, "I'm going to ask Santa for a necklace with my name on it... so Tom won't steal it." There's a little history there. For her first Birthday she got a necklace, and for the life of me, I can't remember who it was from. Afterall it was three years ago. I think it was from one of the godparents. I tucked it away her in baby box and then about 18 months ago I pulled it out. Well guess who set his eyes on this sterling silver heart necklace? Why Tom of course! And he hasn't taken it off since. He wears it proudly every single day and night. Even in the bath. Abby on the other hand had to get a new necklace last year for Christmas. When Aunt Kate was in Hawaii I had her pick up a cute beaded necklace. Abby has worn that day in and day out for the last year (no competition from Tom) but I guess she wants more. Santa will have to work on that. I thought it was a sweet request.

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The Mantha Family said...

That is fun that Tom and Abby look at getting gifts so differently. I hope Abby gets lots of necklaces!