Wednesday, November 19, 2008

As Seen At Home

As seen on our whiteboard this morning... so I have been assured this is completely normal. When children are developing writing skills when they learn their name really really well they will start writing it forwards and backwards. Yeah, I'm gonna stick with that.


Princess Talana said...

Yup, pretty normal, especially in boys, and totally at his age :) Especially when they don't have lines to write in their little brains like to experiment.

Tamiko said...

Actually, I look at that and think that he's trying to start signing 'md' after his name! Doctor in the making?! ;)

Courtney said...

How funny. My uncle when he was about Toms age went all thru the house writting Mit on the walls. My grandma didn't figure out that it was Tim. Man on man did she want to get her hands on Mit. LOL She did learn later on that it was Tim and that he is dyslexic.