Sunday, September 14, 2008

Holy Mosquito!

Around 8:30 this morning Tom announced he wanted to go to the park. I thought it'd be the perfect opportunity to call up his friend from preschool and have him meet us there. I got the twins dressed in sweat pants and sweat shirts, because at 8:30 it felt rather cold out. But by the time we left at 9:30 it was warmer and I tried talking them into t-shirts and shorts. It was a no go. But I changed myself into some shorts and put on a lighter sweatshirt.

What a mistake!

As we turned the corner to walk the 3/10 of a mile to the park I noticed some bugs on Tom's sweatshirt. Upon closer inspection I realized they were mosquitos. Then I realized they were kinda swarming the kids. I was swatting them away and then looked down at my own legs. COVERD in mosquitos is an understatement. We were swarmed!

I thought if we kept walking quickly we'd get out of the mosquito hole. But they were still at the park. Hacking up a storm, completely breathless from my jog to the park I frantically called Paul to come pick us up in the car. Unfortunately he was out walking the dog. I actually saw him near the park at one point, swatting at his legs on his way home to get the car for us. Poor guy is now covered in welts from all the bites.

Abby decided she had to go potty at the park. Greeeaaat. Enclosed spaces with mosquitos. And they were in the toilet! I covered them up with toilet paper. I hope she didn't get bites on her butt!

Our friends soon showed up in their car and once they got out they were quickly covered in mosquitos. Shortly after that we all left. Paul showed up to rescue us and save us the walk home. I was so hot and sweaty from running and swatting, but I didn't dare take off my sweatshirt, as it was covering my arms. Thank god the twins chose to stay overdressed! I don't think they have one single bite on them.

I placed a call to vector control, but of course they don't work on Sundays. Boo! I'll call them again Monday morning to be sure they got my message!


Tamiko said...

Oooh..I'm itching and scratching over here just reading it! I HATE mosquitoes! I'm glad that the kids stayed bite-free!

The Mantha Family said...

Yuck yuck yuck! I can't stand mosquitoes - I itch for a week from just one bite. I remember something like this happening to you last year, is that right? Hope the kids didn't get bitten too much.

Chipmunk Chatter said...

Yuck! I can't believe there were so many mosquitos! Craziness.

Andrea said...

We went to the drive-in a few weeks ago and got bit up by mosquitoes pretty good. Especially Brayden. I was giving the boys topical and oral Benadryl for days!! Hope noone has the "itches" like we did!!