Tuesday, September 02, 2008

August 2008 Review

Every month I send an email to a group of friends and family that like to keep up with the twins, or at least they don't mind me bragging about the twins in their inbox. Starting this month, however, I will post my monthly email on the blog as well. Mostly because it's my blog and some of the stories I use in the monthly update never make it to the blog.

August 2008
Telford Twins at 47 Months!

The twins are becoming more independent as they fast approach the Fabulous Fours. On a recent trip to the grocery store Paul packed the kids into the car but they insisted they wanted to walk home, all three miles. A settlement was reached and they drove most of the way home. Just before they turned onto our street Paul pulled over and let the twins hop out of the car. They couldn't wait to tell me all about it, as I heard them full of excitement bursting into the house, "Let's tell Mom we walked home!"

Tom is increasingly proficient on the computer. He loves to type, but has recently discovered the drawing programs and even some online games. It's come to our attention he can't be left alone at the keyboard any longer. We found him one afternoon buying albums from iTunes! Needless to say Paul quickly turned off the one click feature. We were refunded the purchase price of one album, but not the 7 other singles he bought. Apparently the terms and conditions don't cover preschooler purchase/refund policies. I asked Tom what he did and he said, "I don't know, I was just clicking on everything!"

Abby can spend hours drawing or painting at the kitchen table. She loves the Color Wonder coloring books. She calls them her "workbooks." Color Wonder is a special type of paper made by Crayola and they have these wonderful markers that only draw on that paper. No mess for mom to clean up! She colored every inch of every page and finished the book after about 3 days. She uses the same method with water colors, covering every infinitesimal speck of white on her blank 8.5" x 11" canvas paper with brightly colored paint.

For pictures of the twins enjoying their last month of summer click here.

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Carrie said...

An idea for you.... set up a side of your computer for Tom (safe programs and stuff). We did this for our son on our computer. Then he can't get into our files or onto the internet without our supervision.