Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Another 5 Shots Down!

Today was Tom's turn at the doctor's office. I packed our lunches and picked them up from preschool. My intention was to let them play in the preschool yard for a little bit since we had a whole hour to kill before our appointment. It wasn't enough time to go home, eat and get back in the car again (if you've ever travelled with two 4 year olds, you know why that's impossible!) But it was enough to time let them socialize after preschool however that plan was botched by the police activity.

Yes! The POLICE! I saw about 7 police vehicles and two undercover vehicles with lights flashing as I approached the preschool's neighborhood. I started getting nervous as one of the cop cars started following me. It was obvious they were setting up some sort of perimeter to catch some kind of bad guy (turned out to be a burglar.) But when they're setting up the perimeter around my CHILDREN it's a little unnerving. Then when they actually roll up in a squad car outside the preschool and tell us all to get in our cars as quickly as possible and go home, it's even more precarious!

So we hurried into our car and went to the doctor office parking lot to have an in car picnic. We had juice boxes and sandwiches and apples, (except Tom who enjoyed fig newtons, wheat thins and a banana). Eventually I let the kids out of the car to kill a bit more time as Tom finished off his meal with some animal crackers. Tom also informed me he's "Not going to do ANYTHING at the doctor office." He was obviously referring to becoming a pin cushion but I tried to refrain from mentioning the S word the whole visit.

Tom had to be coaxed to take his shoes off. Coaxed to get weighed. Coaxed to get measured, do the eye chart, pee in a cup, have a hearing test and see the doctor. All the while after every "event" he said, "can we go home now?" in a panicky voice. Poor guy. He knew what was coming...

So the shots went as well as expected. He bled a lot because his muscles were so tense. He kept asking, er... screaming, "one more?" and of course I had to say, "no, 4 more, 3 more, 2 more... ok, ONE more!" He was so brave (as he yelled into my ear.) He got rewarded by picking a toy from the toy box and a sticker. He picked a hot wheels type car and a sticker of Dora the Explorer.

I'm just glad it's over!


MamaLlama said...

Well I thought you were going to say the preschool was going on lockdown mode as your sister Kate has experienced a few times at her school. Poor Tom, this has got to be the worst doctor visit ever. Did you get to meet the new doctor this time? What an exciting day. Kids probably liked the police cars though.

Carrie said...

Poor kid!!

The Mantha Family said...

It really does seem like a thorough exam. I'm impressed the kids can even pee in a cup. It's hard to do!