Monday, October 13, 2008

Reusable Bags

Not a whole lot has changed in our household in 2008 but one thing is for sure. Shopping got a whole lot more complicated. Many months ago, Paul invested in several reusable grocery bags and now I have to be re-trained to bring them into the store with me. You wouldn't think remembering to bring a bag or two into a store where you're going to buy many things that need to go INTO a bag wouldn't be difficult! But it is!

I have a lovely pocket in the trunk of my car. When I fold up all nine bags neatly they fit great! Problem is, it's in the trunk of my car. So I have made the habit of putting the bags on the front passenger seat instead. You would think that since they are the last thing I see as I turn to exit my vehicle and head into the shopping establishment to buy many things I would remember to grab the bags and bring them with me. I think I started out with a 50/50 rate of remembering the bags. It has increased some over the year but today I claimed the prize of forgetfulness.

I was on my way into Old Navy and I hadn't planned to buy many things so I grabbed just one bag. I tucked it neatly under my arm and shopped and shopped and shopped. Thing is, I was dressed for the arctic. Think eskimo. It's been terribly windy and cold here all weekend, like barely getting above 60 degrees and I've pretty much been freezing since Saturday. So when I left the house at 8AM this morning I dressed in my warmest mom sweat pants, my comfiest mom t-shirt and my warmest mom sweatshirt.

As I'm stumbling about in Old Navy I notice I'm starting to sweat. So now my reusable bag is stuffed into a sweaty arm pit. I was especially scented this morning because I gave up my shower for Tom and Paul. You see, as I was finishing up my morning treatment I hear Tom open the front door, he yells, "DAAAAAAD!" and then he runs into my room and collapsed on the floor in a tantrum. Dad left without giving Tom a hug and a kiss goodbye. Well bonus for Dad because he also left his lunch in the fridge. So I thought, I'd skip my shower, gather things real quick and make a detour to Paul's work before I drop the kids off at preschool this morning. The detour worked out well for all involved except for the fact I have not showered in over 24 hours.

Finally I'm happy with my Old Navy selections and I head to the check out register. I stand in line getting sweatier and sweatier as Mr Happy Snowboarder chit chats with the gal in front of me about how he loves the cold weather. I'm pretty sure he was hitting on her because I didn't get any chit chat at all. Then I'm all discombobulated because I'm trying to not drop my reusable bag as I dig for my credit card and photo ID in my purse. My purchases were paid for and the employee hands me a plastic Old Navy bag full of my goods and I'm out the door. Wait... did you notice? I NEVER used my reusable bag!

So there you go folks. There's pretty much nothing I can do but create more waste on this lovely little planet I call home. I can hear all the hippies banging down my door now. I'm a terrible person. I know.


MamaLlama said...

You are so hilarious. I too have senior moments on the bag issue. The six cents per bag refund from Winco helps me remember that store most of the time.

Chipmunk Chatter said...

I totally forget the bags in the car all the time like you! I remember when I am in the store with groceries and don't feel like going back out to get them even though I get $.05 back on everyone I bring it.

Courtney said...

HA, your to funny. I forget my bags all the time, guess I'm a horriable person too ;)

The Mantha Family said...

I'll join the "bad person for not using the bag" club. I do the same thing!