Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I've been working out regularly for several months. As if chasing the twins wasn't enough, Paul and I actually schedule time three times a week to work out. The twins work out with us, standing on our feet, counting sit ups, imitating all sorts of our "moves" and even trying out the old push up!

Yesterday I decided to switch things up a little bit. Before Paul got home I strapped the twins into their bike helmets and set out on a bike ride for them, a jog/walk for me. I checked my route before I left the house. Since I didn't know how to tell Google Maps how to make a loop I picked what I thought was the half way point and mapped that. It was about 1 mile. Perfect! A 2 mile route. Well 2 miles turned into 2.6 miles and I got exhausted after the first 0.8 miles. I was sweating, hacking, coughing, choking... you name it. All the glamorous side effects of moderate icky lung disease. I kept thinking to myself, boy, this was so much easier 10 years ago! My lungs are so old!

I started getting dizzy (low blood sugar oxygen deprivation will do that to you) but I thought we were half way home, so I just kept pushing on. I tried not to actually turn my head, in fear of falling over. But if you've ever jogged next to two 4 year olds on training wheels, you know there's lots of head turning to make sure no one's falling over, or more importantly running into me!

I had to keep reminding Abby not to zig zag because she's going to fall over. And of course I had to remind her to keep looking straight ahead. But as we got further down the road she started veering off left, then right and I said, "Abby, what's the matter? You're not looking straight ahead!" Her reply, "Well, I've never seen this town before. I have to look around!" Keep in mind we drive up and down this particular street several times a week! I guess it's all about perspective. We've never walked there because it's too far!

For another half mile or so there was a lot of construction going on. They are building a huge sports complex about a mile from our house. The sidewalk had new gravel spilled all over it, making a bumpy ride for the twins. Then abruptly the sidewalk ended. Tom was going about 0.1 miles an hour (I'm not even sure he was moving) and then he started to tip over, right into the construction fence. Boom! Down he went. How do you even fall over when you're not moving... on training wheels? Genius I tell you. As we continued past the construction zone we finally made our way back to the nicely paved green belts. There was a huge sign with cones around it, but it was facing the other way. Tom asks me what that sign says. I told him it probably said "sidewalk closed." Sure enough! It did. No wonder!


Carrie said...

Oh, I can identify with the coughing and sputtering while trying to walk with the family.

How do you feel the day after??

The Mantha Family said...

Wow, that sounds like an adventure! I'm glad you made it home safely. So much for Google maps!