Friday, September 05, 2008

Passed Out Princess

At 1:15 this afternoon mayhem broke out in the Telford household. I informed the twins I was going to my room (like I always do after lunch) to get my breathing treatments done. They are short in the afternoon, only about 40 minutes long. Usually this is when the twins play their little hearts out because they know as soon as I'm done, it's nap time.

Tom went ballistic. He started crying saying he needed to ask me something. I stood there and waited. He asked for an "unhealthy snack" which I vetoed. Then he begged for some plum juice. I obliged, but apparently not how he wanted. I put some juice in a glass at his seat on the table. He went into hysterics and said he wanted it brought to him in a straw cup. By this point it was getting later and I couldn't breath so I just stood there and said, "i didn't hear please." Again, more whaling, so I just left. If he was truly thirsty, he would have gotten a drink, right?

I forgot to mention, I got a bunch of dress up clothes on craigslist yesterday. Abby was wearing Belle (from Beauty and the Beast) and Tom's favorite is the Cinderella dress because it's blue. Well he was wearing this blue dress as he melted down sprawled out on the living room floor.

I went to my room, closed the door and did my 40 minute session. I didn't hear the twins at all, although if you've seen the contraptions and air compressors I have to use it's no wonder I don't get a residential noise violation because I have to pump the TV volume up all the way to hear it over my machines. Anyway, when I emerged from my room I found Tom almost exactly where I'd left him. He was passed out cold on the floor in the dress clutching his brown bear and ribbon. Why oh why did I not take a photo of this???

I panicked and asked Abby, who was sitting quietly by herself in Belle's dress on the couch, like she'd lost her playmate, "how long has he been asleep?" She said she didn't know. Of course she didn't know, she thinks five minutes is an eternity. I quickly scooped Tom up and took the dress off him, put him in a diaper and put him to bed. Of course he was awake by then and it did take him another 30 minutes to fall back asleep. I guess he was tired today!

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The Mantha Family said...

I wish you had taken a picture!