Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Vitamins and Fluoride

I bought new vitamins for the twins a couple days ago. I had been buying the Flinstone gummy vits for the last couple of years but at this last doctor appointment the pedi suggested any hard chewable vitamin because they contain Iron, and none of the gummy vits do. So I made the switch to Flinstone Complete, which is the hard chewables. I was also pleased that they cost less than the gummies!

Since we were completely out of vitamins Monday morning I let the twins try the new vitamin after my thrice weekly visit to Target while they were in preschool. Abby liked it. Tom, not so much. Although he had just eaten a breath mint. (Which by the way he is completely addicted to. Every time we get into the car he tells me his breath smells and he needs a breath mint. I pretty much just keep them stocked for him now.) He made a really funny face while eating the vitamin but I told him to try again Tuesday morning, sans breath mint.

Well this morning he informs me he still doesn't like the vitamins and I should go back to Target and pick up his gummy vitamins. I tried to lie to him and tell him they didn't have the gummy ones anymore and he told me I probably just didn't look on the right aisle and I still needed to go back and look in the proper place for them. (his words, not mine!) His hemoglobin level was higher than Abby's anyway, so he doesn't really need the extra iron. Maybe he can taste it!

In other news I changed the twins from fluoride drops to fluoride chewable "pills" this month. We don't have fluoridated water so we have to supplement here. The change is costing me an extra $10 a month, EACH! That's a total of $34 a month on their teeth! As if I don't spend an arm and a leg at the pharmacy anyway? And all this for teeth? Teeth they're going to lose in the next 2-4 years anyway? I'm pretty sure it's just a scam for paranoid moms like me who don't want to mess up their kids. Well it's working and the twins are totally loving their "pills" every night. Just like mom!


The Mantha Family said...

Ashley takes the Flinstone Complete vitamins too - but she doesn't know about any other kind. I think I'll keep it that way. I wonder if the Costco vitamins are similar (they're probably cheaper).

whatsherface said...

When I was little, Flinstone chewable vitamins were my FAVORITE - I wanted to eat them like candy, haha.