Thursday, October 30, 2008


So this post is all about me and has nothing to do with the twins, other than they are incessantly curious about this thing.

I'm so in love with my most recent Target purchase. The PedEgg! Buh bye dry flakey feet! Hello summer feet! That's my little term for awesomely pedicured feet.

We all take care of our feet in the summer time but once I start wearing socks everyday I tend to neglect them. Oh, not this winter! I love this thing. Basically it's a cheese grater for your feet! I hope that doesn't turn you off because it doesn't actually hurt. But that's totally what it is! I'm sure there are other tools out there like this, but the Pedegg actually catches all the shavings from your heels so there's no mess. God, I sound like I'm getting royalties for this thing. I'm totally not. I just really think this thing coupled with some serious foot lotion would be an awesome stocking stuffer. And it's so much better than a bacteria laden pumice stone. So now you know.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Vitamins and Fluoride

I bought new vitamins for the twins a couple days ago. I had been buying the Flinstone gummy vits for the last couple of years but at this last doctor appointment the pedi suggested any hard chewable vitamin because they contain Iron, and none of the gummy vits do. So I made the switch to Flinstone Complete, which is the hard chewables. I was also pleased that they cost less than the gummies!

Since we were completely out of vitamins Monday morning I let the twins try the new vitamin after my thrice weekly visit to Target while they were in preschool. Abby liked it. Tom, not so much. Although he had just eaten a breath mint. (Which by the way he is completely addicted to. Every time we get into the car he tells me his breath smells and he needs a breath mint. I pretty much just keep them stocked for him now.) He made a really funny face while eating the vitamin but I told him to try again Tuesday morning, sans breath mint.

Well this morning he informs me he still doesn't like the vitamins and I should go back to Target and pick up his gummy vitamins. I tried to lie to him and tell him they didn't have the gummy ones anymore and he told me I probably just didn't look on the right aisle and I still needed to go back and look in the proper place for them. (his words, not mine!) His hemoglobin level was higher than Abby's anyway, so he doesn't really need the extra iron. Maybe he can taste it!

In other news I changed the twins from fluoride drops to fluoride chewable "pills" this month. We don't have fluoridated water so we have to supplement here. The change is costing me an extra $10 a month, EACH! That's a total of $34 a month on their teeth! As if I don't spend an arm and a leg at the pharmacy anyway? And all this for teeth? Teeth they're going to lose in the next 2-4 years anyway? I'm pretty sure it's just a scam for paranoid moms like me who don't want to mess up their kids. Well it's working and the twins are totally loving their "pills" every night. Just like mom!

Monday, October 27, 2008

You Should Close The Box!

The funniest thing just happened.

Embarrassingly enough, I have a medium sized moving box in my bedroom. That in itself is not too terrible, but it's been there for two years. When we first moved here, it was in the garage. Then one fall day I needed the twins winter clothes, so I had Paul pull the box down out of the garage. It hasn't left my room since.

Twice a year I empty the box and fill it with the twins' unseasonal clothes. Yesterday I removed all their winter clothes from last year but I didn't go through their closets and fill it with the summer clothes they don't need anymore. So the box is sitting mostly empty in my bedroom.

I'm sitting on my bed finishing up my treatments and the twins are playing football. Abby took a break and went to go sit on the box. She backed up to it and before I knew what happened, her feet, arms and head were the only thing I could see. Her bottom was all the way in the box. Then she started crying saying, "you should close the box!" She didn't know the box was empty and didn't realize she was going to fall into an empty hole.

I think it's time to move the box.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Field Trip!

I used to love field trips when I was a kid. No school. Fun new exciting things!

Today was the twins' preschool class trip to the pumpkin patch. I'm not quite sure if there are no pumpkin patches in Elk Grove, but for some reason we always travel really far for this event. Last year it was a 45 minute drive out to The Pumpkin Farm. This year it was a 30 minute drive to Dave's Pumpkin Patch. I think Dave's was a little better than last year but there was some chaos.

We arrive on time and head to the picnic tables for snacks. The preschool always fills the tiny bellies before the adventure. Abby didn't finish her Cheez-It's so I neatly tucked them into my purse. She also barely touched her Capri Sun. Being that I am inherently cheap I couldn't bear to throw it away, so that too got tucked into my purse... which later turned out to be a very bad idea.

Our whole grouped marched over to some hay bails to listen to Farmer Frank explain our day. We didn't get quite the "pumpkin lesson" we got last year. Only a short lecture about how to not fall off the tractor while it's moving. (harder than it looks!) Frank is a serious man. He means business. There's no dilly dally when Frank is at the wheel. All loaded up, he yells, "I'm moving!" and we're off! It was quite a bumpy ride. So bumpy that I started to notice my pants were soaking wet. No, I hadn't wet myself but I'd pressed on my purse so hard it squeezed mango surprise Capri Sun all over the innards of my clean not-so-dry-anymore purse. So I sucked down what was left of the capri sun and moved deep into the pumpkin patch.

Before Farmer Frank took off for the next load of preschoolers he entrusted one of the preschool moms with pumpkin picking sheers because unlike Impossible Acres, which we visited on Sunday for Hannah's 3rd birthday, all of these medium sized pumpkins were fresh still on the vine! And the key word here is "medium" size. That posed a problem for the twins since they were looking for "small" pumpkins. There were a few small ones here and there, but they were meant to grow bigger, so they were still green. Tom and Abby wanted small orange pumpkins!

We kicked dirt all over the place and searched high and low, cutting pumpkins off the vine and then deciding they weren't perfect. They were too heavy, too big, too green or too flat. (Abby found a smooshed one and decided it was too flat for her liking.) We waved as the next load of preschoolers was coming around the bend on the hay ride. Farmer Frank was waving something frantic, almost maniac. I didn't realize he was motioning to us to get our butts over to the pickup spot. It was time to go! Tom had found a pumpkin, but not Abby. She sat in the middle of the pumpkin field shrieking with panic because she had no pumpkin and it was time to go.

I told her we could take the next shuttle or we could even walk back. It wasn't that far after all. But instead she hurriedly decided to choose the medium sized pumpkin I was already holding. She didn't even want to hold it herself. I think she truly didn't like it. She wanted a small pumpkin, but now I couldn't convince her it was ok to stay and look for the one she wanted as Farmer Frank was cracking the whip yelling for us to board the shuttle.

We stashed our pumpkins in the car and went to go play in the hay maze and bounce house. The bounce house was all part of the field trip cost and no one was monitoring how many children went in at one time so it was NUTS! There were kids cracking heads together. Abby left in tears, not because she was hurt, but because Tom told her to stay and she wanted so badly to listen to him, but she was done with the bouncing into all her classmates. Tom then started crying because Abby wasn't listening to him. I dusted off their socks of hay and dirt and put their shoes back on. They ran around the hay maze for a long while, and then we got some pop corn and gatorade. I had to pay with a sopping wet $10 bill since the Capri Sun incident left my wallet a little less than dry. Abby was upset I didn't buy her her own popcorn and gatorade. But she eventually got over it when she realized sharing wasn't so bad after all. (Oh, and I threatened to go home if she didn't stop crying.)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Where's the Trunk?

Let me set the scene.

Tom and Abby were tucked into their car seats this morning. We were heading to Preschool. Why does 8:30 in the morning seem to arrive earlier and earlier as the weather gets colder and colder?

Anyway, we were stopped at a traffic light next to a very small bus. I don't even know what kind of bus it was. It wasn't the public transit bus, it wasn't a school bus, but it definitely was a bus.

From the back seat the conversation started a little like this:

Tom: "Mom, where do you put all your bags when you're on the bus?"

Me: "Well I suppose you put them on the floor next to your feet."

Tom: "Where do you put the other bags?"

Me: "Well I guess if there was no one sitting next to you, you could put them on the seat next to you."

Tom: "What if you have MORE bags?"

Me: "I guess you could try and put a bag under the seat in front of you as well."

Tom: "But what if you have too many bags?!"

Me: "You could put some bags on your lap too."

Tom: "Why can't you put your bags in the trunk of the bus?"

Me: "Busses don't have trunks."

Tom: "Why don't busses have trunks?"

Me: "Because busses use all their available space for passenger seating."

Tom: "What about a small bus? That might have a trunk."

Me: "Nope, no trunk on small busses either."

Tom: "Well then where do you put all your bags on the small bus?"

And the conversation started all over again. That's just how we roll around here.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Another 5 Shots Down!

Today was Tom's turn at the doctor's office. I packed our lunches and picked them up from preschool. My intention was to let them play in the preschool yard for a little bit since we had a whole hour to kill before our appointment. It wasn't enough time to go home, eat and get back in the car again (if you've ever travelled with two 4 year olds, you know why that's impossible!) But it was enough to time let them socialize after preschool however that plan was botched by the police activity.

Yes! The POLICE! I saw about 7 police vehicles and two undercover vehicles with lights flashing as I approached the preschool's neighborhood. I started getting nervous as one of the cop cars started following me. It was obvious they were setting up some sort of perimeter to catch some kind of bad guy (turned out to be a burglar.) But when they're setting up the perimeter around my CHILDREN it's a little unnerving. Then when they actually roll up in a squad car outside the preschool and tell us all to get in our cars as quickly as possible and go home, it's even more precarious!

So we hurried into our car and went to the doctor office parking lot to have an in car picnic. We had juice boxes and sandwiches and apples, (except Tom who enjoyed fig newtons, wheat thins and a banana). Eventually I let the kids out of the car to kill a bit more time as Tom finished off his meal with some animal crackers. Tom also informed me he's "Not going to do ANYTHING at the doctor office." He was obviously referring to becoming a pin cushion but I tried to refrain from mentioning the S word the whole visit.

Tom had to be coaxed to take his shoes off. Coaxed to get weighed. Coaxed to get measured, do the eye chart, pee in a cup, have a hearing test and see the doctor. All the while after every "event" he said, "can we go home now?" in a panicky voice. Poor guy. He knew what was coming...

So the shots went as well as expected. He bled a lot because his muscles were so tense. He kept asking, er... screaming, "one more?" and of course I had to say, "no, 4 more, 3 more, 2 more... ok, ONE more!" He was so brave (as he yelled into my ear.) He got rewarded by picking a toy from the toy box and a sticker. He picked a hot wheels type car and a sticker of Dora the Explorer.

I'm just glad it's over!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pretty as a Witch

Yesterday I bought my son a dress. Yup, that's right a DRESS!

A few weeks ago we started talking about halloween. I asked the twins what they wanted to be for halloween. Their decision: A witch. Each of them wants to be a "girl witch." Only when they say it, it sounds like "Grrr witch." And Tom doesn't want to be just any girl witch, but a blue girl witch.

I tried so hard to talk Tom into something a little more masculine. We looked around online at pictures of warlocks and wizards. I explained to him that boy witches wear cloaks. He was not interested in the least.

Yesterday when I dropped the twins off at preschool I asked their teacher if it's against school policy for boys to wear dresses, specifically on halloween. She said, "No! Let him wear a dress this year. At least this year no one will make fun of him, but you might have issues come Kindergarten." So I hit up the finest costume department Wal Mart had to offer and found the perfect witch costume for both kids. Tom's is blue, his new favorite color. And Abby's has some purple, one of her favorites too!

After preschool I told Tom that I had a blue witch costume for him. I was trying to bribe him to sit down quickly in his car seat after class. He asked if I had it with me, and although I did, I lied and told him it was at home. (more bribery) So we get home and he goes flying into the house. I hear him banging around his closet, then, "Moooooooom! Come quick! Help me!" He had taken the "dress up bin" down from a closet shelf and was tearing through it looking for his costume. The same costume that was actually in the trunk of my car. After some quick apologizing for fooling him, he finally got his first look at his very own first dress. They were so excited to wear their costumes they wore them last night and again today.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Reusable Bags

Not a whole lot has changed in our household in 2008 but one thing is for sure. Shopping got a whole lot more complicated. Many months ago, Paul invested in several reusable grocery bags and now I have to be re-trained to bring them into the store with me. You wouldn't think remembering to bring a bag or two into a store where you're going to buy many things that need to go INTO a bag wouldn't be difficult! But it is!

I have a lovely pocket in the trunk of my car. When I fold up all nine bags neatly they fit great! Problem is, it's in the trunk of my car. So I have made the habit of putting the bags on the front passenger seat instead. You would think that since they are the last thing I see as I turn to exit my vehicle and head into the shopping establishment to buy many things I would remember to grab the bags and bring them with me. I think I started out with a 50/50 rate of remembering the bags. It has increased some over the year but today I claimed the prize of forgetfulness.

I was on my way into Old Navy and I hadn't planned to buy many things so I grabbed just one bag. I tucked it neatly under my arm and shopped and shopped and shopped. Thing is, I was dressed for the arctic. Think eskimo. It's been terribly windy and cold here all weekend, like barely getting above 60 degrees and I've pretty much been freezing since Saturday. So when I left the house at 8AM this morning I dressed in my warmest mom sweat pants, my comfiest mom t-shirt and my warmest mom sweatshirt.

As I'm stumbling about in Old Navy I notice I'm starting to sweat. So now my reusable bag is stuffed into a sweaty arm pit. I was especially scented this morning because I gave up my shower for Tom and Paul. You see, as I was finishing up my morning treatment I hear Tom open the front door, he yells, "DAAAAAAD!" and then he runs into my room and collapsed on the floor in a tantrum. Dad left without giving Tom a hug and a kiss goodbye. Well bonus for Dad because he also left his lunch in the fridge. So I thought, I'd skip my shower, gather things real quick and make a detour to Paul's work before I drop the kids off at preschool this morning. The detour worked out well for all involved except for the fact I have not showered in over 24 hours.

Finally I'm happy with my Old Navy selections and I head to the check out register. I stand in line getting sweatier and sweatier as Mr Happy Snowboarder chit chats with the gal in front of me about how he loves the cold weather. I'm pretty sure he was hitting on her because I didn't get any chit chat at all. Then I'm all discombobulated because I'm trying to not drop my reusable bag as I dig for my credit card and photo ID in my purse. My purchases were paid for and the employee hands me a plastic Old Navy bag full of my goods and I'm out the door. Wait... did you notice? I NEVER used my reusable bag!

So there you go folks. There's pretty much nothing I can do but create more waste on this lovely little planet I call home. I can hear all the hippies banging down my door now. I'm a terrible person. I know.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Everyone's Back to Normal (almost!)

Thanks for all the concern about Abigail. She is doing wonderful, still hasn't noticed that she had 5 shots on Wednesday. She was a little protective of the ballooning arm, but not one change in her personality. The arm looks better as of last night, I haven't seen her this morning. But last night the swelling was down and the redness was decreasing. Her arm is still piping hot where the redness remained, but she didn't seem to mind as she was wrestling Tom and playing tackle football yesterday.

I got my flu shot yesterday. Yippee! And I can't even feel any soreness this morning. Woot! It turns out for the first time ever I didn't need an appointment for my flu shot. I switched my doctors and all I had to do was show up in the office and ask for one. Boy did I pick the right day! It turns out this office doesn't have patient appointments every other friday. The waiting room was empty and the staff doesn't even wear professional clothing! It was so casual. The the shot itself looked micromini. I hope I got all the virus and eggs I needed to ward off this yucky upcoming flu season in that tiny little syringe. I've noticed over the years that if you massage the IM shot area directly after the injection, for about 20 minutes you won't have that stiffness/soreness at all. I've been using that trick for years and viola! It worked again.

In other news I had some really weird dreams last night. Not only did I wake up suffocating, which is weird in itself because I wear my oxygen every single night, but I was dreaming about being called into this tiny 1 bedroom/1 bathroom apartment of the Jolie-Pitt's to help potty train their son! This is also more weird due to the fact that my 4 year old son needs to wear diapers at night so I'm obviously the right person to call! Ah... the glamorous life of a stay at home mom.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Shot Reaction

Abby seems to have quite the reaction going on from the arm she got 3 shots in yesterday. I'm not too concerned because her fever is not excessive (101.2) and she is acting completely normal. Eating, drinking, playing, not tired etc. But look at this arm!

I measured the circumference this morning to be sure it wouldn't swell excessively today. It's huge compared to the other arm. Her normal skinny arm is 6.25" around and the swollen arm is between 7.5" and 8". It's a little hard to measure exactly because it's so puffy. Good thing there's no school today. At least I can keep an eye on her.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Did Somebody Say Shots?

Today I took Abby for her 4 year old well child check up visit with a brand new doctor. Unfortunately the doctor couldn't make it so we saw a nurse practitioner instead. So much for KEEPING appointments, huh?

The twins were pretty impressed, if not overwhelmed with the play room we got to wait in. Then it turns out the exam room has a table with a couple toys too! Everything is new and clean so that was nice. First we stopped by the scales, which Abby tipped at 31.0 pounds! That's up about 3 pounds from last year. Then they checked her height ever so quickly, I forgot to look! And then the eye exam. Abby had a bit of trouble distinguishing between E's and F's and other letters that look similar, but that's because she has that trouble anyway, not because of eye sight issues. So we received a pass there too!

Next stop was the bathroom. Abby had to pee in a cup. I asked the nurse for gloves and she looked at me like I was crazy! Um yeah, it's not everyday that your daughter gets to pee on your hand. And that she did! I was so proud of her for not being nervous about me holding a cup between her legs. (and yes, I did get gloves.)

Then we went back to the exam room where I changed her into the cutest softest hand made gown with animals all over it. She looked adorable. I wish I brought my camera. She passed her hearing test with flying colors and didn't even cry when they pricked her finger to test her blood for hemoglobin. It came back perfect for her age, 12.1, which is higher than mama's! (I'm anemic... still)

Then the regular nurse left and the nurse practitioner came in for a chat and check up. Everything went well as expected. Then it was time... dun dun dun! For the shots.

Not one.

Not two.

Not three.

Not four.

But FIVE separate shots! Ouch! But we're done, done, done with shots for a very long time. Except for the annual flu shot, which is also why she got a bonus one today.

She took them like a champ and only really screamed for the last one. I hated holding her on my lap though as she cried, "no! no! no! no!" and sobbed and hugged her pink bear.

I stocked up on more motrin, and of course dosed her up before the appointment so I hope she's feeling pretty good. She sure is acting pretty normal! She's such a superstar.

Now on the other hand the one that left in tears was Tom. He decided that he is "not going to do what Abby did" at his appointment next week. I might need to call in some extra muscle to hold him down.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Telford Twins are Four!

Saturday was the much anticipated ice cream social birthday party for the twins. They had a blast despite the fact that mom planned the party during nap time! I wanted to do it after lunch, so as to not have to serve lunch and that just so happens to be the twins nap time.

Most of the their friends arrived on time and we let the kids kind ago nuts and run around and play in our house for about a half hour before we got things going. Then we played Pin The Cherry on the Ice Cream Cone! Some of the kids were shy and thought the blind fold was too scary and some of the kids hadn't arrived yet (due to nap time!) Tom got brave and pinned his cherry sticker in a respectable position, actually on the ice cream portion of the poster! Abby... not so much. AFter three spins with the blind fold on she ended up about three feet down the wall from the poster and when she finally felt the wall and not the poster she kinda freaked out, so I brought her back over to where the poster was and she pinned her sticker on the board. Tom wasn't satisfied that she had pinned it on the cone, so he moved it for her, to the ice cream. Another one of their little friends actually got it right on the tip top of the ice cream! Of course she was peeking out the bottom of the blind fold though!

After our game we sang happy birthday to each of the twins separately. They each had their own cake decorated in their favorite colors. Tom picked blue cake with red frosting. I was advised from some preschool moms to not even bother adding red food coloring to white icing because it would turn pink, rather buying red food color spray. So that's what I did. The blue food coloring on the white cake turned out really blue though and Tom loved it! Abby had pink strawberry cake with purple icing.

In the mayhem of getting the ice cream all set up I completely forgot to put out the whipped cream and cherries! So now I have three cans of whipped cream in my fridge... oh poor me! All the more sundae's I have to eat I guess! And I have lots of toppings leftover too. Oddly enough the three most popular toppings were Reese's Pieces, Gummy Bears and Candy Corn! I think people were just dipping into those toppings long after the ice cream was served.

Paul kindly uploaded a bunch of pictures from the big party here.

But here is a set of photos from Abby's pin the cherry on the sundae adventure. You can actually see her frown when she realized she was way off target.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Happy Happy Birthday!

Happy Fourth Birthday to my beautiful babies!

The twins love their number shirts. They come from Nina and Tom compliments of Oma and Papa each year!