Monday, September 08, 2008

Amazing Brains

Tom's little mind is always working. Most of the time he's socking away information such as bribes and rewards we've promised and he'll remind us over and over what we are supposed to give him or what we gave him one time and he wants it again.

This week my mom came over with 8 fresh library books. The twins call them "Grandma books" because my mom keeps us fully supplied with a new stash at least every 3 weeks (when they're due) or more frequent if we see her more. This week there is a book about bugs. It's a very simple book and at the end it has a grid system about which bugs do or have what, like how many legs they have or answers to yes or no questions. One of the grid lines was "this bug can fly" The bee can fly, the grasshopper can fly, butterflies can fly, but caterpillars cannot fly. Tom stops me right there. "But when the caterpillar turns into a butterfly he can fly!" Very true. This kid is on top of things!

Not only that but as I was reading one rhyming story I said "thicket" wrong. Instead of "thicket" I said "sticket". I was very tired (I've been sick for a week) and the twins made me read all 8 books in a row. So out of all the words and words and words I was reading, he caught that one mistake from a book he's only heard three times. I'm pretty sure his head is so big because he's got an oversized brain in there.

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MamaLlama said...

Got to say they both have good form and look so joyful.