Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Superbands Superbad

Today Paul had his first workout with his new Superband. I'm feeling under the weather so I did not participate. Tom was hilarious though. He came to my room to find me to tell on daddy, "I asked for my turn and daddy's not sharing!"

Part of this exercise routine involves rigging this Superband into the hinge area of the door. This looks exciting when you're 3, so what else to do, but imitate of course. Tom found his jump rope and proceeded to wedge it between the crease/hinge of his door, shut the door and then pulled on the "band" just like daddy. Because the plastic handle of the rope was secured to the other side of the door this worked quit nice. The jump rope was soft enough to be squished while the door was closed.

As I inspected the twins process closer I decided it was too easy to pinch fingers, as they opened and closed the door, trading turns with the pink jump rope and green jump rope. Someone was going to end up hurt. So I told them no more and walked away.

They didn't listen.

All of the sudden, "uh oh!" Paul went to go inspect the damage. Somehow they had smashed the plastic handle of the jump rope in the door jam and popped the entire door off it's hinges. Stripped the screws that hold the hinges into the door and all. There was no salvaging this door tonight.

What to do. Why, exchange the door of course! So Paul quickly pulled the door from the hall bathroom and put it on the twins bedroom since it was nearly bedtime and they like to sleep with their door closed. Problem solved for now. Except we have no door in the bathroom. Who needs privacy anyway?

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Chipmunk Chatter said...

That's awesome! Kids keep your life interesting. :)