Thursday, September 11, 2008

Look At That Doggie In the Window!

Tom and Abby have become obsessed with dogs lately. I don't know where they got it stuck in their head that we were getting another dog, because we're not! They want a small dog, and I have to agree, anything smaller than Orion must be more manageable, right?

So a couple nights ago I had Abby with me running errands. It's unusual that we are out alone together. She and Tom are usually a package deal. But Paul was home so Tom happily stayed home with dad. I can't even describe how different it is to ONLY have one kid in the car. Not only does it feel weird, it's just so easy!

Anyway, I was in the parking lot and I put my cell phone on speaker to listen to my new message. Abby asks, "who was that talking?" I told her it was my friend KT and KT was going to have a baby! There's a long pause and Abby says, "Oh. Well.... When I get taller I'm going to get a dog!"

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MamaLlama said...

Well Abby may have dismissed having a baby as too much work and happily settled on getting older and bigger and taller and taking on a puppy instead.