Saturday, September 20, 2008

More Needles, Yay!

I saw my doctor on Tuesday because I have an active lung infection from that cold the twins brought home from preschool 4 weeks ago. The virus is gone, and that's great because the actual cold makes me feel like poo. But I'm still coughing a lot and of course my ever present fever of 99 degrees is there. Whoopie! When I saw my doctor two weeks ago, I asked him about starting on an insulin pill. He told me to go home, test my blood sugar 7 times a day and then come back with those results this week. Well I did, and what he saw, he didn't like. So now I'm diabetic. It's a little bit surprising, but not really. He turned to me in the office after I asked, "so I really have CFRD now?" and he says, "You knew this was coming, didn't you?" And that was that. For those not in the know, CFRD stands for Cystic Fibrosis Related Diabetes. No, it's not type I, and it's not type II, it's its own little monster.

So I started taking prandin. It's basically an insulin pill. He started me out on a whopping 2mg, which I thought was small. My body begged to differ. I took one pill before dinner on Wednesday and 2.5 hours later my blood sugar was 46. That's REALLY low. I didn't feel good. So I called the doc the next afternoon and asked for a smaller dose. Come to find out these pills come in 0.5mg and 1mg sizes also. Well, the pharmacy gets the new order for the 1mg pills and then they call and ask me to just cut the 2mg pills in half. I laughed, "have you seen these pills? They're so tiny and not scored. Yeah, that's not going to work out very well as they fly across my counter and turn into dust. Just fill the prescription like I asked you to."

The 1mg pills are working out better. I'm still getting low, but like 75 low, which is not nearly as bad as 45 low. A little bit of orange juice later and I'm good to go.

Also on Tuesday my lung function numbers were down again. I ask mr. doc to prescribe me an inhaled antibiotic (Merropenum) that he'd never prescribed that way before. It's an IV drug and I wanted to inhale it instead of going on IVs straight away. Which is nothing new, I do that all the time, he's just never prescribed THIS one before. Of course he humored me but said if I'm not better by September 30, then it's IV time for sure. Boo! So far, no change, I don't feel any better. But it's only been 4 days.

The twins are excited to see Granny this weekend. She is flying in for her annual California visit from England today. We are going to meet up with her tomorrow. Granny is Oma's mom. We also have a birthday party to go to tomorrow for a little boy in the twins' class. It's at one of those jumping palace places where they have tons of bounce houses to play in. They already wrapped the little boy's presents and covered them in stickers. They can't wait to go! They've been talking about it for three weeks!


The Mantha Family said...

Hey Tara - I'm sorry to hear about the diabetes and the infection. But I'm glad that both seem under control. Have fun this weekend with your family visits and birthday party!

Carrie said...

So sorry about the CFRD. Hope you can get this infection under control.

A tune up may not be such a bad idea since we are heading into cold and flu season.

((Hugs)) to you!


Jessica said...

Geez. You need a break, huh?
Do we need to worry about the bedside manner of this dr.
Well, I am really excited for the twins b-day. We are going to have a blast. Take care of yourself woman. :)