Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Single Mother

Now I know what it feels like to be a single mother. Paul's been gone since Friday night. He's on vacation in Santa Clara for the week. Err... I mean, he has training for work this week. Yes, even over the weekend! So I've been busy.

I spent the weekend driving back and forth to my mom's multiple times because my cousin and uncle were in town and they get out here about once every ten years! It's actually my dad's brother and my dad's cousin, so I'm not sure what kind of cousin that is. Once removed? or second cousin? I'm just going with cousin. And of course they spoiled the twins with gifts since October 1 is fast approaching!

Last night I asked Abby if she wanted Hamburger Helper with me for dinner. (The key word is helper.) She replied with a very excited YES! This was odd since she's never taken to the noodles and meat at the same time. I asked her if I could show her the box to be sure. When she saw the box she got all four year old on me and screams, "Nooooo I don't want that! I want to HELP you but I don't want to eat that!"

I do have help here today which is really nice. Auntie Rachel is visiting and she took over bath time last night as well as watching the twins today so I can head to the doctor, again. I have a feeling it'll all be good news. No IVs for me because I'm feeling really good. Which means my antibiotic (that I suggested to inhale) worked!

Here's a picture of the Linehan clan get together at my mom's house. In the back row we have Cousin Eddie and Uncle John. In the middle row we have my sister Dani, my sister Kate, me, my mom Linda, Eddie's wife Lil, Aunt Maria and down in front we have the twins of course. They actually wanted to stand for the picture!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Birthday Has Begun!

I saw my brother yesterday and he had gifts for the twins since he won't be seeing us on their birthday. I was a little surprised to see him that day and the fact that he went out and got them something was really special. He's so thoughtful. So what did thoughtful Uncle Sean get for the Telford Twins?

Why silly string and headlamps of course! The silly string was confiscated straight away because we were at my mom's house and she said we can show them silly string in our own house. Thanks mom. But oh, they love the headlamps! They've been wearing them for about 24 hours now. So if you've got that 4 year old that just "has everything" head over to your army surplus store and pick up some headlamps. Hours of fun. Guaranteed.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Almonds Anyone?

The twins came scooting into my room this morning on their hands and knees with two tiny dump trucks in tow. The dump trucks were full of a delivery of almond slivers. All of the sudden Tom starts searching for his lost nut. He told me he had 4 nuts in the kitchen and now he only has 3 to give me. I eat the nuts from their cereal. They graciously pick them out for me every morning! I usually don't get a personalized delivery to my bedroom though. Normally they leave the abandoned nuts on the kitchen table.

I told Tom to retrace his steps to find the lost nut. Lo and behold he did! And all the almond slivers were delivered and I had to pretend the eat them. Abby's are always soggy because she puts milk on her cereal, but Tom's are dry. For the last year or so he rarely eats milk on his cereal. This kid develops more strange habits....

Monday, September 22, 2008

Sniffle Sniffle!

They're baaack! The sniffles. Tom is sick again. Just when I thought I was recovering from the cold he gave me five weeks ago, he's starting the cycle all over again. I hope I can avoid this one... only time will tell.

Because he was sniffling this morning I decided to keep him home from preschool. He was so thrilled to have to stay home. But as soon as we dropped Abby off at school, he says to me, "why can't I hear Abby talking?" I guess he missed her! They talk to each other all the time.

I took him with me to run a couple errands before heading home to rest before we had to pick up Abby again. When we were checking out at Michael's, a local craft store, Tom asks, "why does that man have screws in his head?" I didn't even notice but then remembered glancing at the check out dude and yes, he did have eye brow piercings or something. That must be confusing when you're not used to seeing such things!

The twins are busy playing soccer... in my living room. I guess I better shut the game down and tell them it's time for a nap!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Birthday Favorites

Lots of people have been asking what the twins would like for their birthday. So I thought I'd blog about some of their favorite things and what sizes they wear for those interested.

Let's start with Mr. Tom

Favorite characters: Lightning McQueen and Thomas the Tank Engine
Favorite colors: blue and red
Clothing Size 5T or big boys XS (size 4)
Pajama size big boys size 6
Shoes size 11.5

And now for Miss Abigail
Favorite characters: Disney Princess, Care Bears, Strawberry shortcake, Hello Kitty, Dora
Favorite colors: pink and purple
Clothing size 4T
Pajama size 4T
Shoe size 9.5

They both enjoy hooded towels, spinning toothbrushes, puzzles, games, books. Tom doesn't have any small legos or lincoln logs yet. He loves all the hot wheel type cars, monster trucks helicopters, emergency vehicles. Abby adores all the little girl toys like care bear figurines, bottles with milk/juice in them for her dolls, polly pockets, clothes for barbie etc.

Also they both love cotton and/or sweat pants with elastic waist. (no zippers, snaps or buttons)

I hope this helps!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

More Needles, Yay!

I saw my doctor on Tuesday because I have an active lung infection from that cold the twins brought home from preschool 4 weeks ago. The virus is gone, and that's great because the actual cold makes me feel like poo. But I'm still coughing a lot and of course my ever present fever of 99 degrees is there. Whoopie! When I saw my doctor two weeks ago, I asked him about starting on an insulin pill. He told me to go home, test my blood sugar 7 times a day and then come back with those results this week. Well I did, and what he saw, he didn't like. So now I'm diabetic. It's a little bit surprising, but not really. He turned to me in the office after I asked, "so I really have CFRD now?" and he says, "You knew this was coming, didn't you?" And that was that. For those not in the know, CFRD stands for Cystic Fibrosis Related Diabetes. No, it's not type I, and it's not type II, it's its own little monster.

So I started taking prandin. It's basically an insulin pill. He started me out on a whopping 2mg, which I thought was small. My body begged to differ. I took one pill before dinner on Wednesday and 2.5 hours later my blood sugar was 46. That's REALLY low. I didn't feel good. So I called the doc the next afternoon and asked for a smaller dose. Come to find out these pills come in 0.5mg and 1mg sizes also. Well, the pharmacy gets the new order for the 1mg pills and then they call and ask me to just cut the 2mg pills in half. I laughed, "have you seen these pills? They're so tiny and not scored. Yeah, that's not going to work out very well as they fly across my counter and turn into dust. Just fill the prescription like I asked you to."

The 1mg pills are working out better. I'm still getting low, but like 75 low, which is not nearly as bad as 45 low. A little bit of orange juice later and I'm good to go.

Also on Tuesday my lung function numbers were down again. I ask mr. doc to prescribe me an inhaled antibiotic (Merropenum) that he'd never prescribed that way before. It's an IV drug and I wanted to inhale it instead of going on IVs straight away. Which is nothing new, I do that all the time, he's just never prescribed THIS one before. Of course he humored me but said if I'm not better by September 30, then it's IV time for sure. Boo! So far, no change, I don't feel any better. But it's only been 4 days.

The twins are excited to see Granny this weekend. She is flying in for her annual California visit from England today. We are going to meet up with her tomorrow. Granny is Oma's mom. We also have a birthday party to go to tomorrow for a little boy in the twins' class. It's at one of those jumping palace places where they have tons of bounce houses to play in. They already wrapped the little boy's presents and covered them in stickers. They can't wait to go! They've been talking about it for three weeks!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Look Who's Ready for Kindergarten!

Every day at preschool this year Tom and Abby have an art project as well as a pencil project. During the pencil project they learn how to hold a pencil and how to write their name. They get to trace the letters of their name and also write it on their own. They are getting quite good! Tom can now do all three letters in his name. Abby is very good at her A and I think she's starting to get the hang of the b, but you can tell she gets lots of help from Miss Pahla.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Holy Mosquito!

Around 8:30 this morning Tom announced he wanted to go to the park. I thought it'd be the perfect opportunity to call up his friend from preschool and have him meet us there. I got the twins dressed in sweat pants and sweat shirts, because at 8:30 it felt rather cold out. But by the time we left at 9:30 it was warmer and I tried talking them into t-shirts and shorts. It was a no go. But I changed myself into some shorts and put on a lighter sweatshirt.

What a mistake!

As we turned the corner to walk the 3/10 of a mile to the park I noticed some bugs on Tom's sweatshirt. Upon closer inspection I realized they were mosquitos. Then I realized they were kinda swarming the kids. I was swatting them away and then looked down at my own legs. COVERD in mosquitos is an understatement. We were swarmed!

I thought if we kept walking quickly we'd get out of the mosquito hole. But they were still at the park. Hacking up a storm, completely breathless from my jog to the park I frantically called Paul to come pick us up in the car. Unfortunately he was out walking the dog. I actually saw him near the park at one point, swatting at his legs on his way home to get the car for us. Poor guy is now covered in welts from all the bites.

Abby decided she had to go potty at the park. Greeeaaat. Enclosed spaces with mosquitos. And they were in the toilet! I covered them up with toilet paper. I hope she didn't get bites on her butt!

Our friends soon showed up in their car and once they got out they were quickly covered in mosquitos. Shortly after that we all left. Paul showed up to rescue us and save us the walk home. I was so hot and sweaty from running and swatting, but I didn't dare take off my sweatshirt, as it was covering my arms. Thank god the twins chose to stay overdressed! I don't think they have one single bite on them.

I placed a call to vector control, but of course they don't work on Sundays. Boo! I'll call them again Monday morning to be sure they got my message!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today was my dad's birthday. If he was still alive he would have been 65 today! It's hard to imagine what he'd look like now. He's been gone for 9.5 years. But it certainly feels like yesterday.

Three years ago today Tom took his first steps. Now look at him!

Anyway, Happy Birthday Dad!


Friday, September 12, 2008

Leaving On A Jet Plane

Today at preschool Tom informed his teacher that he took two planes recently. His teacher asked him where he took the planes. And Tom's answer was, "at the airport." I don't know why he said that because the last time he was on a plane was in May. Over 3 whole months ago! But he is right, we did take two planes, we had a layover in Denver on our way to DC. Smart cookie. I just have no idea why he felt the need to tell his teacher about this today. I think I'll have to do some explaining on Monday!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Look At That Doggie In the Window!

Tom and Abby have become obsessed with dogs lately. I don't know where they got it stuck in their head that we were getting another dog, because we're not! They want a small dog, and I have to agree, anything smaller than Orion must be more manageable, right?

So a couple nights ago I had Abby with me running errands. It's unusual that we are out alone together. She and Tom are usually a package deal. But Paul was home so Tom happily stayed home with dad. I can't even describe how different it is to ONLY have one kid in the car. Not only does it feel weird, it's just so easy!

Anyway, I was in the parking lot and I put my cell phone on speaker to listen to my new message. Abby asks, "who was that talking?" I told her it was my friend KT and KT was going to have a baby! There's a long pause and Abby says, "Oh. Well.... When I get taller I'm going to get a dog!"

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fruit Bars

I love Target. Maybe you haven't heard.

Every time I shop there something new surprises me. Today it was the Target brand Archer Farms. They have these all natural fruit bars with 3 grams of fiber in 140 calories. Although, I'm not sure how natural "natural strawberry flavor" is. It's listed as the second ingredient. Oddly enough, "Apples" is the number one ingredient in my Strawberry Fruit Bars. As a quick snack after preschool it's awesome goodness for the twins. Much more nutritious than "fruit" snacks that don't have an ounce of real fruit in them.

They remind me of the Sun-Rype Fruit Source bars the twins couldn't get enough of last summer when we were in Canada. Sun-Rype doesn't sell them here in the US, but I'm pleased to finally find a replacement! Our list of things to import just got smaller!

Monday, September 08, 2008

New Olympic Sport

Couch Jumping.

The twins were taking turns jumping from the arm of the couch to the seat of the couch. Round and round they went for about ten minutes. Of course it didn't help that I was egging them on taking photographs....

Abby's technique was the same every time. She catapults herself off the couch arm and does a double jump. I supposed she's getting ready for the long jump or perhaps working her way up to the triple jump.

Tom has a much different approach. I'm pretty sure he's trying to crash his head into the ceiling fan. His technique definitely has more of a pole vault or high jump vibe to it.

Amazing Brains

Tom's little mind is always working. Most of the time he's socking away information such as bribes and rewards we've promised and he'll remind us over and over what we are supposed to give him or what we gave him one time and he wants it again.

This week my mom came over with 8 fresh library books. The twins call them "Grandma books" because my mom keeps us fully supplied with a new stash at least every 3 weeks (when they're due) or more frequent if we see her more. This week there is a book about bugs. It's a very simple book and at the end it has a grid system about which bugs do or have what, like how many legs they have or answers to yes or no questions. One of the grid lines was "this bug can fly" The bee can fly, the grasshopper can fly, butterflies can fly, but caterpillars cannot fly. Tom stops me right there. "But when the caterpillar turns into a butterfly he can fly!" Very true. This kid is on top of things!

Not only that but as I was reading one rhyming story I said "thicket" wrong. Instead of "thicket" I said "sticket". I was very tired (I've been sick for a week) and the twins made me read all 8 books in a row. So out of all the words and words and words I was reading, he caught that one mistake from a book he's only heard three times. I'm pretty sure his head is so big because he's got an oversized brain in there.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Blogging Anniversary

Seven years!

Can you believe it? I've been blogging for seven years. Not seven days, weeks or months, like most of today's bloggers, but YEARS! When I started I called it my "online diary". I'm most positive "blog" was not even a household name. So cheers to me! And believe it or not, I was not the first Telford to have a blog. I was following in the footsteps of two other Telfords who also still have active blogs today. We're crazy about blogs over here I tell ya!

My actual anniversary was on the 5th of September, but you know how it goes, the more time goes by, the easier it is to forget the actual anniversary.

Just so ya know, I will be accepting cards, gifts, cake and candy surprises all week.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Where Have The Twins Gone?

We received a very nice offer from the Sr. Telfords yesterday evening. They wanted to take the twinnies off our hands for 24 hours so I could get some much needed rest. This cold I caught on Tuesday landed itself in my chest on Wednesday. I saw the doctor Thursday and since my FEV1 had not declined very much yet, only down to 1.45 Liters, we decided to hold off on IVs for the moment and see if my inhaled antibiotics will suffice.

So this morning Abby woke us up at 7AM asking us, "if it was breakfast day or not?" There are 14 days in the twins' week because they nap every single day that's the first question Abby asks whether is 4 in the afternoon or 7 in the morning. Sometimes she even insists on eating breakfast at 4 PM.

After breakfast Abby was quietly playing in our bedroom and all of the sudden she jumped up like she had somewhere to be. It must have dawned on her she was going somewhere this morning. She said, "I have to get dressed because we're going to Oma and Papa's today!" And off she went.

After I packed up the twins and Paul was about to load them in the car I got my final hugs and kisses goodbye. Tom whispered in my ear, "We'll see you real soon." Awe!!! Isn't he sweet?

They've been gone for 4 hours and I've already picked up their toys around the house, changed the sheets on my bed and did 3 loads of laundry. I also sanitized their old potty seat and I've listed it on Craigslist for $20. Do you really think someone will pay $20 for a used potty seat? I'll let you know! People always surprise me.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Passed Out Princess

At 1:15 this afternoon mayhem broke out in the Telford household. I informed the twins I was going to my room (like I always do after lunch) to get my breathing treatments done. They are short in the afternoon, only about 40 minutes long. Usually this is when the twins play their little hearts out because they know as soon as I'm done, it's nap time.

Tom went ballistic. He started crying saying he needed to ask me something. I stood there and waited. He asked for an "unhealthy snack" which I vetoed. Then he begged for some plum juice. I obliged, but apparently not how he wanted. I put some juice in a glass at his seat on the table. He went into hysterics and said he wanted it brought to him in a straw cup. By this point it was getting later and I couldn't breath so I just stood there and said, "i didn't hear please." Again, more whaling, so I just left. If he was truly thirsty, he would have gotten a drink, right?

I forgot to mention, I got a bunch of dress up clothes on craigslist yesterday. Abby was wearing Belle (from Beauty and the Beast) and Tom's favorite is the Cinderella dress because it's blue. Well he was wearing this blue dress as he melted down sprawled out on the living room floor.

I went to my room, closed the door and did my 40 minute session. I didn't hear the twins at all, although if you've seen the contraptions and air compressors I have to use it's no wonder I don't get a residential noise violation because I have to pump the TV volume up all the way to hear it over my machines. Anyway, when I emerged from my room I found Tom almost exactly where I'd left him. He was passed out cold on the floor in the dress clutching his brown bear and ribbon. Why oh why did I not take a photo of this???

I panicked and asked Abby, who was sitting quietly by herself in Belle's dress on the couch, like she'd lost her playmate, "how long has he been asleep?" She said she didn't know. Of course she didn't know, she thinks five minutes is an eternity. I quickly scooped Tom up and took the dress off him, put him in a diaper and put him to bed. Of course he was awake by then and it did take him another 30 minutes to fall back asleep. I guess he was tired today!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Superbands Superbad

Today Paul had his first workout with his new Superband. I'm feeling under the weather so I did not participate. Tom was hilarious though. He came to my room to find me to tell on daddy, "I asked for my turn and daddy's not sharing!"

Part of this exercise routine involves rigging this Superband into the hinge area of the door. This looks exciting when you're 3, so what else to do, but imitate of course. Tom found his jump rope and proceeded to wedge it between the crease/hinge of his door, shut the door and then pulled on the "band" just like daddy. Because the plastic handle of the rope was secured to the other side of the door this worked quit nice. The jump rope was soft enough to be squished while the door was closed.

As I inspected the twins process closer I decided it was too easy to pinch fingers, as they opened and closed the door, trading turns with the pink jump rope and green jump rope. Someone was going to end up hurt. So I told them no more and walked away.

They didn't listen.

All of the sudden, "uh oh!" Paul went to go inspect the damage. Somehow they had smashed the plastic handle of the jump rope in the door jam and popped the entire door off it's hinges. Stripped the screws that hold the hinges into the door and all. There was no salvaging this door tonight.

What to do. Why, exchange the door of course! So Paul quickly pulled the door from the hall bathroom and put it on the twins bedroom since it was nearly bedtime and they like to sleep with their door closed. Problem solved for now. Except we have no door in the bathroom. Who needs privacy anyway?

Potty Training

Say what? Potty training the twins again?

Well, yes, sort of. We have been "day trained" for over a year now. But we still wear diapers when we sleep. I tried underwear last month and let's just say it turned out... wet. Very wet.

We have since moved onto pull ups. I swore against pull ups over a year and a half ago when we started the potty training process. I thought they were glorified diapers. And they are. But now, they seem to be motivation. Pull ups have these "water marks" on the outside of the "diaper" so that when baby wets, the watermarks (flowers for Abby, flags for Tom) go away. Abby is doing wonderful at nap time. We are pottying before nap time, waking up dry and she is so proud of herself. Tom is hit or miss waking up dry and not so dry.

Well last night I came into the twins room at "no talking time" which is about 8:30 PM to take them to the potty one last time before they fell asleep. There Abby was, lying on her back, naked rump up in the air, legs folded over her face and she's saying, "I can't seem to get my pull up to stay on my bottom!" I have no idea how it happened but the sides of the pull up were shredded. They look like they had been mauled by a tiger. It had broken completely off her body and there was no way she could fix it short of using duct tape. Needless to say, we had to get a new pull up.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

August 2008 Review

Every month I send an email to a group of friends and family that like to keep up with the twins, or at least they don't mind me bragging about the twins in their inbox. Starting this month, however, I will post my monthly email on the blog as well. Mostly because it's my blog and some of the stories I use in the monthly update never make it to the blog.

August 2008
Telford Twins at 47 Months!

The twins are becoming more independent as they fast approach the Fabulous Fours. On a recent trip to the grocery store Paul packed the kids into the car but they insisted they wanted to walk home, all three miles. A settlement was reached and they drove most of the way home. Just before they turned onto our street Paul pulled over and let the twins hop out of the car. They couldn't wait to tell me all about it, as I heard them full of excitement bursting into the house, "Let's tell Mom we walked home!"

Tom is increasingly proficient on the computer. He loves to type, but has recently discovered the drawing programs and even some online games. It's come to our attention he can't be left alone at the keyboard any longer. We found him one afternoon buying albums from iTunes! Needless to say Paul quickly turned off the one click feature. We were refunded the purchase price of one album, but not the 7 other singles he bought. Apparently the terms and conditions don't cover preschooler purchase/refund policies. I asked Tom what he did and he said, "I don't know, I was just clicking on everything!"

Abby can spend hours drawing or painting at the kitchen table. She loves the Color Wonder coloring books. She calls them her "workbooks." Color Wonder is a special type of paper made by Crayola and they have these wonderful markers that only draw on that paper. No mess for mom to clean up! She colored every inch of every page and finished the book after about 3 days. She uses the same method with water colors, covering every infinitesimal speck of white on her blank 8.5" x 11" canvas paper with brightly colored paint.

For pictures of the twins enjoying their last month of summer click here.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Sick Sick Sick!

The twins are still sick, hence lack of updates. They've been crabby and snotty. Poor rascals. They did venture out to the park with us this morning. Paul and I missed our workout last night, so we decided to try the park equipment this morning. They have leg presses, rowing machines, sit up benches etc. It's a good little work out! I still like the work outs at home better, but at least this way the twins could work out with us (they add a bit of extra weight if you hold them and do sit ups or leg presses at the same time!) and when they got bored they played on the play structures!

We also got to close out the summer with a BBQ at the Sr. Telfords last night. The twins even played in the swimming pool for a little bit. Oma spoiled them with all sorts of goodies and treats including cookies and ice cream!

I hope the kids start feeling better soon. I'm not sure they'll be ready for school on Wednesday. I hope so, but we'll see. Tom is excited at the prospect of being ill enough to stay home with me and sending Abby off to school, since it was the reverse on Friday!