Thursday, October 23, 2008

Field Trip!

I used to love field trips when I was a kid. No school. Fun new exciting things!

Today was the twins' preschool class trip to the pumpkin patch. I'm not quite sure if there are no pumpkin patches in Elk Grove, but for some reason we always travel really far for this event. Last year it was a 45 minute drive out to The Pumpkin Farm. This year it was a 30 minute drive to Dave's Pumpkin Patch. I think Dave's was a little better than last year but there was some chaos.

We arrive on time and head to the picnic tables for snacks. The preschool always fills the tiny bellies before the adventure. Abby didn't finish her Cheez-It's so I neatly tucked them into my purse. She also barely touched her Capri Sun. Being that I am inherently cheap I couldn't bear to throw it away, so that too got tucked into my purse... which later turned out to be a very bad idea.

Our whole grouped marched over to some hay bails to listen to Farmer Frank explain our day. We didn't get quite the "pumpkin lesson" we got last year. Only a short lecture about how to not fall off the tractor while it's moving. (harder than it looks!) Frank is a serious man. He means business. There's no dilly dally when Frank is at the wheel. All loaded up, he yells, "I'm moving!" and we're off! It was quite a bumpy ride. So bumpy that I started to notice my pants were soaking wet. No, I hadn't wet myself but I'd pressed on my purse so hard it squeezed mango surprise Capri Sun all over the innards of my clean not-so-dry-anymore purse. So I sucked down what was left of the capri sun and moved deep into the pumpkin patch.

Before Farmer Frank took off for the next load of preschoolers he entrusted one of the preschool moms with pumpkin picking sheers because unlike Impossible Acres, which we visited on Sunday for Hannah's 3rd birthday, all of these medium sized pumpkins were fresh still on the vine! And the key word here is "medium" size. That posed a problem for the twins since they were looking for "small" pumpkins. There were a few small ones here and there, but they were meant to grow bigger, so they were still green. Tom and Abby wanted small orange pumpkins!

We kicked dirt all over the place and searched high and low, cutting pumpkins off the vine and then deciding they weren't perfect. They were too heavy, too big, too green or too flat. (Abby found a smooshed one and decided it was too flat for her liking.) We waved as the next load of preschoolers was coming around the bend on the hay ride. Farmer Frank was waving something frantic, almost maniac. I didn't realize he was motioning to us to get our butts over to the pickup spot. It was time to go! Tom had found a pumpkin, but not Abby. She sat in the middle of the pumpkin field shrieking with panic because she had no pumpkin and it was time to go.

I told her we could take the next shuttle or we could even walk back. It wasn't that far after all. But instead she hurriedly decided to choose the medium sized pumpkin I was already holding. She didn't even want to hold it herself. I think she truly didn't like it. She wanted a small pumpkin, but now I couldn't convince her it was ok to stay and look for the one she wanted as Farmer Frank was cracking the whip yelling for us to board the shuttle.

We stashed our pumpkins in the car and went to go play in the hay maze and bounce house. The bounce house was all part of the field trip cost and no one was monitoring how many children went in at one time so it was NUTS! There were kids cracking heads together. Abby left in tears, not because she was hurt, but because Tom told her to stay and she wanted so badly to listen to him, but she was done with the bouncing into all her classmates. Tom then started crying because Abby wasn't listening to him. I dusted off their socks of hay and dirt and put their shoes back on. They ran around the hay maze for a long while, and then we got some pop corn and gatorade. I had to pay with a sopping wet $10 bill since the Capri Sun incident left my wallet a little less than dry. Abby was upset I didn't buy her her own popcorn and gatorade. But she eventually got over it when she realized sharing wasn't so bad after all. (Oh, and I threatened to go home if she didn't stop crying.)


Andrea said...

LOL! Such an adventure! I am surprised to hear this trip was better than last years. I guess I should go back and see what you encountered last year!!

Carrie said...

Fwww! What a day! Glad you survived. Hope you dried out quickly.

MamaLlama said...

Well all the waterworks sounds curiously similar to my unhappy meal experience a few months ago. Got to look and make sure the girl and boy toys go to the proper recipient.

The Mantha Family said...

That is so fun that you went on a field trip! Big bummer about your wet, probably sticky purse.

Tamiko said...

Now you have a glimpse of what field trips are like for me! While the kids love them, for my first 3 years of teaching, I got sick after each field trip! I was a wreck trying to manage the kids and the parents (who are sometimes worse than the kids!) :)