Monday, October 20, 2008

Where's the Trunk?

Let me set the scene.

Tom and Abby were tucked into their car seats this morning. We were heading to Preschool. Why does 8:30 in the morning seem to arrive earlier and earlier as the weather gets colder and colder?

Anyway, we were stopped at a traffic light next to a very small bus. I don't even know what kind of bus it was. It wasn't the public transit bus, it wasn't a school bus, but it definitely was a bus.

From the back seat the conversation started a little like this:

Tom: "Mom, where do you put all your bags when you're on the bus?"

Me: "Well I suppose you put them on the floor next to your feet."

Tom: "Where do you put the other bags?"

Me: "Well I guess if there was no one sitting next to you, you could put them on the seat next to you."

Tom: "What if you have MORE bags?"

Me: "I guess you could try and put a bag under the seat in front of you as well."

Tom: "But what if you have too many bags?!"

Me: "You could put some bags on your lap too."

Tom: "Why can't you put your bags in the trunk of the bus?"

Me: "Busses don't have trunks."

Tom: "Why don't busses have trunks?"

Me: "Because busses use all their available space for passenger seating."

Tom: "What about a small bus? That might have a trunk."

Me: "Nope, no trunk on small busses either."

Tom: "Well then where do you put all your bags on the small bus?"

And the conversation started all over again. That's just how we roll around here.


courtney said...

LOL to cute!

Chipmunk Chatter said...

Got to love those conversations that go around and around.

The Mantha Family said...

That's fun that they were interested in buses - must be in the genes!

whatsherface said...

Some buses have storage underneath - like the tour-type buses where the driver takes your bags and stows them in compartments outside the bus, below the seating area. And some other buses have overhead storage, like on an airplane :) I guess the under the bus storage thing is like an airplane, too - where they put the 'checked' baggage!!

whatsherface said...

but then there's little buses, and those are used for short trips when people don't have to carry a lot of bags :P hahaha - okay, I shut up now.

Andrea said...

Today on the way home from school Ryan asked about the "trunk". I thought -- we're going to have a trunk conversation too. So I said -- yes you can see the trunk in this car (the Saturn VUE the trunk is visible from the inside of the car). Ryan says "No the trunk on my elephant" (as he's holding his stuffed elephant). Then he goes on to talk about the trunk of a tree and what they do. They are talking about apples and trees in school this week. I guess I had car trunks on my mind because of your blog and Ryan had other trunks on his mind!! LOL!