Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Did Somebody Say Shots?

Today I took Abby for her 4 year old well child check up visit with a brand new doctor. Unfortunately the doctor couldn't make it so we saw a nurse practitioner instead. So much for KEEPING appointments, huh?

The twins were pretty impressed, if not overwhelmed with the play room we got to wait in. Then it turns out the exam room has a table with a couple toys too! Everything is new and clean so that was nice. First we stopped by the scales, which Abby tipped at 31.0 pounds! That's up about 3 pounds from last year. Then they checked her height ever so quickly, I forgot to look! And then the eye exam. Abby had a bit of trouble distinguishing between E's and F's and other letters that look similar, but that's because she has that trouble anyway, not because of eye sight issues. So we received a pass there too!

Next stop was the bathroom. Abby had to pee in a cup. I asked the nurse for gloves and she looked at me like I was crazy! Um yeah, it's not everyday that your daughter gets to pee on your hand. And that she did! I was so proud of her for not being nervous about me holding a cup between her legs. (and yes, I did get gloves.)

Then we went back to the exam room where I changed her into the cutest softest hand made gown with animals all over it. She looked adorable. I wish I brought my camera. She passed her hearing test with flying colors and didn't even cry when they pricked her finger to test her blood for hemoglobin. It came back perfect for her age, 12.1, which is higher than mama's! (I'm anemic... still)

Then the regular nurse left and the nurse practitioner came in for a chat and check up. Everything went well as expected. Then it was time... dun dun dun! For the shots.

Not one.

Not two.

Not three.

Not four.

But FIVE separate shots! Ouch! But we're done, done, done with shots for a very long time. Except for the annual flu shot, which is also why she got a bonus one today.

She took them like a champ and only really screamed for the last one. I hated holding her on my lap though as she cried, "no! no! no! no!" and sobbed and hugged her pink bear.

I stocked up on more motrin, and of course dosed her up before the appointment so I hope she's feeling pretty good. She sure is acting pretty normal! She's such a superstar.

Now on the other hand the one that left in tears was Tom. He decided that he is "not going to do what Abby did" at his appointment next week. I might need to call in some extra muscle to hold him down.

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The Mantha Family said...

5 shots? Wow - is that how many they usually get at 4 years, or did she get something special. Ouch!!