Monday, October 06, 2008

Telford Twins are Four!

Saturday was the much anticipated ice cream social birthday party for the twins. They had a blast despite the fact that mom planned the party during nap time! I wanted to do it after lunch, so as to not have to serve lunch and that just so happens to be the twins nap time.

Most of the their friends arrived on time and we let the kids kind ago nuts and run around and play in our house for about a half hour before we got things going. Then we played Pin The Cherry on the Ice Cream Cone! Some of the kids were shy and thought the blind fold was too scary and some of the kids hadn't arrived yet (due to nap time!) Tom got brave and pinned his cherry sticker in a respectable position, actually on the ice cream portion of the poster! Abby... not so much. AFter three spins with the blind fold on she ended up about three feet down the wall from the poster and when she finally felt the wall and not the poster she kinda freaked out, so I brought her back over to where the poster was and she pinned her sticker on the board. Tom wasn't satisfied that she had pinned it on the cone, so he moved it for her, to the ice cream. Another one of their little friends actually got it right on the tip top of the ice cream! Of course she was peeking out the bottom of the blind fold though!

After our game we sang happy birthday to each of the twins separately. They each had their own cake decorated in their favorite colors. Tom picked blue cake with red frosting. I was advised from some preschool moms to not even bother adding red food coloring to white icing because it would turn pink, rather buying red food color spray. So that's what I did. The blue food coloring on the white cake turned out really blue though and Tom loved it! Abby had pink strawberry cake with purple icing.

In the mayhem of getting the ice cream all set up I completely forgot to put out the whipped cream and cherries! So now I have three cans of whipped cream in my fridge... oh poor me! All the more sundae's I have to eat I guess! And I have lots of toppings leftover too. Oddly enough the three most popular toppings were Reese's Pieces, Gummy Bears and Candy Corn! I think people were just dipping into those toppings long after the ice cream was served.

Paul kindly uploaded a bunch of pictures from the big party here.

But here is a set of photos from Abby's pin the cherry on the sundae adventure. You can actually see her frown when she realized she was way off target.


MamaLlama said...

I loved how Tom looked out for Abby in the game. Their friends are really cute and very well-behaved. It was a great celebration.

The Mantha Family said...

The party looks so fun! It really is a great idea for a birthday party, I'll probably steal it in a few years. :-) Glad Tom and Abby enjoyed their birthday!

Marjolein said...

Happy birthday to your kids!
And happy 4 year anniversary to you being a mum too :)