Monday, September 22, 2008

Sniffle Sniffle!

They're baaack! The sniffles. Tom is sick again. Just when I thought I was recovering from the cold he gave me five weeks ago, he's starting the cycle all over again. I hope I can avoid this one... only time will tell.

Because he was sniffling this morning I decided to keep him home from preschool. He was so thrilled to have to stay home. But as soon as we dropped Abby off at school, he says to me, "why can't I hear Abby talking?" I guess he missed her! They talk to each other all the time.

I took him with me to run a couple errands before heading home to rest before we had to pick up Abby again. When we were checking out at Michael's, a local craft store, Tom asks, "why does that man have screws in his head?" I didn't even notice but then remembered glancing at the check out dude and yes, he did have eye brow piercings or something. That must be confusing when you're not used to seeing such things!

The twins are busy playing soccer... in my living room. I guess I better shut the game down and tell them it's time for a nap!


Carrie said...

Join the land of the sick! My guys finally gave me their germs. I have a lovely tickly cough....

I am hoping it says a light cough... I can keep hoping.

The Mantha Family said...

Oh no! I hope Tom's sniffles didn't turn into a full blown cold. And I hope you don't get it! I loved your Birthday list by the way, very good idea to let everyone know!