Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Single Mother

Now I know what it feels like to be a single mother. Paul's been gone since Friday night. He's on vacation in Santa Clara for the week. Err... I mean, he has training for work this week. Yes, even over the weekend! So I've been busy.

I spent the weekend driving back and forth to my mom's multiple times because my cousin and uncle were in town and they get out here about once every ten years! It's actually my dad's brother and my dad's cousin, so I'm not sure what kind of cousin that is. Once removed? or second cousin? I'm just going with cousin. And of course they spoiled the twins with gifts since October 1 is fast approaching!

Last night I asked Abby if she wanted Hamburger Helper with me for dinner. (The key word is helper.) She replied with a very excited YES! This was odd since she's never taken to the noodles and meat at the same time. I asked her if I could show her the box to be sure. When she saw the box she got all four year old on me and screams, "Nooooo I don't want that! I want to HELP you but I don't want to eat that!"

I do have help here today which is really nice. Auntie Rachel is visiting and she took over bath time last night as well as watching the twins today so I can head to the doctor, again. I have a feeling it'll all be good news. No IVs for me because I'm feeling really good. Which means my antibiotic (that I suggested to inhale) worked!

Here's a picture of the Linehan clan get together at my mom's house. In the back row we have Cousin Eddie and Uncle John. In the middle row we have my sister Dani, my sister Kate, me, my mom Linda, Eddie's wife Lil, Aunt Maria and down in front we have the twins of course. They actually wanted to stand for the picture!


Courtney said...

Very nice picture. And ha, I'm wearing the same shirt that you wore today. ;)

PxT said...

Your Dad's cousin would be your first cousin once removed (assuming Eddie and your Dad were first cousins).