Wednesday, November 26, 2008

All i Want For Christmas...

I've started asking Tom and Abby what they're going to ask Santa to bring them this year for Christmas and it seems every time I ask their list gets longer and longer. Here is what they told me last night.

Tom's Wishlist
Helicopter (exactly like the one he already has)
Airplane with Pilot (exactly like the one he already has)
Building blocks (exactly like the Lego Duplo blocks we already have) See a theme here???
Necklace (with his name on it, only because Abby want's a necklace with her name on it)
Thomas and Friends - The Great Discovery DVD

Lucky for Tom, Santa already found the DVD... but the other things... seems a little silly to get duplicates of toys we already have! But these were the things he was busy playing with yesterday when I asked him what he'd like for Christmas... Maybe I'll try again tomorrow!

Abby on the other hand has not wavered from her list in weeks.

Abby's Wishlist
Necklace "with my name on it so Tom knows it's mine"
Bracelet "with my name on it so Tom knows it's mine"
Phone "with my name on it so Tom knows it's mine"

She has a cute little pink toy phone but guess who always steals it? Hmmm wonder who that could be?

We'll have to see what Santa comes up with this year! Stay tuned...

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