Monday, November 17, 2008

Beautiful Summer Day!

Yesterday was so gorgeous that I couldn't resist taking the twins to the park for a couple hours. Tom was so busy digging in the sand in the sun that he forgot to tell me he needed to go potty. All of the sudden a panicked look on his face, "mom? I have to go potty!" Too late though. Damage was done.

I took him to the bathroom to finish which is where Abby nearly gave me a heart attack. First I had to pull her away from her digging so we could all trek to the bathrooms together. As family friendly as our neighborhood parks are on a Sunday morning, I still don't trust leaving my child unattended. They are so little!

So Abby trailed behind us all the way to the big cinderblock bathroom building. Tom and I went inside and apparently as soon as we got in the stall, Abby left! She just walked out. So I peeked out to look for her, and she was GONE! Holy heart attack. I ran out of the bathroom yelling her name. Luckily she was right there, but not where I could see her. There was a strange loud buzzing type sound in the bathroom and she was frightened by the sound, so she left but forgot to tell me first!

I tried as best as I could to dry off Tom's pants and underwear to no avail. So I made an emergency call to Dad to see if he'd left the house yet. He was supposed to be grocery shopping soon. Lucky for us all the stars were aligned and he hadn't left yet! So he dropped off a new pair of underwear and shorts so the park-a-palooza could continue.

After another hour or so we started to pack up to leave, but not without hunting down the drinking fountain first. Good exciting times when you're four! As Tom was walking back to his bike he exclaims, "That was nice ice cold water on a hot summer day!" He had all the parents in the sand pit laughing... you know, cause it's MID NOVEMBER! But I'm enjoying the warm weather. I know it will be cold and dreary soon.


Courtney said...

Sounds like a fun day. Sometimes I have to remind myself that it isn't summer anymore too. I'm ready for the cold!

Andrea said...

I'm glad you are still having nice weather! We are expecting 4-6" of snow here tonight!! I'm hoping they are wrong! I'd much rather be playing with the kids in the sand than the snow!! Enjoy!

whatsherface said...

I am never one to smirk at warm weather (I absolutely HATE being cold), but holy heck - are we going to have an autumn at ALL this year?!

I should drive out there some Friday and go to the park with you guys!!