Thursday, October 09, 2008

Shot Reaction

Abby seems to have quite the reaction going on from the arm she got 3 shots in yesterday. I'm not too concerned because her fever is not excessive (101.2) and she is acting completely normal. Eating, drinking, playing, not tired etc. But look at this arm!

I measured the circumference this morning to be sure it wouldn't swell excessively today. It's huge compared to the other arm. Her normal skinny arm is 6.25" around and the swollen arm is between 7.5" and 8". It's a little hard to measure exactly because it's so puffy. Good thing there's no school today. At least I can keep an eye on her.


Shannon said...

oohg, that looks painful! Which shot was it?


Tamiko said...

Oooh...poor Abby! She looks just miserable! I hope that she really does feel okay, though.

The Mantha Family said...

Oh my goodness - poor Abby! I hope she was able to get a Happy Meal for her pain.